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People Watching can be a blast

Updated on July 31, 2010

If we built a "people" zoo, the animals would flock to it and laugh.

 Whoever said "they are all the same" has never spent a few days truly stepping outside themselves and observing.  No two people are the same.  They may try to behave in the same manner, or dress similarly, but there are differences between every person on this earth.  What I find amazing is that so few people people are aware of one another.  As a parent of a disabled son, one with a diagnosis of a social disorder called Asperger Sydrome, I am acutely aware of social cues, (I don't always pick them up in time either,but I look for them), and of the behavior of others in the human race because we must always be educating our son.

Autistic people are not the only people who live within their own minds.  It is amazing how many people in this world has basically no social skills or edit system.  Conversations that should be had in the privacy of one's home or office are conducted on the street or in the local Starbucks or Applebees.  

I just spent three days in the major hub of New York City's Times Square.  If ever you were to people watch, this is the place to do so.  Of course you will see people from all over the world. the folks that we New Yorkers desperately try to push past when we are running our usual New Yorker pace, rushing, rushing, rushing to who knows where, could be anywhere, we are from New York, we are in a hurry.  So back to the tourists.  Since they are from all over the world, of course they bring with them all sorts of magic.  Some will dress of the culture of their country, some will bring their language while they try to communicate with the local merchants many who are transplanted from another country anyway so that makes for interesting broken English banter.  Of course what is most amazing about the tourists is their ability to see what we New Yorkers take for granted.  The wonder that is New York City.  The fact that the lights in TImes Square are bright a flashing and are never dark no matter what time it is.  The fact that at 11:00 on a weeknight it feels like New Years Eve because you can't even walk, the crowds are so thick.  I took them in and then I, like any other New Yorker, pushed past.

I could pick out those who had come from another state in search of that New York dream of fame and fortune that they had heard about.  They stand on the corners, they play their guitars, they smile at the passing people and try to get everyone to come to the clubs or the restaurants they are working at instead of the theater they so desperately want to be in.  Or maybe they are in the theater just the salary is so low for the part they have, they must work round the clock to pay the  bills to make up for the crazy rents in the city.

Then there are the New Yorkers who are here to work.  They are sometimes dressed in their suits, or their beautiful dresses, they are on their phones or their blackberries and have a sense of purpose on their faces.  Everyone just needs to get our their way, they entire world will stop if they miss that all important meeting or FAX back at the office.

Last, but not least are those like myself, who live here and are just visiting another part of the city.  We ARE  New Yorkers, but we live in another part of the city, a part that is not so crowded, a part that people are not clammering to visit.  We ARE the city, but are not treated like the city.  We are not nearly as interesting as those here in the HEART of the city.  However, we are the ones who are watching, just like so many others.  Each person represents a story, everyone brings a history, a future.  Keep watching,


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    • ladyt11 profile image

      ladyt11 7 years ago

      L love this. I like how you write. It would be safe to say that people watching is just like watching a neverending movie with scene after scene! I really like your second paragraph, awesome and true.