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Out of the 'Market': The Result of Mark Dice's Commentary Against Rick Ross

Updated on September 20, 2017
Is Dice on a roll?
Is Dice on a roll? | Source

Boatloads of Snark

White boy gripes on the Internet seem to be a premium form of information and education to Generation Hate. Mark Dice leads the vanguard for this style of entertainment. His exposure, in particular, of rap artist William “Rick Ross” Roberts is the highlight of his ironic approach. Mr. Roberts’ terroristic threats against presidential hopeful Donald Trump has moved corporate titan Wal-Mart to pull the rapper’s album Black Market (2015) from store shelves. On the surface, it would appear that such complaining is racist, unfounded, and represents the desire “to keep down the Black man.” But the fact remains that Mr. Roberts issued clear remarks against the life of Mr. Trump. Mr. Dice displays his witty way of communicating with boatloads of snark and focuses in on Mr. Roberts’ warnings. He revels in the power of his spoken voice in YouTube video clips announcing that he earned a victory when the collection of songs disappeared from the inventory of the mega company. He had previously recorded a telephone conversation with employees at Target admonishing them about the hip hop artist’s offensive material. While that retailer has balked at the chance of doing away with the collection, Wal-Mart decided to can the collection.

Should this rapper atone for his lyrics?
Should this rapper atone for his lyrics? | Source


In their discretion, the officials at Wal-Mart saw fit to extract the compact disc (CD) from their stores. Still a private company, it holds the power to deny the sale of any product which it might understand is harmful to people or detrimental to business. Mr. Dice’s acute observations have lead to the dismissal of flagrant rhymes from a repeat offender from one of the foremost retailers in the world. This exemplifies the power of the press. By gathering data on a specific rap star, Mr. Dice’s thoughts have persuaded a corporate behemoth to take action. This inspiration is usually reserved for well-established media companies and news outlets. His engagement in satire and social engineering have propelled him into the spotlight. Though, he may be a conspiracy theorist and seem unhinged from reality at times, at least his white boy grumbles see results. It is an abysmal state of affairs where an artist must stoop low to say blatantly that another man ought to be executed. With Internet personalities like Mr. Dice keeping entertainers in check, there might be a renaissance of artistic expression that might motivate the members of Generation Hate to embrace the ideals of reason, egoism, and capitalism. Where the retrograde ideals would be snuffed out and the searing light of the recognition of objective truth would flourish. It may seem far away, but such a future might be secured with the likes of Mr. Dice.

Fiasco (No Lupe)

Mr. Dice’s commentary sculpts sarcastic and timely figures of current hip hop and Rhythm & Blues (R&B) singers like Rihanna Fenty, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Kanye West. Equipped with a twisted sense of humor and a thorough weighing of facts, Mr. Dice comes across as a sardonic editorialist. The Black Market fiasco is just one in a long list of diatribes which he he has broadcasted over the years. In another post, Mr. Dice called out Mr. Carter’s lyrical content in the song “Monster” saying that he is happy to “rape and pillage women and children.” By paying close attention to the lyrics of these artists, Mr. Dice shows a keen understanding and adeptness when it comes to current culture. What separates his rhetoric from others is that he postures as an intellectual but in reality, he may not be qualified for such a title. His pieces on the Illuminati seem forced and lacking of a fact-based sensibility. His takedown of Mr. Roberts illustrates the power of the platform which YouTube allows. And for Mr. Roberts, this latest development is just another loss adding to the weak sales that Market has garnered. But the main point of this is whether or not Mr. Roberts is expressing himself as Marshall “Eminem” Mathers does in his songs. Mr. Roberts even mentions Mr. Mathers in the song which he suggests an attack on Mr. Trump. Mr. Mathers has repeatedly employed rape, murder, and mayhem in his twisted raps. Mr. Dice illustrates Mr. Mathers’ alleged allegiance to the Illuminati and critiques severely the rap artists promotion of the depraved and the disturbed. As Mr. Roberts seeks to have his words taken at an “artistic” or non-literal manner, the truth is that both he and Mr. Mathers have earned the criticism for their foul verbiage.

Mr. Dice with the Hard-Hitting Talk

Shutting Down Smut

What the spoken word can do.
What the spoken word can do. | Source


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