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Otaku, Shining light on the lifestyle

Updated on July 18, 2012

Well first off you might be wondering what an Otaku really is, so while you are here please allow me to shine some light on the situation. To get us started I think some definitions may be a decent place to start.


1.Otaku has multiple meanings. Casual anime fans use this word in the context of being a well established fan who knows much about anime and manga. Japanese see this term as derogitory which represents a person who is a lifeless nerd. Wapanese see this as derogitory given their strong beilief that because they watched some anime that all the sudden they are japanese.
This is a high-context word, in the american dialect, given the type of people using the word and the context of the discussion this OTAKU could mean expert or geek, complemetary or derogatory.

2. The term is a loanword from the Japanese Languagre. In English, it is usually used to refer to an obsessive fan of anime/manga and/or Japanese culture generally, and to a lesser extent Japanese video games. It is sometimes used without the Japanese association with "geek" and "otaku" being exchangeable, indicating a person who is intelligent and obsessive about a subject, but not necessarily to the point of social ineptness.


Here's some more information

The stereotypical Otaku is someone who is obsessed with anime or manga.It gets to a point were they have their room coated in anime/ manga paraphenalia, such as in the photo above. They spend hours a day watch and re watching or reading and rereading anime and manga. Cosplay is a favorite and desired hobby and anime cons are a must.

Some Otaku's though don't have the money to do all of this so they manage by watching anime online still spending hours doing it. This also goes for reading manga as well. I myself use a site called So yes you can assume I am an Otaku. But back to the point.

Most Otaku's know some Japanese, from mina-san, chibi, Nahn desu kah, and so on. This is very common. While watching subtitled anime you pick up some words and from there the otaku seeks out to learn the rest of the language.

As for the paraphenalia they pick up items when they can.

But basically they are lover's of anime/ manga and are proud of it.

Bellow are some videos that show some anime con's, cosplayers. and otaku's rooms

Anime con and Cosplay

Otaku bedroom

A bonus AMV! XD


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