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Person Of Interest -- The 2014 Winter Trilogy Conclusion

Updated on January 14, 2015

There was no real resolution in the concluding episode

According to previews, Shaw may not be dead. According to fans the actress is pregnant and being killed off. Me, I’m still hoping Root somehow gets killed off. I’m tired of sexual predator act.

The aftermath of the Wall Street mess.

Control is with her daughter. She gets a message to come see someone. Then she’s told to go to the ops room.

The Evil Child reveals he’s the one who crashed the stock market and wants to discuss things with the president. He predicts how the stock market will close. He gets nowhere fast.

Control is told about four terrorists targeting Michigan. Control isn’t buying into it and not trusting Samaritans word. She green lights taking the four suspected terrorists out, however.

One of the suspected terrorists, Sayid, escapes. They try to look at Sayid’s hard drive and they’re not permitted access. Travers, who works for Samaritan, won’t show Control what’s on the hard drive. He shuts down all the terminals opposed to showing her what’s on the hard drive. Meaning it’s very possible the three men killed and Sayid weren’t terrorists and Samaritan made the whole thing up.

Senator Garrison is brought in but he caves to Travers. He tells Control they have to let it go so Samaritan will be turned back on.

Control goes to a park bench and calls one of the Detroit agents. She amends their orders. Control reveals she knows Grice let Shaw live and she’s going to let him live. He’s to report only to her.

Grice captures Sayid. He wants to see his lap top. Sayid jumps out of the window to escape Grice. Sayid’s lap top catches fire and melts while Grice is looking at it. Samaritan is watching control and tells her to stop it now.

Okay, where is Finch and Reese? Could care less about Rooty-Toot-Toot of the aggressive sexual predator bent. I watch this show for Finch and Reese, not Control.

Control learns someone has reassigned Grice. It was Travers. Control goes to confront him. She calls in her personal security detail.

When the senator gets all in Control’s face and she reminds him they both caused 853 deaths. He backs down and shuts up.

Control learns her personal security team was crashed into by a man and woman wearing masks. Let me guess. It’s Rooty-Toot-Toot and Reese. Sorry, she’s a pathetic excuse for Shaw. She also doesn’t have chemistry with anyone either. Not to mention her squirelly chipmunk voice. Yeah, I really don't like her and she repels me.

Control tries to capture Sayid before he can escape on the train. She orders agents with her to capture Sayid and not kill him. Control is attacked by someone with a bazooka. Yep it’s the Queen Letch and Reese. Reese wants to know where Shaw is.

Okay, let me restate what I said earlier. I watch the show for Finch. He actually represents the humanity on this show. He’s the moral compass of the show. And as a result the heart and soul of the show. The entire team could be killed but as long as Finch survived it could go on.

Control wakes up bound to a chair. Rooty-Toot-Toot is the first face she sees. Talk about a waking nightmare. Reese questions Control. Control says she doesn’t know anything about Shaw. Never thought I’d root for Control over that disgusting pathetic love leech, but when she was torturing her, I was rooting for Control.

Hey, Root, she didn’t sacrifice herself to save you, psycho. Seriously, that psycho thinks Shaw died just to save her pathetic worthless life. Get a freaking grip. She did it to save everyone, sicko. She actually has a real relationship with Finch and Reese opposed to you, you sexually harassing creep.

Finch stops the pathetic leech from killing Control.

Control guesses Finch thinks Shaw is dead. Finch realizes Control doesn’t know what Samaritan is up to. He tries to tell her she’s being used by Control and is no longer in charge, but she won’t believe him. Grice gets caught by Reese when he tries to rescue Control.

Reese spares Grice because he let Shaw go.

That arrogant twit actually thinks everything is for her and about her. Sorry, psycho, but Finch had a relationship with Shaw long before you waddled into the picture and met Shaw. He’s doing it because he cares for Shaw, not so Shaw can be found and be sexually harassed by you, again.

Control finds Sayid. Sayid tries to tell her he and his friends were recruited by Samaritan and after they finished coding up a program they were all being killed. She kills him and won’t believe she’s been lied to.

The Evil Kid goes to see the senator again. He tells him again he wants to see the president.

Control is back to living in her world of denial. Or is she?

Control goes down to the basement of where the Wall Street siege went down. She notices the place has been recently painted. Maybe she hasn’t gone back to living in her world of denial. Maybe she’s just pretending she has so she can outsmart Samaritan and so Samaritan won't kill her next.

Wow, I’m actually rooting for Control now. When generally she repels me.

As for the Root character. She was slightly tolerable before she became an aggressive sexual predator coming on to Shaw like she needed to be hosed down. If a man behaved like she has, they’d have been arrested and had a restraining order filed against them. Can’t they please kill Root off. She adds nothing to the show and now has added such an icky presence that even the evil and unsympathetic Control is more sympathetic and likable than she is. She also is standing in the way of Harold having to deal with The Machine he created. For the show to go forward and evolve she needs to go.

I really hate the politically correct mentality that if a sexual harasser repels you you’re homophobic if it’s a woman trying to force her sexual preference on another woman. Again, if a man had behaved like Rooty-Toot-Toot they would be reviled and called an attempted rapist. Instead you have the warped mentality that Shaw wants Root, she just won’t admit it. That's the mentality a lot of rapists pull when they force themselves on someone that doesn’t want them. From this point on I'll never see her as anything but a creepy sexual predator.

The second part of the trilogy was all about Harold’s relationship with The Machine. It can only evolve with Root taken out of the equation. If the show really wanted to do a real relationship with Shaw and Root then they shouldn’t have had her sexually harassing Shaw episode after episode. After that, Root just makes my skin crawl. If Shaw is dead, will she start sexually harassing Martine next declaring they were meant for each other?


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