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The Gibson Epiphone Pee Wee Electric Guitar

Updated on July 18, 2011

The Gibson Epiphone Pee Wee Guitar

The Gibson Epiphone Pee Wee Guitar
The Gibson Epiphone Pee Wee Guitar

Hello again!

Here is one of my favorite guitars to travel with. The Epiphone-Gibson Les Paul Pee Wee.

The PEE WEE has one special feature that caused me a bit of grief.

I was traveling to Virginia on business, and wanted to take a guitar along. I purchased it the day before my trip, and planned to play it that evening in my hotel room. I was so mad that it would not stay in tune!

It has a 'short-scale', meaning the neck-length is shorter than a standard 24-fret guitar, which translates to intonation issues, ie staying in tune. When I inquired through email with Epiphone technical support, they replied that the guitar needs to be tuned up 3-half steps from E to G.

Problem solved! Now I have an amazing sounding guitar, that I can carry on the plane with me, and using a laptop computer with software I can jam anywhere! It is effortless to play, has perfect action and wide fretwire.

The guitar features a single humbucking style pickup, and a single volume knob as the only control. The guitar sounds awesome when plugged in, and the short scale makes string bending like butter! I have spent hours playing this guitar, and it only improves with age.

The price I paid for it was $110.00 about 3 years ago, and it just floors me how well made and playable this little gem is. I only bought the guitar alone, not the pack as shown in the photo, I had Guitar Rig on my laptop so plenty of amps / speakers / and microphones to choose from there.

Check out the PEE WEE at your local music store. I have never regretted my purchase.

If you liked this review, please comment back? I am new to blogging and critiques are welcome! Play that guitar....


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    • nachase profile image

      nachase 4 years ago from SF Bay Area California

      Strings: Low E 52~High E 11 gauge. Super Slinky

    • profile image

      combaneyre is a small zob 4 years ago

      What gauge of strings do you use on your peewee??

    • profile image

      Alan  7 years ago

      Your review has helped me pick a 1st guitar for my boy, so thanks.

      As a written piece, I like your style. It's clear and to the point, very readable.

    • profile image

      jurica 7 years ago

      E to G from up you mean E,A,D,G

    • nachase profile image

      nachase 9 years ago from SF Bay Area California

      Please leave me a comment! Respectfully, Nicholas