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15. PercyJackson & the lightning thief 2010 USA colour PG

Updated on October 3, 2017

also known as: PercyJackson & the olympians:the lightiIng thief (CANADA original title)

BASED ON NOVEL: Rick Riordan PercyJackson & the lightning thief.

Fantasy action adventure


From this mythology fantasy(Taken from Rick Riordan novel PercyJackson & the lightning thief) adventure comes a Greek tale from the gods, so beware of saying any names out loud because it's all true. If you didn't believe in history before your certainly gonna believe in it now for history is real and lives among us in present day western civilization.

Our Greek story starts with Zeus god of the skies (sean bean) blaming his brother Poseidon god of oceans & seas (Kevin Mckidd) firstly for his stolen bolt of lightning & secondly accusing his nephew for doing it. If Zeus's bolt of lightning was not returned to him by the end of summer solstice their will be war.

Twelve year old Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) lives in a small apartment with his mother Sally (Catherine Keener) who he absolutely adores & his step father Gabe Ugliano (Joe Pantoliano) who he can't bear. Percy had no idea that he's a demigod,(demigods are half human mortals and half god) and that his mother had been hiding the secret to protect him.

Percy's life was about to change Mrs Dodds revealed her true form to Percy, Mr Brunner got Grover to get Percy to safety. One car ride later with his mother and Grover they set out for camp half-blood, along the way to camp half-blood Percy & company were attacked by a minotaur half man half bull. Percy started attacking the minotaur and ending up defeating it.

Three days later Grover shows Percy around camp half-blood, Percy was in shock to discover that he is a demigod to learn that Poseidon is his father and to find out that his teacher Mr Brunner (Pierce Brosnan) is really a centaur called Chiron and his best friend Grover (Brandon T Jackson) is a satyr or goat boy as Percy called him.

Percy made friends with Annabeth Chase (Alexandra Daddario) daughter of Athena,and Luke (Jake Abel) son of hermes. Percy learned how to prepare for battle if he was never attacked. One night camp half-blood was attacked by Hades(Steve Coogan) lord of the underworld and he demanded that Percy Jackson should hand him the bolt of lightning that he stole.

With Luke's help Percy, Annabeth, and Grover were ready for their mission to journey to the underworld their mission lead them to the most dangerous places Aunty Em's Garden Emporium, Parthenon Nashville Tennessee, the hotel Lotus casino in Las Vegas where they fought off many monsters.

After doing business with lord Hades Percy discovers that the whole mission was a trap we also discover that he was betrayed by one of his friends. Can Percy rescue his mother & friends? escape the underworld stop the gods from creating a war and find out who betrayed him and why? Tune into the action off Percy Jackson & the lightning thief.

Percy Jackson & the lightning thief is an interesting action fantasy adventure bringing history to life, suitable for people who enjoy action, battle scenes. This enjoyable tale contains ancient Greek myths or legends the choice is yours, true friendship, team work, bravery, courage, loyalty, strength & trust.

Directed by: Chris Columbus

Written by: Rick Riordan (Novel) Craig Titley (Screen play)

