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Updated on August 15, 2010




by Chuck RitenouR 11-24-2K5


Patti never looks straight into the camera

she can't forget what that young man said

though that was so long ago the memory still glows

like a night light left burning in her brain.

verse one:

Patti once told me felt lucky

lucky to find a man, find someone like me

and I just can't denigh the way I feel inside

you can't hide when you're someone's everything.

verse two:

Its true we've both seen our dreams shattered

and blown away like ashes in the wind

with her by my side, I've come to realize

I'm not too old to try to dream again.


Patti never looks straight into the camera

she laughs and says I never look away

though it cold when the winter winds blow

it never seems as cold as yesterday.

the end.


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