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Person Of Interest -- Finch Makes A Deadly Mistake

Updated on May 31, 2016

And then embraces his dark side...

Tonight, is the 100th episode and according to promos not everyone will survive it. Will whoever that perishes tonight be the catalyst for Finch letting his dark side out to play as Elias predicted would happen one day?

Last time, Reese finally told Fusco the truth about the machines. Root brought Shaw home. And Finch didn't really act all that outraged when Elias blew-up The Voice

After tonight's episode, there are only three episodes left. So it would seem the filler episodes have to be over and the final battle must be approaching. I think Fusco will make it out alive, but I'm not sure about anyone else. But it would seem before this is all over Finch will take Greer out. He just has to.

Finch says he wants to talk to The Machine. He says they've been thinking how this all plays out and what happens next. He says he knows he's going to probably die and bad things are going to happen. He wonders if his friends will get out alive. He says he may have made that impossible and that it's too late.

The waitress thinks she recognizes Finch and he says she made a mistake. He's gone to a restaurant he took Grace to ten years ago. He takes the matchbook for the restaurant with him as he leaves in a hurry.

He returns to the subway. He asks how Shaw is. Root says he's chosen to end their dialogue with The Machine. She says they're going to lose by him doing this. She says they're going to all end up dead because of this. She says he never gave The Machine a name because you may have to kill it. Root says The Machine is his child and she's going to die. He says he didn't give The Machine a name because he thought She would want to choose her own name and says he'll let Her choose the voice she wants to speak with.

Reese gets a phone call while he's out walking with Fusco. It's a new number.

Finch at the school arguing a grade with a student when Root and Reese come in saying that The Machine gave Finch as the new number. Root shoots one of the assassins that came to kill him. Does that mean Samaritan has finally figured out Finch's fake identity?

Finch brought to the safe house with Elias. Reese says Finch's cover has been blown. Shaw thinks it's because of her that Finch's cover is blown. Reese wants to start taking out Samaritan operatives. Root, once again, says there would be a better chance if he hadn't closed The Machine and she hard-coded something into The Machine, but only Finch can activate it. Fusco arrives. Elias says he knows the perfect place to hide Finch. Finch says to Reese he wishes he wouldn't do this on his account.

Elias and Finch go to the new safe house. Guards are based at the door. Elias says this used to be a meth lab. Finch tries to dismiss Elias, but he says he's in this fight until the end. He warns Elias he's signing his own death warrant. How true his words will be.

Finch looking out the window on to the street. Elias says he negotiated a peace between two gangs fighting for the territory. Finch says he believed he would end up in prison when Elias asks how he envisioned his future. Elias recalls Reese was protecting a teacher when he first met Finch. Finch looks at the matchbook he took when Elias says he made a mistake and got sloppy.

Finch tells Root that he went back to the restaurant he took Grace to ten years ago so he's to blame and to tell Shaw it isn't her. All the hit men are working for Temporary Resolutions. Fusco and Reese go to Temporary Resolutions asking to speak to the supervisor and the receptionist asks if they really want to do that. She claims her supervisor will be right with them as she leads them into an empty office.

Root says she's been hiding since she was 12 and this is the first time she felt she belonged when Shaw says none of their lives turned out like they thought they would. She takes hold of Shaw's hand. Then they hear men coming. Finch sees men coming towards the meth lab/safe house, too.

Fusco and Reese realize they don't hear anything and realize the entire building has been evacuated. Then a bunch a men come out shooting at them. Reese lobs a grenade at them. Elias starts shooting at the men coming after them. Elias' hit men take out the men after Finch. But they're still more waiting for them.

It looks like they might make it as they head to Elias' car, but when they get there Elias finds his driver dead. Then Elias is shot in the head right in front of Finch's eyes as he stands in front of Finch to protect him. The men capture Finch as he's dragged away from Elias' dead body. The online people who called this were right. I'm sorry to see him go after all he survived. But he's probably only the first as this thing finally gets real. Elias' had lost all his friends so now he's with them, the latest casualty in the War of the Machines.

Reese finds Elia's body. He takes his glasses off him and shuts his eyes. One of the gang members says he's got something for them. They took a picture of the car who took Finch.

Root says she and Shaw are on the way to where Finch is. Finch is with Greer. Finch says to just kill him. Greer says Samaritan doesn't want Finch dead. Greer says one day Finch will work for Samaritan of his own accord. Root and Shaw arrive as Finch is about to be transported. A gun fight erupts. Of course, Root wants to talk something personal with Shaw as they're in a shoot out. Great, Root, is coming on to Shaw in a life and death shoot-out. This is what I thought would happen. YUCK!

