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Part 2: The Legend of Encantadia

Updated on December 26, 2017
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I love watching movies and series especially Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, RomCom, a little bit of Action and Drama.

The Saga Continues

After telling the story of how the world of Encantadia started and how this land is divided into five kingdoms, let us now tackle the powerful gems which is the reason for almost all the wars that happened in Encantadia.

The Gems hold the powers of different elements, of which the Sanggres and holders used to defeat and to protect the gem and the others. The throne is not the only thing that the villains in these series wanted to gain but also the power of the gem. That is why there are numerous events that happen in this world where deception, murder and war happened just to get their hands on these powerful gems.

Let us see what are the abilities and powers that each gem give to their holder.

Inang Brilyante
Inang Brilyante

The Gem

The "Inang Brilyante" (Mother Gem) was created by the Bathalang Emre. He created it in order to aid the four kingdoms of Encantadia in their battle against the ancient kingdom of Etheria. It was then kept by Cassiopeia. But a problem arises that made her cut the gem and create the now present gems. The problem that arises are different in the 2005 and 2016 series.

In 2005 series, Cassiopeia cut the gem into four pieces to save the Mulawin in the wrath of the Hathors. while in the latest series, a diwata named Adhara wanted to get the gem for herself. So in order to save the gem, Cassiopeia cut the gem into four and give it to the four leaders of each kingdoms for safe keeping. Little did she knew that a small cut piece of the Mother Gem was also created.

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The Fire Gem

2005-2006 series

The Gem of Fire is one of the four elemental gems. The gem grants its owner with the power to control fire.

  • Shapeshifting/Mimicry: ability to change appearance to like another person.

  • Flight: grants the holder the ability to fly by propelling like a rocket.

  • Immunity to Mind Control: the holder can give himself or herself an encahantment the will make him or her immune to mind control.

  • Resurrection: Pirena used it with the help of the "Gabay Diwa". She resurrected Kahlil as a gift to Alena.

  • Fire Immunity: The gem also grants it's keeper to be immune to fire

2016 - 2017 series

So far, the known abilities that the gem grants its keeper are:

  • Bolts of Fire: ability to create energy bolts of fire

  • Fire Creation and Manipulation.

  • Shapeshifting/ Mimicry- same ability with that of the 2005 series

  • Detection: through the warmth of the body, Pirena is able to detect where Lira is hiding

  • Thermal Manipulation: able to control and manipulate the temperature of an object

  • Fire Immunity - It gives its keeper the immunity from being harmed by fire

  • Life Steal - Pirena used this ability to prevent Mira from intervening with her plans. The gem absorbs the person's life force and will return it upon the command of its keeper. Hagorn also used this ability to absorb temporarily the consciousness of Lira to deliver it to Ether.

  • Fire Shield - ability to create shield out of fire that prevents objects and magics to pass through

Holder of the Gem:

  • Haring Arvak (first holder of the Gem of Fire)
  • Raquim (for a short period of time)
  • Mine-a
  • Pirena (current holder)
  • Amihan (when Pirena gave it back)
  • Hagorn

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The Air Gem

2005-2006 series

Abilities granted to its owner

The gem grants its owner with the power to control wind. The holder of Air Gem can change air currents, conjure oxygen in areas without it and transform into the air itself. This gem is sometimes used to send messages to other people. The gem can also be employed in detecting the presence of nearby beings by tracing the sound of their breaths.

2016 - 2017 series

Abilities granted to its Keeper:

So far, the known abilities that the gem grants its keeper are:

  • Bolts of Air - the holder of gem is able to create energy bolts out of air
  • Creation and Manipulation of Air - abilty to create, control and manipulate the air and wind. Also, the holder of the Air Gem can take the oxygen out of a person's body.
  • Clairvoyance - ability to see anything that is not physically present, such as objects, animals or people.
  • Levitation - ability to move a person using wind
  • Bird Manipulation - ability to control and manipulate the birds.
  • Air Shield - creating a shield of air can be granted when the Air Gem is used
  • Flight - ability to fly freely without outside help
  • Tornado Creation - power to create tornadoes and whirlwinds.
  • Mist Generation - ability to condense moisture in the air to form a dense mist.
  • Ice/ Freeze - The ability to freeze another's body

Holder of the Gem:

  • Mine-a
  • Amihan
  • Danaya
  • Ybrahim
  • Avria (Current)

