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Outlander - DVD

Updated on February 28, 2012
Outlander - US Poster
Outlander - US Poster

More Complex Than Most Science Fiction Flicks

In other reviews, individuals have compared Outlander to the story of Beowulf. They are missing the boat.

This is a much more complex story. The producer/director did not pick Jim Caviezel to play the lead by accident. The key to the story is the conflicted inner-wounds carried by Caviezel. He is torn by guilt, driven by hatred.

Only an actor of Caviezel's caliber and range could convincingly portray a man racked by opposing emotional drives and exhibit the depth of his inner-suffering. This is primarily an action film, yes, but it delves into issues of culpability, self-advancement, the stultifying horror of personal loss, the ignominity of causing incalculable suffering to others, the drive for redemption and self-renewal.

This is what the story is really about, and I found it admirable that the creators reached well-beyond the stereotypical sci-fi monster/horror story to give the audience a lot of material to contemplate. I had heard nothing about this movie, and I read only a couple of so-so reviews; nevertheless, I bought it outright on a gamble. This was compulsive, but I got lucky. I just wish my other whimsical purchases turned out to be half this good.


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