Root comes and gets Finch as the back-ups arrive with a really big gun. Shaw stays behind as Root leaves with Finch.

Scott Blackwell is being told where to go. Finch realizes Root is bleeding. Finch says he's so tired of this. She says he built The Machine but he refuses to accept what he's made. Root says The Machine has gotten good at predicting what they'll do. Root says The Machine is still watching over Carter and Elias and they're still alive inside her. Then she gives Finch a gun. The men with the really big machine gun start pursuing Root and Finch. Root shoots their car and it explodes. She claims this is the world Finch built and as long as The Machine lives none of them die. They can all be alive in some simulation.

Reese comes and gets Shaw.

Blackwell is given Root and Finch's driver's license and told to kill Finch and Root. Root says she walked in darkness until Finch guided her into the light. She says they're not going to win this way. That when the time comes, he'll know what to do. Finch says they're fighting a war that's already over. He says it's an extinction path. Root sees Blackwell on the roof and takes evasive action, and gets shot by the bullet meant for Finch, saving Finch from being shot. Did The Machine warn her about Blackwell knowing she'd protect and save Finch?

The police are waiting for them and order them to stop. Root doesn't get out of the car. Finch driven away as the cops are taking care of Root. I think she's dead, too. This is probably what's going to make Finch activate the code Root embedded in The Machine. He just saw two people he cared for die before his eyes to save him and that's going to be too much for him. It's going to be the thing to set him over the edge.

Ironically enough, The Machine warned them about Blackwell. Reese thought he was harmless. He nearly killed Fusco and may have killed Root. Root had a chance to take him out and she let him live. That was another mistake.

As much as I hated all the Root and Shaw stuff, if she is dead, I'm sorry to see her go, even though I said I wish they'd kill her off because of all the character destruction wreaked to appease the Root fans who wanted a Root/Shaw love match. I thought her best relationship was her relationship with Finch. I'm betting The Machine will take on Root's voice and name. That the Root talking at the beginning of this season was actually The Machine.

If Root is dead, we're down to Fusco, Shaw, Reese and Finch.

Finch having his mug shot taken at police headquarters and his fingerprints printed. Prints came back positive for being connected to 15 homicides and treason.

Root isn't dead. Should have known this show wouldn't have the guts to kill off Root. Her fans would have a fit. They think she's the whole show. She's in critical condition at the hospital. Reese and Shaw head off, as Fusco goes to the hospital.

I always thought Root would have to die, because she was standing in between Finch and The Machine. Her purpose was to help Finch become one with The Machine like she had.

A man interviews Finch. Man says he's got an agent heading to Washington to uncover his file on treason, because all the other files on him have vanished. Finch asks what happened to Root. The man won't tell Finch about Root unless he talks. The man won't allow Finch his phone call. Finch says he's played by the rules for so long. Finch says the man didn't even know that his system was corrupted at the core. Finch says his rules have changed every time it was convenient for him. Finch says he thought if you played by the rules you'd win, but he was wrong. Finch says he has to decide to let his friends die by continuing to play by his rules or to break them. Finch says he's going to kill him. How far he's willing to go to get it done, he's not sure. Finch looks directly at Samaritan's camera and says he wasn't talking to the man interviewing him, he was talking to Samaritan.

Someone comes for Finch but the man says he's not letting Finch go, and has him put back into holding. The men are distracted for a moment before putting Finch back in his cell and the telephone rings. Finch answers it knowing it's The Machine and The Machine is talking with Root's voice.

Root is dead. They actually did have the guts to kill her off. Fusco is looking at her on a slab in the morgue.

Finch asks The Machine if She can get him out of this place. She says, he made her, of course she can. Then all the lights suddenly go off.

Shaw and Reese arrive to hear someone cut the power on the building and all the prisoners have escaped their cells. Shaw says they have to get to Finch. Reese says he doesn't think Finch is here, anymore. Shaw asks why Finch's number came up and Reese says it was because The Machine was afraid what Finch might do to them, motioning to the darkened building. It seems Finch, like Elias, knows Finch is the darkest one of them all.

This was probably the best episode of the season. It's too bad the entire season couldn't be like this, keeping you on the edge of your seat, like past seasons were. Now the question is what is Finch going to do next?


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