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Plastic Surgery Plots in Ten Classic Sitcoms

Updated on March 26, 2020

An Accidental Surgery Transforms Springfield's Most Famous Wife


One of the many services victimized by the novel coronavirus was plastic surgery, a no-brainer considering the close contact required by such procedures. Any enhancement or tuck or reduction will have to wait until the scare ends, which appears to be at least eight weeks away.

How ironic that, on the very day our governor announced the suspension of all plastic surgery, one of my favorite sitcom characters happened to be contemplating the idea of getting some body work done. As I finished watching that rerun, and many others because of our state-wide lockdown, I began to recall other sitcoms in which a regular character either considered or actually underwent plastic surgery.

1. Growing Pains
Carol (portrayed by Tracey Gold) orders a nose job with the money she won in a radio contest.

2. The Simpsons
Marge accidentally gets breast enhancements which, while Homer and the men of Springfield ogle with delight, she finds to be insufferable. In a later episode Moe the bartender gets a complete makeover and becomes a ladies man, only to revert back to his former unattractive state.

3. Seinfeld
After encouraging her to get a nose job, George's girlfriend subsequently dumps him after the procedure. In a different episode Jerry is unconvinced by Elaine's assertion that his girlfriend's breasts are fake, until an accident in the sauna provides her with first hand proof, literally.

4. Friends
Rachel Green (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston) had a nose job which was discussed thoroughly in "The One with the Prom Video."

5. New Girl
Cece (portrayed by Hannah Simone) wanted to have a breast reduction, but Schmidt talked her out of it.

6. The Golden Girls
In "Whose Face Is It Anyway?" Dorothy (portrayed by Beatrice Arthur) discloses the fact that Rose (portrayed by Betty White) once had a nose job.

7. Family Guy
After failing to lose weight by dieting or exercising, Peter Griffin opts for liposuction so that "He's Too Sexy For His Fat."

8. The Office
Dunder Mifflin office manager Michael Scott (portrayed by Steve Carrel) finds himself blissfully rid of girlfriend/boss Jan Levenson (portrayed by Makita Diane Gardin) until she returns having been given a breast enhancement.

9. The New Adventures of Old Christine
In "Beauty Is Only Spanx Deep," feeling as if she is searching for dates out of her league, the title character (portrayed by Julie Louis Dreyfus) considers undergoing plastic surgery.

10. The Big Bang Theory
Leonard (portrayed by John Mark Galecki) schedules plastic surgery to fix his nose in an episode appropriately titled "The Septum Deviation."


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