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Paddington Bear Movie 2014

Updated on October 14, 2014

The Cast

  • Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown
  • Sally Hawkins as Mrs Brown
  • Julie Walters as Mrs Bird
  • Jim Broadbent as Mr Gruber
  • Peter Capaldi as the Browns' neighbour
  • Nicole Kidman as the sinister taxidermist
  • Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington

About the film

Paddington was directed by Paul King and written by King and Hamish McColl and produced by David Heyman who has also produced all the Harry Potter films and the 2013 film Gravity.

The film is being release on 28 November 2014 in the United Kingdom and 25 December in the USA. The film uses all the latest technology including a clever computer-generated Paddington.

With a great cast and the fact that this film is a long time coming I think it will be a sure hit. I for one cannot wait to wait it and review it.

Paddington - Official Teaser Trailer

Paddington Film Summary (what we know so far)

A young Peruvian bear who has a passion for all things British travels to London on a boat looking for a home. After finding himself lost starving and alone at Paddington Station he meets the kindly Brown family, who read the label around his neck ('Please look after this bear. Thank you.') and offer him a temporary home. He thinks his luck has changed until he catches the eye of a museum taxidermist who the villain of the story and is played by Nicole Kidman. Essentially it's a universal film is about love and how a family take in a refugee.

Nicole Kidman as taxidermist Millicent Clyde

Who wrote Paddington Bear?

The English author Thomas Michael Bond OBE wrote the Paddington Bear back in the 1950s. He began writing in 1945 and wrote a number of short stories and plays before his first book, 'A Bear Called Paddington', was published. This led to whole series of Paddington books and the success which came with it allowed him to give up his work on the BBC ( he was a cameraman and worked on Blue Peter for some time) and work full-time as a writer.

Facts on Michael Bond

  • Michael Bond was born in Newbury and was raised in Reading Berkshire. He was educated at a Catholic school in Reading, Presentation College.
  • He is married with two adult children and still lives in London.
  • He was awarded the OBE for services to children's literature in 1997.
  • The University of Reading awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Letters in 2007
  • He served in the RAF and British Army in WWII
  • He survived an air raid in Reading in 1943 where 41 people were killed.
  • His first story was sold to the magazine London Opinion in 1945
  • He worked for the BBC as a cameraman for time in the 50's

Mmm, what's that for?

Bibliography - Paddington Bear Series

1958 A Bear Called Paddington
1959 More About Paddington
1960 Paddington Helps Out
1961 Paddington Abroad
1962 Paddington at Large
1964 Paddington Marches On
1966 Paddington at Work
1968 Paddington Goes to Town
1970 Paddington Takes the Air
1972 Paddington's Garden
1973 Paddington's Blue Peter Story Book a.k.a. Paddington Takes to TV
1974 Paddington on Top
1975 Paddington at the Tower
1979 Paddington Takes the Test
1980 Paddington on Screen
1984 Paddington at the Zoo
1986 Paddington at the Palace
1987 Paddington's Busy Day
2002 Paddington in the Garden
2003 Paddington and the Grand Tour
2008 Paddington Rules the Waves
2008 Paddington Here and Now
2011 Paddington at the Tower
2012 Paddington Races Ahead
2012 Paddington Goes for Gold
2014 Love From Paddington

History of Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is arguably the most lovable bear in the world. It all began on Christmas Eve in 1956 when Michael Bond spotted a teddy bear in a London store. He felt sorry for it so bought it for his wife and named it Paddington as they lived near Paddington Station at the time. This led and inspired him to write some stories about the bear and after about ten days he had enough for a book. He sent the book to his agent who liked it and after several publishers has seen it William Collins & Sons (now Harper Collins) eventually accepted it. Peggy Fortnum was commissioned as an illustrator and the very first book "A Bear Called Paddington" was published on 13th October 1958.

This led Michael to write a whole series of books and by 1965 he was so successful he became a full-time writer. The Paddington books have sold over 35 million copies worldwide and have been translated into over forty languages, including Latin.

In 1997 Michael Bond was quite rightly awarded an OBE for services to children’s literature. Today he is still writing and over the years has write over 100 books. Today he is still writing and still lives in London not far from Paddington Station where it all began.

1975 TV Character Puppet
1975 TV Character Puppet

Many incarnations of Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear has been drawn by many artists and illustrators over the years and appeared in cartoons and on TV shows.

If you were born in the late 60's or 70's you will have heard of Paddington Bear. See the images below to find the first image you remember of Paddington Bear.

Peggy Fortnum
Peggy Fortnum

Peggy Fortnum

Peggy Fortnum was the very first illustrator to draw Paddington bear back in the 1950's.

Ivor Wood
Ivor Wood

Ivor Wood

The late Ivor Wood illustrated a cartoon series for the London Evening News in the 1970's.

Fred Banbery
Fred Banbery

Fred Banbery

In 1972 Micheal Bond wrote a series of books for the more younger readers. As picture books a different artist was used and Fred Banbery illustrated on six Paddington at that time.

David McKee
David McKee

David McKee

In the 1980s more books were written for the younger readers and David McKee was chosen as the illustrator.

Barry Macey
Barry Macey

Barry Macey

Barry Macey was Paddington Bears official artist for 5 years in the 1980's.

R.W. Alley
R.W. Alley

R.W. Alley

R.W. Alley illustrated the 1990's books

Cinar Films
Cinar Films

The Adventures of Paddington Bear was a cartoon by Cinar Films which first broadcast in 1997.


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