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The Water Gem

Abilities granted to its keeper

So far, the known abilities that the gem grants its keeper are:

  • Bolts of Water - ability to create energy bolts of water
  • Hydrokinesis - ability to control and manipulate water.
  • Tsunami Creation- power to create a tsunami and has full control of it and will crash the moment its keeper allows it to.
  • Aqua Shield - The power to create shields out of water.
  • Marine Life Manipulation - the power to control and manipulate marine life organisms
  • Memory Wipeout- this was shown when Pirena stole the Water Gem from Alena. She command the gem to wipe out the memory of Alena.
  • Blessing Granting - Alena used the water gem to bestow blessings to Lira. She bestowed the blessing of Lira being calm and caring just like the water; and strength and courage just like the waves when she needed it. Pirena used this ability as well to bestow Khalil a blessing to kill Lira.
  • Hydro Detection - Pirena used this ability to locate Lira through the help of water.
  • Protection Granting - Pirena used this ability to give extra protection to the weaponry of Lireo if anyone tries to steal them. As mentioned by Danaya, this ability was also used by Alena to grant Adamya, Sapiro, and Hathoria protection from the Etherian Empire.

Holder of the Gem:

  • Imaw
  • Arvak
  • Raquim
  • Mine-a
  • Hagorn
  • Pirena
  • Lila-Sari
  • Amihan
  • Alena (current holder)

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The Earth Gem

Abilities granted to its keeper

So far, the known abilities that the gem grants its keeper are:

  • Bolts of Earth/Dirt - ability to create energy bolt out of dirt or earth
  • Earth Manipulation - ability to control and manipulate earth and earth-based materials.
  • Earthquake Creation - power to create earthquakes.
  • Healing - power to recover from any wound whether it is just a light or heavy wound. Danaya used this ability to heal herself after getting wounded by Pirena. However, the gem prohibits recovery if the wounded person to be healed tried to commit suicide.
  • Shapeshifting/ Mimicry - ability to copy or shape shift into animals
  • Earth Shield - a shield granted by the gem to protect themselves fom magic and harmful objects
  • Blessing Granting - The ability to grant any blessing to an object or being. She used this ability to give Lira protection from Pirena and to any weapon made of earthly resources.
  • Plant Manipulation - the power to control plant-life.
  • Power to talk to Animals
  • Animal Scrying - The power to perceive through any animal's senses. Danaya sighted the upcoming dragon summoned by Hagorn through the use of an eagle's sight.
  • Energy Detection - The ability to sense the presence of energy in one's vicinity. Danaya used this ability to find the whereabouts of Cassiopeia through her energy.

Holder of the Gem:

  • Armeo
  • Raquim
  • Mine-a
  • Danaya
  • Avria (Current Keeper)

The Gem of Spirit and Consciousness

This gem was added in the 2016 Encantadia series. This was a small cut of piece of the Inang Brilyante that was found by a "Batang Ligaw". This is said to be a powerful gem having almost all the power of the four other gems.

Abilities granted to its keeper

So far, the seen abilities that the gem grants its keeper are:

  • Teleportation - The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another
  • Healing - the power to restore and heal wounded body
  • Energy Blasts/Bolts - the ability to release energy bolts
  • Giving extra protection / to a person
  • Reinforcement: The ability to aid or intensify the powers of another gem.
  • Restoration of a decayed body: Ether used this ability to restore Avria's body. (Although it takes time for the gem to accomplish this.)

Holder of the Gem:

  • Paopao
  • Hagorn
  • Danaya
  • Ether
  • Avria (Current Keeper)

The Gem Fusion

In other events, the holder of the gem fuse their gem to become more powerful and in order to defeat the enemy.

  • Water Gem and Earth Gem - When LilaSari and Danaya fused their Brilyantes, they became a fusion, known as Danaya-Sari. Danaya and Alena was supposedly going to create a fusion in an episode to break Avria's shield, but Avria used her weapon to slash in between their palms and Brilyantes to prevent them from fusing.
  • Air Gem and Earth Gem- When Amihan and Danaya fused their Brilyantes, there was a wind-earth energy blast.
  • Water Gem and Fire Gem - Pirena used the two Brilyantes to create a stronger attack against Danaya. Hagorn also used the two together with the Brilyante ng Diwa to create a shield for Lireo to block out Ivictus during his reign as King of Encantadia.

Which of the Five Gems do you like best?

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