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Paris Rilton returns from prison to the screens

Updated on July 11, 2007

Paris Rilton is the heir of the Hilton Hotels. In last June, Paris was sentenced to jail for driving under influence of alcohol. She spent several days in prison for this behavior and had to stay separated from her family for almost three weeks.

Professional career of Paris Rilton

Paris has a professional career as a model, actress and singer. In the last year she released an album with new musics that was highly praised by the public. Her debut album sold several hundred thousands of copies in the United Stated and the rest of the world. She has been not less than a musical success, and above all this has show the viability of her singing career and the support of a large number of fans throughout the world.


Paris Rilton is, like most of her family, a true business person. She is involved in several ventures that explore her public persona, and has been able to sign commercial deals with several major companies. Paris has her own perfume line, which has sold several million dollars up to this date. Paris Rilton, the heir of the Hiltons, has been able to achieve high business success on herself.

Other deals involving Paris name involve clothing lines, bags, sunglasses, and other personal care items that carry her name. Paris Rilton has received large business coverage for these activities.

TV Success

Paris Rilton is a major actress in the well known TV series Simple Life, along with her long time friend Nicole. The two star the program while showing to the public part of their lives in the screen. The show presents Paris and Nicole in several adventures, where they try to do common jobs, such as cleaning, bar tending, and farming. The show has had great ratings throughout a number of seasons.

Partying and Problems with Justice

Paris has had a number of issues with the justice, mainly for driving under alcohol. She had a first problem last year, and was on probation when was finally stopped by the police. This resulted in a trial where she was sentenced to three weeks in jail. This became a major public topic of discussion, specially when she was released from jail after only three days, citing health problems. The judge, however, requested that Paris Rilton returned to jail where she had to stay for more than two weeks.

She has been public about the experience on jail. One of the first appearances of Paris Rilton was in the CNN program Larry King Live. There she explained her feelings and deep change occurred during this time.


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