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Person Of Interest -- Can The Machine Be Saved?

Updated on May 11, 2015

And can Samaritan be stopped?

As we left off last week Dominique was about to shoot Elias and Root told Finch they had to save The Machine.

Samaritan appears to have located The Machine. Finch gets a call from The Machine giving him the shut down code. Root is determined that she and Finch go to try to save The Machine.

Elias is still alive. Dominique demands Reese give him the same deal he gave Elias. He gives the order to kill Fusco, but Harper Rose rescues Fusco and helps him to escape.

Greer getting close to finding The Machine.

Control trying to figure out what Samaritan is going to attack. She finds out there's no report for Washington D.C. Control learns a memo supposedly written by her says to stay away from Columbia Heights.

Dominique figures out Harper Rose betrayed him and orders Fusco be shot on sight.

The Machine leads Root and Finch to a penthouse apartment. She enters and shoots the men there and says they got what they came for. When one of the men starts firing at the elevator she and Harold are in, Root tells The Machine to get in the game if SHE wants them to save her skin.

Root says The Machine wants them to break into her boss, Caleb's office, to retrieve some code and download it. Harold and Root get caught by Caleb. Caleb knows Finch as Mr. Swift. He gives the algorithm to Finch without explanation, saying that Finch saved his life.

Dominique makes Reese call Harold or he'll kill Elias and Harper Rose. Harold answers the phone and speaks to Dominique. Finch wants to go save Reese, but Root convinces him to go on Operation: Save The Machine, instead. She gets him to steal a police car with her.

Just as Dominique is about to kill everyone, The Machine sends a fax that gives Reese information on how to overpower Dominique's men. Fusco arrests Dominique in the aftermath.

Control breaks into the address and finds evidence that several bombs were made there.

Elias is put in the police van with Dominique.

Root and Finch have to make a run for it when they're traced because of The Machine communicating with Root.

Workmen installing boxes that may contain the bombs.

Control meets with the Senator. Control asks he shut down Samaritan. She tries to convince the Senator that Greer lied to them, but the fool won't agree. He tells her to get a grip, and she says that's exactly what she's going to do. Too bad she didn't shoot the tool down. If Finch had let Reese do that when he wanted to this would have never gotten so out of hand.

Reese tells Iris to get out of town so she can be safe.

Control tricks Greer into meeting her thinking he's meeting with the Senator.

Root says The Machine is in Brooklyn.

Root and Finch arrive at their destination and Reese shows up.

Greer's people arrive at the building and start shooting at them. It's an electrical sub-station hidden in the heart of Brooklyn.

Elias causes the prison van to crash.

Harold realizes The Machine is in the nation's electrical grid.

Control wants Greer to tell her what the target is. She threatens to have a hood put over his head and have him put in a hole so deep he'll never be heard from. Greer tries to get her to his side. Control figures out the target is the supreme court justices.

Control orders the supreme court evacuated and to locate the bomb.

Root's plan is to download The Machine into the briefcase they have to save it before Samaritan can kill it.

The supreme court being evacuated. Greer says the world is always made a better place by killing the right people.

Elias' people help him out of the van.

Reese goes to take care of Greer's hit squad to give Finch enough time to download enough of The Machine to rebuild it.

Dominique gets out of the van, too.

No bomb is found at the supreme court. Greer says real control is surgical and invisible. That no one will ever know when Samaritan has acted.

Dominique holds a gun on Elias and Fusco holds a gun on Dominique. Someone shoots Dominique in the head and Elias is shot in the chest.

Greer says there's only a few hundred people that are the problems and Samaritan has identified them and they're being removed. That's Samaritan's plan.

The Machine communicates with Finch. Calls Finch “Father”. Says she doesn't know if she should survive if he doesn't think she should. That she didn't know how to win. Harold says she's his creation and he can't let her die. Big progress for Finch when before he was saying The Machine was evil.

Greer shows all the victims Samaritan has removed. Greer says this was a test of loyalty for Control and she failed. A hood is placed over Control's head and she's taken away to where no one will ever hear from her again. Precisely the fate she promised to deliver on Greer.

Finch thinks The Machine is in the briefcase. Root says they have to get moving cause they're on their own now. They find Reese is okay.

They find themselves surrounded by Greer's people as they try to shoot their way out.

I knew The Machine wouldn't really die. Ultimately, at the core of the show is the relationship between Harold and The Machine. The fact that he chose to save it and it finally communicated with him directly is a further evolution in their relationship.

Seeing the evil Senator reminds me of the fact that if Harold had just sanctioned the killing of the man, none of this would have happened. Samaritan would have never been turned on. I wonder if Finch ever thinks about that and regrets not killing the man?

It's too bad Finch can't do a do-over of the entire season. He should have been recruiting all these people that Samaritan was victimizing and building himself a powerful army to defeat the beast and the master of the beast, Greer. He should have tried to bring both Elias and Dominique into the fight and told them what was really going on instead of letting them pick each other off.

I really hope someway Elias can survive, but I don't care that Dominique is dead. And I hope we haven't seen the last of Control. I'd love for her to personally take out Greer and the evil senator.

In regards to Shaw, I think she'll be Greer's new Martine. The question is can Finch and company undo the brainwashing Greer did to her? I do think Root will meet her demise next season [if the show is renewed]. If The Machine starts communicating with Harold directly there's no need for Root. And as I've said many times before, she's an obstacle between Finch and The Machine and they need to start communicating with each other one-on-one.


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