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Paranormal Activity Film Review

Updated on June 26, 2022
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Paranormal Activity the movie - A Movie Review


Paranormal Activity Film Review - Really scary movies such as Paranormal Activity can offer quite the adrenaline rush, like going on a rollercoaster ride. I had stopped watching scary movies but when I heard recommendations that Paranormal Activity the movie was the best scary movie to come around in a long time, I could not resist keeping Paranormal Activity in mind as a movie to watch. When I got around to watching Paranormal Activity the movie, I found that

  • Paranormal Activity the movie is very subtle in the way that it thrills.
  • There is minimum gore in Paranormal Activity the movie, except for at the end.

In documentary style and sometimes with use of a handheld camera, the movie Paranormal Activity attempts to give a very realistic quality and it succeeds in that. The film, Paranormal Activity surrounds the characters Katie and Micah, a couple that is residing in their San Diego, California, USA house.

The film, Paranormal Activity has a very claustrophobic quality because the scene never leaves the house. Even on the rare occasion that Micah and Katie leave, the cameras do not follow them to where they go. We, the audience for the movie, Paranormal Activity never get a break from the darkness or dim lighting in the house to see the sun, the light, the beach, the beauty that's in San Diego, California, the setting for the Paranormal Activity movie plot.

  • In Paranormal Activity, Micah and Katie sometimes get a break but we do not.
  • They are basically projecting that their house is haunted but at least they get to get out of there for a while.
  • The cameras stay in the house to show us, the audience what transpires while the two main characters in Paranormal Activity the movie are gone from the scene.

We grip our buckets of popcorn a little tighter and wait... What is it about scary movies such as Paranormal Activity that keep us going back for more? Is the escapism that just about any movie would offer not enough? We need to feel a little afraid too? When our hearts are leaping, why is that "fun"? Well, for the thrill-seeker in you who loves a riveting adrenaline rush, Paranormal Activity the movie will not disappoint.

We grip our buckets of popcorn a little tighter and wait.

Adrenaline rush

Looking for an adrenaline rush?

Katie and Micah leaving the house in Paranormal Activity the movie

In Paranormal Activity the movie, Katie and Micah leave the house from approximately 7-11pm on one occasion and while they are gone, the demon that is haunting the house makes an appearance and the havoc caused is caught on the video camera that Micah set up for while they are gone. The appearance is not literal. The demon is invisible but you see what it does.

Paranormal Activity movie poster

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Ghost or Demon in Paranormal Activity the movie?

  • In Paranormal Activity the movie, for a long time, Katie and Micah are unsure of whether their home is being haunted by a ghost or a demon.
  • They solicit the expertise of a man that they call Dr. Apparently he has a doctorate in some ghostology?

Anyway, he comes to visit the home and explains that his expertise is ghosts who are dead human beings that have not passed on to where they need to go beyond earth. What he senses in the house is not of a human nature. It is an evil demon and far more dangerous than a ghost according to him.

So what does he do next? He offers Katie and Micah a referral to another man and he gets himself out of there!

What are Micah and Katie to do now?

What Now?

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: So, the first guy ran scared. What now?

  1. Micah feels that the other man would be a quack and he discourages Katie from calling him.
  2. So they are on their own for a while and absolutely terrified, especially Katie.
  3. She resents Micah for not taking the situation seriously enough but she has past experience as the demon seems to be following her from since she was a child in her family's old house. It seems to reappear every several years.


Katie resents Micah for not taking the situation seriously enough.

It's hard to sleep when there is Paranormal Activity

In Paranormal Activity the movie, every night when Micah and Katie are going to sleep, Micah sets up the video camera in the bedroom to show what happens while they sleep. Things get progressively worse and they lose a lot of sleep due to the Paranormal Activity.

Katie is convinced that the video camera is making the demon angrier and making matters worse.

Micah sets up a video camera in the bedroom to show what happens when he and Katie are sleeping.

When Katie makes the phone call

Finally, Katie insists on using the number for the referral because they need help. When Katie makes the phone call, she learns that the guy that could potentially help them is now out of town for several days. How inconvenient for Katie and Micah. That's an understatement to say the least.

Katie and Micah continue toiling away in the house until the inevitable end of the movie.

Katie and Micah continue toiling away.

Paranormal Activity the movie

Paranormal Activity

Rated R

I rate it 3/5 stars***

Starring Katie Featherston as Katie, Micah Sloat as Micah, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong, Ashley Palmer

Directed by Oren Peli

Paranormal Activity

3 stars for Paranormal Activity the movie

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1. Paranormal Activity movie trailer

2. Paranormal Activity movie clip - "We Need Your Help"

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