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Personality of Individuals with Mercury in Leo

Updated on October 11, 2013

When Mercury is in Leo

Were you born when mercury was in Leo? No matter what people tell you, and no matter where your sun sign was when you were born, you might be surprised to hear that the location where mercury was at the exact time you were born also plays a big role in shaping your personality. For example, if you were born with your sun sign in Scorpio but your mercury in Sagittarius, this might explain the behavior aspects of yourself that do not abide with the Scorpio personality. In other words, there may be a lot of Sagittarius personality aspects in your character and it may not surprise you to find out that your mercury was in Sagittarius after all. This is why it is important to find out where your mercury happened to be located in the moment you were born.

Fiery Leo in Mercury

When the fire sign of Leo was where your Mercury happened to be located at the time you were born, your mind would be filled with passion. No matter what attracts Mercury in Leo’s attention, great concentration is immediately focused on this at that very moment it happened. As it occurs, the idea is energized and colourful language comes from your lips as you bring your thoughts to life and express yourself. This is inspiring to other people who witness it. In other words, your personality prefers drama over boredom, which is why as a speaker, you are truly riveting. When it comes to speaking in public, you truly excel. This includes painting a picture with words and performances in front of a live audience.

One of the planetary signs that are known to speak with authority and style is the Mercury in Leo. This is the reason why people think that this planetary sign acts like they know everything, but what they don't know is that Mercury in Leo just loves sharing the knowledge that they have with the people around them. They are known to have the talent when it comes to noticing the biggest picture, but they often miss some details. People under this planetary sign known to share the ideas that they have, for them to be able to send out the messages that they have to the people. This is mainly because they want the concepts to be elucidated to the people, and they want their ideas to impart everything that they have in mind. They are also known to be using goodwill and warmth of their personality when they are pursuing something or someone. On the other hand they have an ability to create statements that are broad and they can even summarize every fact that they have wholeheartedly. Sometimes when someone disagrees with them, they tend to see this as a form of disloyalty to them.

Emotional Aspects of Mercury in Leo

People who are under the Mercury in Leo planetary sign are known to have the ability to hold on to the opinions that they have, and they always stick the beliefs that they have. They are also known to be idealistic and this is the reason why they have an intellect that is good. Expressing themselves is never a problem to a Mercury in Leo, and this is the reason why being creative is definitely important to all of them. They are known to excel when it comes to representing themselves when it comes to style and drama. Whenever they speak they always make sure that they are enthusiastic and passionate about what they are talking about. This in return makes them successful in making the point to come across with a lot of people.

On the other hand, they tend to become overly sensitive at times when it comes to things that they do not consider as praise. This will make them appear very arrogant because of the detachment nature that they have. People who are born under the Mercury in Leo are known to be tied into their own ego and intellectual, which can sometimes cause difficulties when it comes to separating fiction from fact. This makes people think that they are being boastful, which they can really be at times. They can also become full of what they are and may need to be praised for every single thing that they can do. But most of the time they often deserve the admiration from the people around them, because of the things that they do. People under this planetary sign need to watch out for intolerance and pride that is false, as these things may ruin their relationship with other people. Another thing that you need to know is that they are known to be very stubborn, most especially when you come across them

Career of Mercury in Leo

People who are under the Mercury in Leo planetary sign are known to be very persuasive, wherein they always think that they can always sell the handiwork, ideas and even himself to anyone. The reason behind this is because they always make sure that they are putting their whole heart to everything that they do. They are also known to have a style that is distinctive, but there are times that they no longer want to be different to ensure that they are courting the obscurity that they have. They always want to be approved and understood, and will always find a way to ensure that the ideas that they have are presentable enough. People who are like this have an impression that they need to share every thought that they have, instead of keeping everything to themselves. They also love being appreciated by a lot of people, which is why showing them that you are appreciating them.

They also have the passion in telling stories because they have a developed sense when it comes to drama. They love speaking and performing in front of a crowd, because they consider this as their outlet when it comes to the creativity that they have. No matter what their purpose is, they always stick to it because they want everything to be as perfect as possible. Another thing that you need to know about Mercury in Leo is that they have the ability to become leaders because people are very inclined when it comes to following them through the charisma that they have.

Love and Sex for Mercury in Leo

For people who don't know the sign Leo is known to be the ruler of love, sex and romance, which is why when Leo is under Mercury, they will surely be always thinking about love. They are known to have a mind that is creative, wherein they always feel the need to express themselves. This is the reason why expecting them to be flamboyant when it comes to their style of communication is ideal. They are also known to have a body language that is definitely dramatic.

When it comes to sex, they will surely be showing you with a lot of compliments. They are also known to be generous when it comes to expressing and showing the feelings that they have for you in a verbal way. People who are under the Mercury in Leo planetary sign will definitely declare their affection on you, which is why a lot of people can easily fall in love with them. But of course they also want to be appreciated and adored by their partner.

These are some of the traits that you should be aware of with the people who are born under the planetary sign of Mercury in Leo. Now that you know most of their traits, you now know how you can treat them and handle them perfectly.


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