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Pause the Game: A Look at the Rapper's Constant Legal Woes

Updated on November 21, 2016

Is it Game Over?



Only a rapper so caught up in his own hype could evade the reality of a $10 million lawsuit. Please reconsider the case of Jayceon “The Game” Taylor. Ever the alleged instigator of all things malicious, Taylor is no stranger to legal issues. In fact, while the hip hop artist has denied over time a few lawsuits in the past, it will be a stretch for him to forgo paying up what he owes. As he has pointed out on more than one occasion, he has avoided compensating those who’ve sued him. With fellow rapper Lawrence “40 Glocc” White, the feud fueled White’s aptness for winning dollars in the courtroom.

Weighs Heavier

It’s just too bad that the over $4 million that he pursued fizzled down to a paltry $3000. By contrast, the eight figure suit that Priscilla Rainey filed in response to Taylor fondling her genitals and rear end forcefully, White’s suit is peanuts. It could be because the nature of the suit which claims that Taylor sexually assaulted Rainey weighs heavier than White’s claim as a male of damages to his reputation. Taylor has denied repeatedly that he has provided funds as a result of losing a case, White’s suit included.

Shoulder Up

What separates truly most rappers from one of Compton’s favorite sons is the sheer tenacity in shooting down the claimants who accuse jim of wrongdoing. He has said that he has never paid a red cent to those who have brought lawsuits against his name. Of the several suits, Taylor has swatted them down and only paid off his lawyers, allegedly. For over decade, Taylor’s altercations, assaults, and general misbehavior have become like phantoms haunting his every action. He would have to shoulder up responsibility and assure himself that even if those that he could trade with potentially may cross him, the reality of innocent until proven guilty ought to suffice. What Taylor also ought to do is analyze situations and work to mitigate any possibility of coming up with a charge against his head. If he would only acknowledge that there exist money grubbing collectives who would not think twice about ruining the finances of a platinum rapper he’d fare better. For Taylor to disavow the dollars he has dispensed, just shows his absolute ineptitude. As an overgrown adolescent, Taylor represents a disgruntled child who keeps on getting in trouble and never owns up to his misdeeds.

Miss Rainey's Allegation


The Game Explains


From the streets of one of California’s most notorious cities to the stages all across the globe, Taylor is more of a failure than a success. Multi Platinum collections of songs and popular “reality shows” upon which he has popped, offer little if any credence to Taylor’s morality as a man. If anyone wishes to seek damages or other claims against Taylor, they should think about the record company, radio station, or television network instead of simply Taylor. Though it may be uncertain whether or not Rainey will be compensated in full for suit that she won, it can be expected that Taylor will find himself and even more trouble. But he remains a piece of the pie while the aforementioned companies represent the recipe. Why have some crumbs like White and maybe Rainey when you can discover how the pie is baked? For someone who has refused to even show his face in court to contest the allegations, Taylor appears self-assured. This is but a façade. His misdirection and mishandling of situations in which he has found himself illustrate a little boy running and hiding whenever trouble comes his way.

Now, for Taylor to achieve redemption, he would have to institute new ways of dealing with his anger and practice keeping his hands to himself. In order for him to attain this level of maturity, he would have to complete a 180° turnaround. It’s not going to be easy transitioning from disgruntled youth to rational man, but if he wants it bad enough he’ll focus every fiber in his body to achieving that goal. What he ought to work on should also consist of his understanding of legal proceedings e.g. court appearances. It should be obvious to Taylor that skipping out on attending court can have a significant impact on his pockets. As far as the suit with White is concerned, his meager payout only signified the fact that he failed to present himself in a more honest manner. But with Rainey’s case, Taylor should fear the consequences of forking over a piece of his multi-million dollar fortune. It’s either that or keep getting into altercations and perpetuate this proud to be ignorant stance. Taylor needs to just grow up a bit.

The Maturation of a Rapper

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