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Pixars Blueprint- What they teach our children.

Updated on June 1, 2011

With every great producing company, director or actors, there are blueprints to follow. Clint Eastwood does westerns and police films, Will Smith does super hero and end of the world films, Adam Sandler does comedy. Sticking to these blue prints has allowed for these actors to perfect their work and become legends. Some production companies do the same thing: Bad Robot made their fame with science fiction shows as Disney did it with “magic” and stories of fairy tales. As the new age of technology begin to engulf the world, Disney old tricks of animation wasn’t going to hold up, that is when Pixar a technological branch of Disney was developed. When looking at Pixar, their blueprint to success might be the easiest of them all. Every movie that has been created follows the same common theme, without friends you will never succeed.

Looking at Finding Nemo, Cars, and Wall–E it is apparent that they have very different stories, different atmosphere settings and even different character subjects, but the one constant is the main character in each film could not have succeeded without the help of friends.


Finding Nemo

In Pixar’s film Finding Nemo it was evident throughout the entire film that to succeed at anything you must trust in others and have friends. This movie takes place in the ocean and all the characters are talking fish. The movie begins by showing Marlin and his soon to be giant happy family of over 400 eggs living on the reef, his family gets attacked and all that’s left is him and one lonely damaged egg. The egg becomes Nemo, Marlin’s only surviving child. Nemo always fighting adversity and trying to prove himself to his friends and to his father, Nemo swims out to a boat past the reef only to get swept up and tossed into a dentist office fish tank with a few other fish from the “Big Blue” who is trying to escape as well.

Just the way that Marlin meets his companion Dory, is unique, in the sense that she happened to be in the right place at the right time, but yet has short term memory loss, which is a pun of ideas seeing that most small ocean life have a memory span of just a few seconds. Almost as to say Dory is really normal, since all fish have a short memory span. As reluctant as Marlin is to have Dory’s help and is constantly arguing with her and blaming her for everything, in every main event Dory saves Marlin. Showing that even good friends argue and might have differences, they can still be friends. Then Marlin see’s a pair of goggles that have the address of where Nemo is written on them, but Marlin can’t read, fortunately he had his friend Dory there that could read to help him out.


As the movie continues Marlin sees how free spirited and outgoing Dory is about life, although he doesn’t understand it, he accepts it. Marlin and Dory then get trapped in a giant field of jellyfish and make it a race to get clear, when Dory doesn’t make it out Marlin goes racing back in to save her, getting himself stung in the process. This part of the movie shows that friends don’t leave friends behind, no matter what even if you might get in trouble or hurt by saving them. Marlin wakes up and realizes he is traveling on the EAC (Eastern Atlantic Current) which is imitating the United States interstate. Marlin finds Dory playing with kids and begins to understand that if you don’t live life then it will just past you by. Dory almost died and yet she is playing with kids she doesn’t even know. The EAC travelers also show Marlin that children need to learn from their own mistakes. Not only has Marlin only made it this far because of help from Dory, he also has learned life lessons.

The story of Nemo also resides around friends helping each other, Nemo is the only one that is small enough to clog the filter, but when he does, he almost gets sucked up and the other fish in the tank save him. Toward the end of the movie his friends risk their lives to save Nemo. As Nemo is laying dying on an operational pan, one is able to launch himself out of the tank to catapult Nemo into the sink drain which in turns leads him back to the ocean. In fact, Dory found Nemo and got him back to his father, Marlin. This once again shows that friends are important to be successful.

Cars 2 Trailer


Cars which was created by Pixar is also a very interesting take on life with the help of friends. All the characters in this film are talking vehicles, and it takes place on earth. Lightning McQueen is a new young rookie that possesses raw racing talent, and all he wants is to be the next Dinoco sponsored racer. Lightning McQueen in the beginning of the movie is selfish, stubborn and believes everyone is there for him. As he is traveling to the final race for the Piston Cup, his truck falls asleep and Lightning McQueen falls out the back. In a desperate attempt to find his way, he ends up in Radiator Springs where he tears up the street. It’s a classic tale of big city living ending up in a little country town. Much like Marlin in Finding Nemo, Lightning McQueen didn’t want any help and was constantly pushing the town folk away.

Lightning McQueen begins to repair the damaged road and he meets Sally, and Mator the towns tow truck. Although Mator isn’t very bright he makes McQueen laugh and they begin to have fun. Mator and McQueen go tractor tipping and teach each other different things. Much like Marlin, McQueen is beginning to realize there is more to life than simply racing. Sally teaches him to relax and just enjoy life. McQueen begins his stay as a prisoner doing community service but then falls in love with the town and he finds out “Doc” is actually the Hudson Hornet, a famous race car in the 60’s. McQueen learns from him and decides to help the town out by doing little things to make everyone feel better, getting the town back to its heyday. McQueen understands that people just need a little help, and he begins to change his ways of being selfish. It helps that McQueen begins to like Sally and the two begin to flirt in a weird automobile way.


The “Doc” reports where McQueen is because he can see a lot of himself in McQueen, and believes that he is just going to hurt the town. The truth is that Hudson still blames the racing for hurting his feelings and is almost racist, or automobilist toward McQueen and his kind. McQueen finally makes it to his race where the whole town of Radiator Springs comes to be his pit crew. Showing that they are now all friends and they are there to support him in his time of need. McQueen comes into the final lap in the lead simply due to what he had learned from Hudson and the town. The third place driver Chicks Hicks runs Strip “The King” Weathers off the track causing a horrific wreck. McQueen stops the race and goes back for Weathers due to the fact that he knew he was going to retire and he wanted him to finish his last race. McQueen gave up his dream to help his friend cross the finish line. Going back to helping friends at all cost.


Wall–E was approached differently by Pixar, although it had the same constant as all of Pixar’s films, it was futuristic and involved humans and robots. Wall–E represents an older model tossed aside robot that is very repetitive and old fashion. He is very lonely and is desperately looking for companionship. They producers make this evident by the old film he watches in the first ten minutes, which also does not have any dialogue, which given the audience a very quick idea about the life of the main character. Fortunately for Wall–E he finds living life on earth which has been abandoned for many years, which in turns sends EVE his way. EVE is a new age robot, and Wall–E is very interested in her, acting like a child with a crush he follows EVE around the planet and then to outer space. Wall–E shows EVE how he has been and teaches her things about the planet. Although she is not impresses for she can do three times as much as her she is impressed with how hard he tries and his normal demeanor.


When she leaves the planet to go back to the ship in space where the last humans have allowed themselves to become lazy on technology, which is showing the way that our society is headed, the a technology that helped create this film is the same that might end us. They begin fighting against the robot ship and EVE and Wall–E save each other numerous times and in turn get the humans to realize what they are doing and return back to Earth to clean up there mess. Even when EVE was facing execution and being turned to scrap metal she did the right thing and helped Wall–E. Wall–E and EVE when they return to earth rejoice in being back and hold hands. It is apparent that the companionship was mutual in their movements, they were proud of their accomplishments and now Wall–E would never have to leave again.

By analyzing Pixar films you can see they repeatedly teach you life lesson’s and show you what having a good friend can do. They often show you that you will meet friends in unusual places and ways. Every single one of Pixar’s films holds the concept of helping a friend in need and that you will never get far in life without good friends to help you along.


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