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Pig Sty of the Oprah - A Daisy May Musical

Updated on November 3, 2016
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Mohan is a family physician, film and TV aficionado, a keen bibliophile and an eclectic scribbler with an interest in etymology.


Pig Sty does Opera in Oprah

Man in the Can turned Rapper P-Sty astonished the music world and his fans today on the Oprah Winfrey show. He spoke candidly about his chartbusting Platinum record Yo Daisy- May and how it was inspired by his relationship with his ex Daisy May.

He charted the ups and downs of his love life that inspired his latest venture. With his friend and collaborator Docmo, he appeared on the Oprah show to promote his new Redneck Musical ' Pig Sty of the Oprah'.

"Ah been dun wrong, Oprah. Ah shone nuthin but lurve for mah gurl Daisy Mae. But she's shone nuthin but spite"

Oprah asked him why he still carries a torch for his girl even though she has been slandering him in the tabloids.

"Ah ain't got no torch, Oprah. I do have a torch App on mah Ah-phone, Mah gurl has bin hurtin' - Ah hope this Moosikel shows her how much ah gone and loved her"

Oprah said that Daisy Mae has hooked up with the Mayor and that the couple have recently announced that they are getting married.

In a rare moment of emotional honesty, P-Sty showed tears in his eyes. " I gone written this song for her Oprah. I gone and poured mah emoshun all in this one. Ah hope one way or n'other this stops the rot. Cuz Oprah, that gurl shore knows Ahm inside her mahnd"

Daisy May  plays a Musical
Daisy May plays a Musical | Source

'Pig Sty of the Oprah'

(Sing to the tune of 'The Phantom of the Opera theme song - apologies to Musical lovers everywhere)

Daisy Mae:

Pig Sty darn sang to me

Don’t mean no thang to me

Darn voice sum pain to me, Fool shouts mah name

An’ I gon dun dreamed agin and lordy now I find

The Pig Sty of the Oprah is there

Insahd mah mahnd


Sing once agin wit me

Our courtin’ song

Mah power over yer darn stronger babe

An’ tho you call me a zit on yer butt an’ don’ preshate me

The Pig Sty of the Opera is there

Insahd yer mahnd

Daisy Mae:

Folk who have seen yer face

Gone dun been sick

And them thongs you wear…


Ah’ve lost a few….


Yer/My spirit and mah voice in one combahned

The Pig Sty of the Oprah is there

Insahd yer Mahnd


He’s the Pig Sty of the Oprah...

Daisy Mae:

Stinkin’ Pig Sty of the Oprah


Ah made them kids with yer

Ahm there pappy

Ah even darn gone and changed

Thar stinkin’ nappy

Daisy Mae:

Don't care bout their Pappy

Mah Mayer makes em happy


An’ in this redneck shack

Where ya drink yerself blind

The Pig Sty of the Opera

Is there/here inside yer/mah mahnd...


Sing, mah angel of moosic!

Sing, mah angel of moosic!


-Mohan Kumar-

Daisy May goes pumpin'
Daisy May goes pumpin' | Source

© 2012 Mohan Kumar


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