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PhilPop English Songs by Filipino Composers

Updated on January 31, 2016
music notes | Yngve Bakken Nilsen
music notes | Yngve Bakken Nilsen | Source

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Phillippine Popular Music Festival

It is a fact that Filipinos have a big share in making foreign artists and their songs hit big time in the country. Attending concerts is a must, like seeing, listening to them in person is a big fulfillment.

While a huge following on foreign acts goes on, there is actually a growing trend of local artists showing forth their own twists in Filipino music.

Philippine Popular Music Festival (PhilPop) is an annual songwriting competition recognizing pure Filipino talent and artistry in creating music. It started in 2012 and since then has made a mark in instilling appreciation, enthusiasm, and passion for Original Pinoy Music (OPM) among the new breeds of Filipino singers, composers, and musicians of this generation, for this generation.

PhilPop music is home-grown music going mainstream as well, much like all American pop songs going viral everywhere.

Here are some of the top English compositions that may also catch your liking for a particular genre of music, lyrics, and its message:

Slowdancing by Kennard Faraon

Performer: Nyoy Volante

"How did I get such an angel with me tonight . . ."

Introduction sets the slow dancing, fairy tale sort of mood right played on piano in a waltz tempo. It is a moment when a guy dances with her lady one special night - a night he will remember even after the night is over. It is when time seemingly slows down not caring what surrounds both of them at the moment. It is a dream come true for a man who holds an angel in his arms and longs for a kiss, a man who gives up everything on the line.

3 AM by Keiko Necesario

Performer: Marie Digby

"I'm just writing a song about everything that you are to me . . . I don't know if you know about what you do to me . . ."

It is a bubbly song about a girl who bumps with this guy and suddenly he makes her days happy but he does not know yet. She finds a special friend in him, wishes they both stay together this way, her being so comfortable around him. Deep inside she longs far more than a friendship and since in her mind they both click, it is a good start. This guy somehow notices her admiration so he goes with the flow of them seeing and getting to know each other more.

Time Machine by Kennard Faraon

Performer: Six Part Invention

"I wanna go back when I called you mine all the time, every smile and every moment, if only I had a time machine . . . "

A long relationship ends but regrets keep them coming back to what they were before. Time makes them realize how important they meant to each other, but painfully, too, how they both gave it all up. Perhaps, it is the petty misunderstandings over small things or silly jealousy every now and then which triggered a decision they did not want after all. They miss each other so much it hurts. if they could have done better at the time they made a mistake, then they would be no heartache. Is there a chance of them getting back together?

Sometimes That Happens by Nino Regalado and Adrienne Sarmiento - Buenaventura

Performer: Ace Libre

"Sometimes love just has to end, crystal dreams shatter, wish we could make amends. I'm not the prince, I know you're not my princess . . . "

Couples expect their love will lasts forever with their future plans already set, but along the way the spark slowly fades away until it is no longer working out. A partner has to end the relationship and move on to find that someone who will fill in the void. It is better this way than pretend or play games for the sake of the years spent together. It is better to be honest, to let go, and to choose friendship more than bitterness, anger, and resentment. Acceptance, while it is hard, makes it worthwhile for both of them until they grow in love again with someone else. Moments turn into memories that will remain a part of who they are and will be.

Qrush On You by Knowa Lazarus and Flava Matikz

Performers: Jay-R | Elmo Magalona | Q-York

"I don't need money. I don't need much. All I need is you in my heart. Baby don't worry, I'll never give up. I want you to know I've got a crush on you . . . "

It is an upbeat, playful, courting song - with a scratch of rap in between the lines - about a guy having a super crush on a special girl next door. It means the world to him to have her on a date, be around her all day, and hopefully everyday once he gets a "Yes, I have a crush on you, too" answer. Somewhat a fast forward jump from crush to love but since the guy is going crazy over her, it is just the same. Expressive of his feelings, he is not stopping until the girl realizes it while hoping she gives him a chance. Is there no difference at all between crushing on someone and loving someone? Or, it all starts with a crush turning into love?

Song on a Broken String by Jude Gitamondoc and Therese Marie Villarante

Performer: Nicole Laurel Asensio

"And nothing anyone can say can break my spirit now . . . nothing anyone can do can ever bring me down. No, I won’t let me down . . ."

It is an empowering song most appropriate to ladies who feel misunderstood, those who are a bit lost following and listening to what others dictate them while ignoring what they really want and who they want to be. It is about a woman who had her share of ups and down that left her broken and scared. Tired of it all, this time she swears not to let others judgment stop her from pursuing her dreams. If they don't believe in her, then she must believe in herself all the more. It is not about pleasing others just to be liked but standing independently, ready for the inevitable blows and hardships on the way. She insists on writing her own story not someone else's opinion about her.

The Only One by Popsie San Pedro

Performer: Thor Dulay

"I'd never thought I would love this much . . . never gave my heart and soul, now I wanna give my all. You're the only one I'm living for . . ."

Somewhat a high-pitched song from start to finish, the composer's approach fits in what should be a strong desire to love that someone forever after finally having found her or him. So the saying goes that true love waits. How many more believe in a prudent love like this? It is love completely shared to only one. Imagine how intense it is, full of passion and eagerness to bear all the sacrifices for the luckiest woman or man out there. Is it your soul mate? For love, it is said, is not only about two bodies becoming one but two souls united as one - and its fruit, a child, reflects that bond.

Edge of the World by Johannes Daniel

Performers: Josh Padilla | Yassi Pressman

"Done with all the world says I can't do, I'm stepping up. And after everything I've been through, I'm digging up dreams I had from my childhood. I'm living it up and make the most like I should . . ."

Now, this one is an energetic, lively song to get you grooving all the way. It brings that extra push to decide and act on the things that matter most to you ever since instead of dragging oneself to work trapped in a four corners of a room. It is getting out there, breathing, daring, and living a life doing what lifts you up and makes you feel alive. Run to an exciting and adventurous life, away from the noise which only drowns out the voice within you. Find yourself giving the best and share it with like-minded folks.

For The Rest Of My Life by Ned Esguerra

Performer: Side A

"I believe that our love is real. It's in the way you make me feel. All that I know is that deep down inside I could never never never love another . . ."

Here is an enchanting, mellow, romantic song Michael Bublé would probably sing, too, if he gets to hear this. It is a serenade of a groom to his long-awaited bride, a promise of commitment and loyalty until death do they part. Bride and groom takes center stage swaying along to the song. Sweet. Guys can love like this, and women can feel so loved and special this way. Believe in the magic of two people falling in love with each other, having frequent dates as husband and wife, and seeing them holding hands still in their old age. Do not be so close-minded and doubtful because there are such couples who exist. True love lasts.

I Owe You My Heart by Melvin Morallos

Performer: Anja Aguilar

"I need you. I love you. I give you my heart . . ."

It is in the unexpected moments, often in quiet observation, when a particular person catches someone's attention against all the rest. She or he comes without really saying a lot of words, just a surprising, silent presence. Life then changes and takes on a new meaning with a heart ready to love that person wholeheartedly. Man needs a woman, a woman longs for her man. Having found each other, there are two less lonely people in the world once more. No more lingering emptiness because they have each other through thick and thin. Love protects and nurtures both heart and soul.

© 2016 chelle


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