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Personality of a Virgo Child

Updated on October 17, 2014

Virgo Kids: August 23 - September 23

The 6th Zodiac sign, Virgo includes all kids born from August 23 to September 23. A desire for perfection and a knack for organization mark the personality of Virgo which can be seen even in toddlers. There are a few things to keep in mind when bringing up a child born under the sign of Virgo.

Attention to Detail

Two of the strongest characteristics of your Virgo child are attention to detail and common sense even from a younger age. You might find that your young one is saving her pocket money to buy some item he or she has been longing for or organising her toys while other kids spend their money without a second thought.

Impulsive is something your tiny Virgo won’t likely be. Rather the situation’s pros and cons would be measured by her before a decision is made. Children under the sign of Virgo are natural cautious and have very high standards so they can seem shy and picky. This is due to the fact that they like standing back and thinking about things before they throw their whole selves into it.

Natural Helpers

A helper by nature, your child when born under Virgo genuinely likes helping out and doing great things for the world and for the family. They like order and these qualities are what you should praise and encourage her form.

As a Virgo child’s parent, you will need to tone down the perfectionistic expectations your child may sometimes have. Remind them that good enough is sometimes OK. As much as you can build up their confidence, as your child may likely be overly modest and very self-critical.

Simple Pleasures

Assist your child in the enjoyment of simple life pleasures by enjoying nature together and getting outside. A family bike ride and a long walk is a great way of doing this. Routines at bedtimes, regular fun days and balanced meals are of great importance to your Virgo son or daughter who tends to worry a lot. Anything that creates relaxation lets your child stay cantered and calm.

Blue Feelings

Some little Virgos tend to have traits of a hypochondriac in time. This is most likely an outcome of their perfectionist desires. Plus, it gives theme excuses not to be at performance peaks one hundred per cent of the time. To prevent your young Virgo child from falling into this situation, make sure they know how to go through relaxation without feeling guilt. Especially the Virgo-born, these kids have a spirit that is naturally playful and helping them emphasize this can help them laugh at life’s niggling problems. Soon, they will be able to shrug off all the feelings of negativity which can result in a stressed out child. Keep telling your little Virgo that they are funny and how much you like seeing them happy and laughing. This makes their hearts light but also prevents them from rapidly growing up into miniature, serious adults.


Noted for their perfectionism, Virgo children are naturally meticulous and like having all things around them organized. Even if this is more notable in their adult counterparts, you can see them strive to be perfect at a young age. As a matter of fact, you may trust your little Virgo with chores to do before you leave for the store and find them still trying to do a perfect job when you arrive home. This kind of dedication and industriousness are qualities worth praising. These children sometimes have the belief that they need to be perfect to be loved. Unlike Aries or Leo children, they don’t take the love of their parents for granted. For this reason, it is a good idea to let your child born under the sign of Virgo know that they don’t have to be perfect and even when they are not on the top of any lists, you love them the same. Let them know this periodically without dismissing their natural talent for being meticulous and working hard.

Detail Oriented Kids

The nature of being meticulous is an asset that almost every kid born under the sign of Virgo possesses. You may find your child putting together complicated models of airplanes or elaborate jigsaw puzzles that normally are for older kids. When they grow up to be adults, they will tend to examine every minute detail of a task and go in the heart of all issues. This trait is coupled with loving organization. You will most likely never see a child born under this sign with an overflowing closet or a messy room. Make sure that your child has their own space that is personal that they can maintain and keep clutter-free especially when siblings are sharing rooms. Surrounding your child with this type of organization is a big deal for your little Virgo. The disadvantage of a nature this meticulous is that it can develop into personalities that are workaholic especially when your child is not brought up to understand the balance that there needs to be with leisure and work. Your child born under this sign may just put the commitments of their profession first compared to all every aspect of life. No play and all work make a dull child as the saying goes. As parents, make sure that along with activities that are goal-oriented and with studies, your child spends loads of time outside enjoying herself on a swing or throwing a ball. Once they have a balance that is healthy between recreation and work, they are set to become fulfilled, empathetic and productive kids.

Inquiring Minds

Kids born under the sign of Virgo love studying every little thing that surrounds them. As parents, you can provide your child with lots of praise, positive feedback, learning tools and books. Children under the sign of Virgo seem especially efficient at learning a new language even if their facilities that are verbal are different from a Gemini child’s. Virgo kids also have grounded, practical natures associated with their Earth element.


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    • kereeves3 profile image

      Karen 4 years ago from Salem, OR

      I'm a Virgo, and this Hub is essentially me in a nutshell! Very interesting.