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Pamela Anderson Breaking News Videos Photos and More

Updated on May 2, 2012

Pamela Anderson Hot Photos

Pamela Anderson Hot Photos
Pamela Anderson Hot Photos

Pam and Kid Rock Pissed Off At Soccer Game

Hot Babe Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson's Dating Woes

Pamela Anderson has complained men give up too easily when they try to woo her.

The former 'Baywatch' babe, who recently denied rumors she is remarrying ex-husband Tommy Lee, has begged potential suitors to chase her.

She revealed: "I would love to meet someone, but I want to be pursued.

"I think here in Hollywood there are a lot of men who give it one try to they're gone. There's not a lot of chivalry anymore and there's not a lot of real passion and people pursuing."

Pamela, who recently dated hunky actor Stephen Dorff, says Motley Crue rocker Tommy knew the right way to win her heart.

She told US talk show 'Larry King Live': "One thing with Tommy was he followed me down to Cancun in Mexico, and he asked me to marry him in four days.

"It was romantic, it was whirlwind-y and that's what every girl wants. They want to be chased. Not stalked, but chased."

Earlier this month, Pamela refuted claims she is to re-marry Tommy - insisting the pair are "not an item."

Rumors were rife the wild rocker had proposed to his former wife at Las Vegas' swanky Palms Hotel and Casino and she had said "yes."

But Pammy - who has two sons, Dylan and Brandon, from here relationship with Tommy - quashed the rumors, saying: "We're absolutely not getting married."

Pamela Anderson And Kid Rock Happier Times

Pamela Anderson too hot for TV

Pamela Anderson was cut from TV screens after her steamy pole dance proved too hot for viewers.

The curvy star was dropped from an Elton John television special after her performance on a giant screen behind Elton singing his hit 'The Bitch is Back' was deemed too provocative for family viewing.

The show, called 'Elton John: The Red Piano' and filmed at the eccentric singer's show at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace, was broadcast by American TV giant NBC without the song.

Critics, who had watched preview copies of the show, had suggested the accompanying on-stage video of the scantily-dressed star could offend audiences.

Meanwhile, sexy Pammy has confessed she won't be inviting her ex husband Tommy Lee to the family's Christmas dinner - because she wouldn't be able to resist having sex with him.

The beautiful blonde - who has two sons with the Motley Crue drummer - says Tommy makes her think of nothing but sex.

The 38-year-old former 'Baywatch' babe said: "Tommy still makes me think of sex, not mashed yams and turkey."

Pamela Anderson Tribute (Pictures Slideshow)

Another Of Pamela Anderson And Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson Rocks

Pamela Anderson has recorded a song with rocker Bryan Adams.

The pair have re-recorded the singer's hit single 'When You're Gone', originally a duet with ex Spice Girl Mel C.

The former 'Baywatch' babe sings all the parts previously performed by Mel, better known as Sporty Spice.

The re-worked track will appear on Adams' new anthology album.

It is not the first time Adams and Pammy, who are both Canadian, have worked together.

In 1999, the sexy blonde posed nude for the rocker's book of photography, 'Made In Canada', with nothing but a well-placed Canadian flag maintaining her modesty.

Meanwhile, Pammy is allegedly romancing US rocker Mark McGrath.

The stunning blonde is said to have spent a weekend locked away with the former Sugar Ray frontman, famed for his womanising ways, at her plush Malibu home.

Pamela's stalking fear

Pamela Anderson is seeking a restraining order against a man she claims has been stalking her.

The former 'Baywatch' babe alleges 29-year-old William Stansfield has been harassing her and her two young sons, Dylan and Brandon.

In court documents uncovered by US TV show 'Extra', the stunning actress claims Stansfield has been "stalking and harassing me, my sons and other family members for more than a month."

The blonde beauty says the man approached her mother, her sister-in-law and even her babysitter, which "frightened her tremendously."

Pamela also claims to have seen Stansfield talking to her seven-year-old son, Dylan, at his school.

When Pamela confronted him, he told her to leave her TV show 'Stacked' and star in a film he had written instead.

Pamela, who has an on-off relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee, revealed: "I was very uncomfortable and immediately told him to leave us alone and I left the school."

Pammy's Pooch Marriage

Pamela Anderson's two pet dogs have got "married."

The former 'Baywatch' babe was 'guest of honour' at the bizarre nuptials, in which her Golden Retriever, Star, tied the knot with Chihuahua Luca.

Pammy, 38, carried "groom" Luca to the altar, while "bride" Star was led up on a lead by a pal of the sexy actress.

Guests at the wedding, included 'Ali G' star Sacha Baron Cohen - who was dressed in swimming trunks and leather jacket - but no four-legged friends of the 'happy couple' were present.

Afterwards, Pammy - who has previously described pet Star as her "partner in crime" - joined friends for some celebratory drinks.

It is not the first time the 39-year-old star has been at the centre of a beach wedding.

In 1995, the sexy star married ex husband Tommy Lee for the first time on the shores of Cancun, Mexico.

Earlier this month, Pammy refuted claims she is to re-marry Tommy - insisting the pair are "not an item."

Rumours were rife the Motley Crue drummer had proposed to his former wife at Las Vegas' swanky Palms Hotel and Casino and she had said "yes" .

But Pamela quashed the rumours, saying: "We're absolutely not getting married."

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      vikas kumar 7 years ago

      pamela is realey sexy women in the world i want to marry with pamela

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      shan 7 years ago

      i like to marry pameela i really i want pameela

    • profile image

      Bobby L 7 years ago

      Chivalry is dead dear. Feminists killed it. Get used to it. Furthermore- once a woman has been around the block as much as you have she has no honor and doesn't deserve chivalry.

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      JANMEJAYA SWAIN 8 years ago

      Pamela Andersion is really very sexy look i just crunch on her.She define glamour and a perfect celibrity in Hollywood.If she any time come to here than my ultimate desire is to meet her and spend a beautiful time with her.

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      Nagaraj 9 years ago

      I think she is most sexiest & hot body women for all guys to use her body so she rocks in bikini with hot pings of upper body. so i want to kiss her once

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      I think she is one of the most sexiest and beautiful woman that i have always admired STILL A 10;