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Pamela Anderson Wallpapers & Videos

Updated on July 1, 2013

Pamela Anderson Trivia , Bio and More

Pamela Anderson first became a big time star when she played C.J. Parker on the t.v. show Baywatch from 1992-1996.

She also posed for Playboy Magazine and continues to do so from time to time.

Then she got involved with Kid Rock and they had a on again off again relationship for a number of years. Pam and Kid Rock were engaged in 2002 broke it off in 2003 and finally married July 29 2006. They have since divorced and Pamela says that while she is still close friends with former hubby Tommy Lee and Kid Rock she has no plans to marry either.

A list of some of her more popular movies are.

1. The Ultimate Pamela Anderson

2. Scary Movie III

3. Barbwire

4. Naked Souls

5. Snapdragon

6. Raw Justice

7. The Taking of Beverly Hills

Pamela Anderson shocked her fans when she revealed in 2002 that she had contracted the Hepatitis C Virus. But she says she doesn't let that keep her down.

She has had small parts in many other Hollywood Movies , TV Shows and More.

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith British Colombia. Pamela Anderson now lives in Los Angeles California.

She recently put her Malibu California Home up for sale so she could move her and her children and pets to a safer and more secluded location. Pamela Anderson says that the Paparazzi are ruining her and her children's life's. She says she can not step outside with out some one shouting her name and cameras flashes going off. She says she hopes to buy a home in the center of a large tract of land in the Hollywood Hills to keep the Paparazzi at bay.

Pamela Anderson is a vegetarian and a very outspoken advocate for animal rights. She recently appeared in a Store Window Nude along with other models to protest the use of animal fur.

Pamela Anderson also has a on going war with Kentucky Fried Chicken. She says that KFC should be shut down and stopped from killing millions of innocent chickens in cruel ways every year.

She has also campaigned strongly against Seal Hunting in her native Canada.

Pamela Anderson has even appeared on the WWE back in 1995. At the 2006 Canada's Walk of Fame Pamela Anderson shared a quite intimate kiss with WWE Diva Trish Stratus. She says she remains friends with Trish Stratus.

Pamela Anderson became a US Citizen on Wed. May 12th 2004. But she retained her Canadian Citizenship so she is a dual citizen.

Pamela Anderson is the official spokesperson for PETA.

Pamela Andersons Photos have been downloaded more than any other woman

ever on the internet.

In Pamela Andersons High School Year Book she said her biggest dream was to become a California Beach Bum. And she said that getting to be on Baywatch was like being in heaven. Well it was heaven to men every where. What man does not remember Pam running down the beach as lifeguard CJ Parker. Pam could rescue me anytime.

Did you know that Pamela Anderson married Tommy Lee only three days after they met.

Both of Pams sons were born at home with the help of a midwife.

Pamela Anderson has been in Playboy Magazine more times than any other woman. And Playboy has plans to do more shoots with Pam.

Pamela Anderson Wallpapers Collection 1 , Click the arrows below the photos to move thru the photos.

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A Young Pamela Anderson On The Beach On Baywatch

Another Pamela Anderson Bay Watch Video

Who among us did not grow up watching Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. The three above videos are all three Pamela Anderson Baywatch Videos that I just know everyone is going to love. They are of a younger Pamela Anderson and I hope you enjoy these.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock got married in an elaborate wedding aboard a Yaught in Saint Tropez. Though her and Kid Rock are no longer married.

On Monday June 4th Pamela Anderson fulfilled her lifelong dream when she became a Las Vegas Showgirl. Below is a photo of Pamela Anderson as a Las Vegas Showgirl.

She appears Thursday thru Saturday and now lives in Las Vegas part time.

Pamela Anderson As A Las Vegas Showgirl

Pamela Anderson As A Las Vegas Showgirl
Pamela Anderson As A Las Vegas Showgirl

Above is the Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Wedding Pictures where they got married on a Yaught in Saint Tropez. They both look like they were smashed out of their mind. But any day you can see Pamela Anderson in a bikini is a good day.

And remember there are no Pamela Anderson Rapidshare Videos on this page but there are lots of Pamela Anderson Videos , Pamela Anderson Photos and Pamela Anderson Wallpapers so we hope you enjoy yourself.

Pamela Anderson Wallpapers Collection 2 , Click the arrows below the photos to move thru the photos.

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Pamela Anderson Slide Show Videos

The below three videos are filled with photos of Pamela Anderson. There are some really great photos of Pamela Anderson on the below three videos.

Pamela Anderson

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