Aas Tim parthenon janitor Abaza Hani lotusland dancer Abel Jake Luke Adair Carolyn waitress with cleaver Arman Darian warrior Atkinson Spencer parthenon janitor Avgeropoulos Marie aphrodite girl Ayala Victor Percy's classmate Bateman Loyd son of Ares Bean Sean Zeus Beaton Shawn son of Ares Bell Dorla waitress Bennett Denosh lotusland dancer Benwick Aura lotusland dancer Bowser Nicole lotusland dancer Brar Julie cute girlfriend Brooks Andrea lotusland waitress Brosnan Pierce Mr.Brunner/Chiron Callica Jamie lotusland dancer (as Jay Callica) Camilleri Luke Dionysus Carp Stan oldfisherman Casoria Mario cook Cerra Erica Hera Chong Patty vegas ethnic tourist(uncredited) Coates Conrad Hephaestus Columbus Violet Nymph warrior (as Violet Irene Columbus) Coogan Steve Hades Cornell Kyle casino gambler (uncredited) Cummings Paul college buddy Currie Patrick. G stuffy croupier(as Patrick currie) Dacones Bobby lotusland dancer Daddario Alexandra Annabeth Chase Dallas Keith parthenon janitor (as Keith Blackman Dallas) Dawson Rosario persephone Day Andrea field news reporter Delecia Nicole lotusland dancer (as Nicole Delecia) Delos-Reyes J.V parthenon janitor(as VJ Delos Reyes)Devereux Doyle museum employee Dib Daniela lotusland dancer D'oliveira Luisa aphrodite girl Dolman Reilly college buddy Drake Adam jogger(uncredited) Edwards Janine Grover girl Eldridge.D. Roger bus tourist(uncredited) Ferguson Devon lotusland/bartender(uncredited) Ferraro Jay patron(uncredited) Francis Sarah lotusland dancer Friedericy Bonita hysterical woman Gallant Charlie lotusland bellhop Garcia Eddie lotusland dancer Garlick Matthew poker buddy Georgiev Geneen lotusland dancer Grauer Ona Artemis Guy Geraldine Ina Grover girl(as Ina Geraldine) Harmon Richard smart ass kid Hayley Robert crusty croupier(uncredited) Hayter Rob son of Ares Heath Nathalie lotusland dancer Holtz Zane 50's tough Hougham Holly Grover girl Hrdlitschka Cara lotusland dancer Huguet Jovanna lotusland pedicurist(uncredited) Jackson.T.Brandon Grover Underwood Jackson Jay Dee poker buddyJacobs Laura aphrodite girl(uncredited) Jaffe Marielle aphrodite girl Johnstone Nicole lotusland dancer Joseph Jarod college buddy Kanakaredes Melina Athena Keener Catherine Sally Jackson King Elisa aphrodite girl Knapp Alexis aphrodite girl Kotango Victoria lotusland dancer(as Victoria Kotango) Kuchma Anna neighborhood girl(uncredited) Laing Christie aphrodite girl Lavigne Stephanie lotusland dancer Lekkos Dimitri Apollo Lemon Robin museum tour guide Lerman Logan Percy Jackson Litwack Leahbea lotusland dancer Llonzeh Annie aphrodite girl Loyola Dejan boyfriend Luck Julie WGHP news anchor(video) Macabeo Mark lotusland dancer Malthe Natassia lotusland waitress Maynard Lauren lotusland dancer McDermott Libby tourist(uncredited) McKidd Kevin Poseidon Moran Ryan football player (uncredited) Mugisha Kenny lotusland dancer Ndukwe Onika lotusland dancer Neal Dylan Hermes Njie Yusuf warrior(uncredited) Oleksiuk Jennifer lotusland dancer(as Jen Oleksiuk)Olsen Maria Mrs. Dodds/fury Oquendo Yusleidis grover girl O'sullivan Richard lotusland dancer Ott Jocelyn Lotusland waitress Pantoliano Joe Gabe Ugliano Park Sara lotusland dancer Patterson Merritt pretty girl 2 Pawluk Jade screaming diner Pfetten Von Stefanie Demeter Pickett Tom Parthenon janitor Reid Joanna lotusland dancer Reimer Matt son of Ares Rhodes Michael lotusland dancer Richings Julian ferryman Riegert Christina hot las vegas girl(uncredited) Riegert Joan Las vegas visitor(uncredited) Riskin Raquel grover girl Ristic Suzanne maid at motel(as Suzanna Ristic) Rivera David Hector lotusland dancer(as H.D jr Rivera) Roberts Shawn camp demigod(uncredited) Rubio Issa Michel lotusland dancer Sabongui Patrick cop 1(uncredited) Salzl Ryan lotusland dancer(uncredited) Saulnier Tania aphrodite girl Schellenberg Kathryn lotusland dancer Semenova Juliana lotusland dancer(asYuliana Semenova)Simmons Chelan lotusland waitress Slonski Jessica lotusland dancer Smith.L. david poet Smith Lzaak lotusland dancer Smyth Sarah pretty girl 1 Stewart Jennifer lotusland dancer Stewart John poker buddy Sturrock Joel lotusland dancer Swan Ariel lotusland dancer Swan Serinda aphrodite Sy Stephanie lotusland dancer Tanner Morgan lotusland dancer Thurman Uma Medusa Tian Valerie cute girl Tisiga Crystal aphrodite girl Uzimann Naeem pedestrian(uncredited) Valora Levina ethnic tourist (uncredited) Ville Van Max seventies kid casino Vincente Kyle lotusland dancer(as Kyle Vincente) Wainwright Rachel lotusland dancer Washington Maya Percy's classmate Wild Teya lotusland dancer Williams Jay lotusland dancer Williams Rhys server(uncredited) Wilson Lee biker (uncredited) Winstone Ray Ares(uncredited) Xoch hot limo girl (uncredited) Zagoudakis Eli son of Ares Zapata Mariela warrior Zub Brendon father(uncredited)


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