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The Truth Behind Magazine Photos

Updated on December 20, 2010

The majority of woman in America have one thing in common: they're unhappy with some part of their body. Why? because the media tells them to be. The one thing people don't seem to grasp is that no one is perfect. Celebrities may appear to be perfect in their photos, but they're just people like you and I. Photo retouching is exactly what makes these people look like optical illusions. I am not personally a professional by any means. I have dabbled with photo retouching for years now. So, I retouched this photo to prove what I am talking about. As I said, I am not a professional. But if someone like me can drastically change an image so much, imagine what a professional can do.

What I am trying to say is that you should love your body. Everyone has imperfections, and everyone has flaws. Don't set the goals too high for perfection. The truth is, its just not going to happen. The amount of retouching that woman in magazines get is uncanny. From thinning, to skin smoothing, to make up-- it is possible to completely be transformed. Woman put unrealistically high expectations on their bodies, and don't even realize that there is no way to actually get there. Don't be fooled by photo retouching, love yourself just the way you are.

Of course I personally have things about my physical appearance that I'd like to change. However, I won't beat myself up over it. I know that no one is perfect. However, I also know that if I want to change something for the better, only I can do that. Its important to embrace and love the person that you are, and don't put too high of standards above your head. I mean come on, being 5'8, 110lbs is just unrealistic. If you're born with that gift, well great for you. But I am sure you've still got some flaws. This is one of the main stems of people with eating disorders, and body issues. Trying to live up to unrealistic expectations which center around control.

Don't beat yourself up over what isn't real. Beauty isn't an illusion, it is something that we all posses within ourselves.


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