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Why You Must Watch 'Pink'-The Most Discussed Hindi Movie in Recent Times?

Updated on October 20, 2016

What makes 'Pink' a movie worth discussing?

The plot of 'Pink' is set in Delhi. Where does the identity of an ordinary woman stand In a complex city with people of various financial, political and social echelons where power games are conceived and law and order is exploited to meet selfish purposes? In a world where we boast of empowering women to move their status at par with men, what lies actually in the brains of men and how does a man like Rajveer (The villain) behave once his manly vanity full of meanness for women is exposed? Pink is a special film in the sense that it has been talked about even in those circles which do not consider cinema as an instrument of change. But post Pink, it has definitely been established once again that cinema has more roles to play than only being entertainment material.

This movie is one which leaves a trail. It's a food for thought. I found opinions both in support and against the main theme cast in the film. But this is what makes the movie stand in a different league. You are bound to have an opinion. You can't go empty.

How long will the law and order keep getting flouted by the incumbents of powerful thrones, when will frequent demeaning of women's prestige stop and who will come to save us from all this? Pink answers everything. Nonetheless, it leaves many questions.

Pink did not take off in style

Though 'Pink' created waves ever since its first promo trailer went live the movie was not much talked about until the first shows opened on the big screens. But as the movie took off the viewers began discussing the events in the movie. The scenes were dark, scary and most of all touching. Every scene connected to the audience. 'Edge of the seat' editing, brilliant performance by actors, a captivating direction and a blood-chilling, mysterious, hither-to-unknown acting spell by Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary Thespian of the Indian cinema ensured that your back bone never sagged till the end.

The day I saw 'Pink' I was watching a TV news channel in the evening. The well known journalist Ravish Kumar of NDTV was conducting a talk show where all the actors of 'Pink' had been invited to answer the queries raised by the audience. I could indeed feel the audience's reaction to the movie through that programme only.

Most sought for answers included the rights of women, double standards for girls, patriarchal bias in Indian society and safety of working women. I clearly felt that even the actors, director and producer had also been taken by surprise at the success of the film. Watch this clip to feel the pulse of the public.

A quick view of public reaction on PINK

PINK, the tale

Mind that 'Pink' is not just another story that you forget having watched it and sleep in peace. Believe me I did not sleep well the night I watched 'Pink' and if you don't believe me just go and watch it.

The script starts with a taxi carrying three girls who are as scared as goats in a slaughterhouse. One of the girls Meenal has just hit an influential politician's son on face with a whisky bottle in self defence against an attempted molestation. And the events that follow do not only give you goosebumps but force your palms close into a fist. The girls are followed at every step, every walk of their lives, in their offices, in public restaurants, on streets and just everywhere.

Power plays with law and order, arm twists it whenever required and enjoys the results too. If you have any belief in law and order you will be pained to see how a politician's son, armed with his henchmen, casts a spell of terror to twist the court case in his favour.

But then comes hope, in the form of Deepak Sehgal (The retired lawyer). Deepak has only an ailing wife who is lying on death bed and the lawyer himself is suffering from bipolar disorder. The script writer and director have created hope in a miraculously peculiar way. The viewers feel that Deepak has nothing left to live a meaningful life in this world. But the Phoenix rises from its ashes. Deepak Sehgal, fighting against a deadly disease and having lost his wife, rises for the sake of humanity. He would fight the battle against the poisonous serpents of fear. What if death has taken away his wife and what if life has given him a polluted environment, a discriminatory society and a contaminated milieu to dwell in.

Deepak fights it out in the court and comes out triumphant. The lone guard of humanity outweighs those playing with power and misusing norms to exploit the weak.

The movie is a big step in showing that if a true soldier of justice and mankind fights for a cause he/ she can do wonders even if the situation is adverse. Neither the three victimized girls track back nor the lawyer gives up. Injustice, double standards and power bow ultimately to a single truth. And that is " No one can or is allowed to demean the prestige of a woman without her consent. A 'No' means 'No'.

Face off with the actors and producer and other crew members of PINK

How many stars out of 5 do you give to PINK?

See results

The discussions that followed

A mention must be made of the mind-waves that have been created by this film. It is really unprecedented in many senses. I had never heard people discussing a movie issue so seriously. And serious it is. The series of rape and molestation events which Delhi has been witnessing in recent times is a 'never before' kind of aspect. It's not a mere 'law and order' matter.

Though most of it is a 'law and order' matter yet I'll say the masses have to contribute to improve on the issue that the movie 'Pink' focusses on. First of all, if a matter is not reported to police and law how's it all going to stop? Second, as also the lawyer points out in the movie, the parents must teach their sons that dignity of women is a serious matter and must be taken care of at any cost. They must also be made aware of the consequences that may follow in case somebody breaks the breach of this decorum. That is, prestige of the female gender is an ethical as well as a binding issue.

I was following up questions and answers on the public forum QUORA in respect of the film 'Pink' and I was in fact overwhelmed by the way people wanted to ask and know about many of the issues raised in the movie.

A member had a query regarding whether he should take his 12 year old daughter to watch pink. My answer was he should not. This I thought was too tender an age to watch a complex movie like 'Pink'. Besides, the child may get instilled with a wrong notion about the genders. First a child should be allowed to grow up under normal circumstances. Only after attaining a proper age we may teach our children about the injustice, discrimination, the cautions to be taken in unethical and immoral surroundings.

Even the minutest details in the scenes are being queried. For example, in a tense court scene lawyer Deepak Sehgal asks Rajveer, the main convict to take out his hands from his pocket. A member in the discussion forum queried about this also, " Why Amitabh Bachchan asks the convict to take out his hands from his pocket?" And yes this is a valid question. When such a serious issue is going on and his honour, the Lord of justice is hearing, how can you insert your hands in your pocket? Are you bigger than law of the land? This is a question, sure enough.

Then why Amitabh Bachchan followed the girls, what happened to Meenal when she was kidnapped etc. etc.The curiosity, the bafflement, the intrigue and the reaction of the public are unparalleled.

My Prediction of 'Pink'

I think and I wish 'Pink' should be India's nomination for the 'Oscar'. And who knows it could win the 'Oscar' too. It has the qualities of being original, innovative, gripping and above all giving a message to the society. Besides, editing, dialogues and the background score are top notch. Wish you all the best 'Pink'.


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