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Person Of Interest -- We The Jury

Updated on February 11, 2015

Reese and Finch decide to continue with just the two of them...

Reese and Finch out at a diner. Reese asks if he's heard from Root. Finch says all the numbers they missed are either dead or in jail. Finch reveals he's been given jury duty.

Finch thinks they need to leave Fusco out of their operations to protect him. Reese says they're not bringing anyone else into this and it's just the two of them, again.

Finch at the courthouse. A woman tries to talk to him. Her name is Emma Blake. Finch starts talking about everyone being watched by an intelligent supercomputer and he gets dismissed. When a man's phone starts going off, Harold is put on the jury. Is this The Machine's doing.

Reese having another meeting with his shrink, Iris. Reese says he took leave because there was a death in the family. She tells Reese this is his last session and he's free to go.

Fusco sees Reese has missing persons files on his desk. Reese doesn't want Fusco to help him. The phone rings and Reese answers it.

Caroline Mills gunned down by Chad Bryson her husband. Reese tells Finch hey have a new number and it's the woman sitting next to him, Emma Blake.

Can I say how hot Reese is looking tonight and how nice it is that Root isn't around. I'm enjoying it going back to just Finch and Reese, although I feel bad for Fusco being cut out of the action.

Finch following Emma. Can't figure out why she's a number. Emma has a lot of press clippings about the trial. Finch and Reese think she may be planning something and lied to get on the jury.

Fusco calls Reese and says he's trying to track down his missing persons. Fusco says one of the missing persons may be connected to Elias. Reese tells Fusco to stay out of this.

Reese goes to see Iris. He says he'd like to keep talking about things that have happened. She says she knows Reese is not a cop. She wants to know who he really is.

Mr. Ward, who worked with Caroline, claims she was planning to divorce her husband. The defense attorney says Caroline was making her employees sick.

Reese and Finch see Emma text she doesn't if she can go through with this. They wonder if Emma is being forced to cooperate to when the person says she has no choice. A fellow juror has an allergic reaction when she's eating a sandwich with eggs in it. Finch thinks someone is trying to fix the trial.

Another alternate will take the poisoned juror's place. Finch thinks Chad Bryson has hired a fixer to mess with the jury. Zoe shows up. She thinks Reese is fixing the trial.

Zoe offers her help, despite Reese saying he doesn't need her help. Zoe tells her all the dirt she has on the jurors. Finch is not happy to see her. Zoe says she needs to get Finch ready to combat Emma saying she doesn't think Chad is guilty. She and Reese run Finch through his paces.

Zoe realizes Reese is interested in someone when he turns her down. She tells Reese whoever it is it won't last. She says she and Reese are just alike and they don't let people in, they're not built that way.

Reese goes to see Iris for a session. She asks Reese about his father. He says he lost his father when he was pretty young. She asks why Reese doesn't talk about any of the people he's lost. He says habits are there to protect you from life.

The jury is sent to deliberation. Emma wants to be the jury foreman. Finch, Reese and Zoe shocked that Emma is trying to convince everyone Chad is guilty because he's actually innocent. I thought he was innocent. What with Caroline's technological breakthrough, I wondered if maybe Samaritan had her killed for some reason. Is it possible her invention could be a threat to Samaritan?

Zoe thinks the fixer is the one who killed Chad. Finch now has to stall the jury and not convict Chad so he won't be convicted of a crime he didn't commit.

Harold is shocked when he sees Caroline's 5K system. The 5K cell towers could microwave people. Reese thinks Caroline was trying to call off the 5K deal and that's why she was killed. Reese thinks Dean Reston could be the killer.

The fixer releases a video of Chad and Caroline fighting to make him look guilty.

Emma finds a picture of Harold and a warning her to put a stop to this now or Harold's blood will be on her hands. She rips up the paper and throws it over the balcony. It looks like Emma is planning to jump and follow the pieces of paper down to the street below. Reese sends Finch a message using a laser pointer to get out on his balcony now.

Finch tries to get Emma to stop from jumping. He says he knows someone is using her to fix the trial. He says he'll help her do the same to stand up for what's right. She comes off the balcony.

Emma tells him that she found an envelope full of clippings and a cell phone telling her she must get on the jury. When a neighbor was nearly shot, she started cooperating. She was trying to stop people from getting hurt.

Zoe gives Reese an address to find the fixer. Reese realizes the fixer is on the jury with Finch and Emma. The Fixer comes after Finch, but Reese comes and beats the crap out of the gutless punk. The bastard almost falls off the balcony, but Reese saves him so he'll have to stand trial.

Zoe corners Ward as he's trying to make travel plans. Fusco comes behind him and arrests him. Zoe leaves telling Reese to not be a stranger. Fusco tells Reese to stop shoving him out. He knows he and Finch are trying to protect him because of what happened to Shaw, but it's his choice and he made it a long time ago. They don't get to decide for him.

Reese comes to see Iris again. His talk with Fusco seems to have had an effect. Reese says no matter what he does people die, so maybe it's time for some new habits.

The three missing people were tied to Elias. Dominique may be behind it. Reese says they can't bring anyone new in, but they can't do this alone. So Fusco is back in.

I don't think I've enjoyed an episode this much for a long time. It's because it was free of the annoying Root. I know her fans are yapping the show is nothing without her, but for me it's better without her in it.


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