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Paid2YouTube, Is It A Scam?Website Review

Updated on December 14, 2015,Where are the owners? Is it a scam?

I joined on May 10, 2013, I have never cashed out in all that time. Why you may ask. Well because the video offerings were never consistent. Most of the time there we're only a few video's to be seen, so after awhile I stopped going to the site. I did however pay to have a few of my own video's posted,so I could get views on my YouTube channel. And I was thinking of doing it again, and then I noticed they had a lot of video's to view, so I was logging on every day. Before I knew it I had $10.63 cents so I could cash out. The pay out is $10.00. So I requested payment. And I waited, nothing happened.I looked at the forms and people seemed to be getting paid.

I contacted them,and they sent Me an email that said they were checking on it,they never got back to me. I tried to contact them again but all communication was locked,you couldn't contact them. And people are posting in the forms,but being ignored.Nobody is getting an answer. And as of 10/12/15 there are only 3 video's to be seen,and it's been like that for over a month. I have been waiting to get paid for over 2 months.

So with my story told here is what Paid2YouTube is all about.

** Description:

At Paid2YouTube you can earn a little income by watching YouTube videos. Also it is a good way to get your videos seen as well. Tho it does cost you money to post them. I can't really say that it helped make me any money on my videos,but that's just me.

** Overview:

Paid2YouTube is very easy to join. And you can start making money right away. ( if they have any videos to watch). They also start you out with 5¢ as a little sign up bonus. Besides watching videos, you can also rate a video if it's offered and that's worth 1 cent,and there is also comments 10¢ ,and subscribe 15¢ as well. You can also invite your friends and family to become your referrals or you can rent them, Whichever way you do it, and hopefully make money from them. Rented referrals are good for 1month at a time. If you would like to have your videos seen, there are rates for that as well,all you have to do is choose your package. I would go into more detail about this,but seeing as though this site is either a scam or failing quickly,but with no help or support from the owner or owners. There are people who have been waiting for months to get paid.The form page claims they have paid out $59143.82 really? And the number of payments have been 4970

**My Thoughts:

Paid2YouTube doesn't seem to be a bad site. But where is the owner?? Why no human support or answers? And if you have no money to pay people why do you keep the site up and running? Why keep stringing people along, as well as let new people join up and waste time on the site. And here is a biggie!!! Why take peoples money for buying packages to post their videos to be seen,when your site is dying??? People are not logging in. Paid2YouTube has a Facebook page as well and there is not anything going on there either. They also have a Twitter account,they are tweeting links to videos that have moved.

**Bottom line:

Don't bother signing up for this site. It's sad that they have 304532 members,and today alone 152 people joined up. Me... I'm going to try and stick with it for a bit longer,maybe they will come Thu with my money. I will wait until they shut the site down,as I have done with and so many other sites. I will update when I find out anything new or if they start paying their members.

***Update: December 14th, 2015

I went over to check the site again, and they had a few more videos to watch. So I did that for a few days, and then decided to contact them again on Dec 9th, well as of Dec. 14 they still have not replied to my question. Which was to ask them if they were going to start paying again. And they have disabled being able to contact them as well.

Also today they have 30 new videos to watch. They are accepting peoples money to post videos, but are not paying the members, and the members are the ones that watch these videos, which in turn helps the person that paid to post the video. Also they now have 311553 new members 150 have now signed up since I posted this article originally, and they don't know that the time and effort they will put into the site, only to find out that they will not be paid. And this is sad. I will continue to visit the site, because I really feel that it is good for both members and the people who post the videos , as both sides could win. The people posting the videos get seen, and the members get paid to view the videos.

So that is the update for now. Thanks for reading.


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