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All about Dawn | Pokemon Pokedex

Updated on October 14, 2011
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Dawn - Pokemon Girl

Dawn , with her pokemon piplip by her side engaging in a battle.
Dawn , with her pokemon piplip by her side engaging in a battle.


Dawn is a hyper-active eager girl who has started on her Pokémon journey. Coming from a family of pokemon co-ordinators, with her mother being the champ at the Grand Festival, Dawn has her heart set on following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a fabulous Pokémon Co-ordinator in the Pokémon Super Contests. She quickly befriends a Piplup who becomes her best friend while searching for a Chimchar that had escaped from the lab. While looking for this Chimchar she quickly runs into Ash after finding Pikachu. Pikachu at the time was running to escape from Team Rocket. Dawn then decided to join Ash on his journey through Sinnoh. However, like Ash, Dawn does seem to be overconfident of herself and her abilities as a trainer which could lead to some rough times.

Dawn is also the female character you can choose from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and from Pokemon White and Pokemon Black. Her male counterpart in the game is Lucas.

Dawn's Quickstats

Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Blue
Trainer Class
Videogame Playable

Dawn Pokemon

All the pokemon Dawn has acquired tend to be cute and small like her starter, Piplup.

Dawn, being a new trainer with lack of experience, sometimes has some rough times on how to deal with her Pokémon properly. Now and again she is seen bickering with Piplup.

Dawn currently has a few pokemon:

Dawn relaxing with her Piplip.
Dawn relaxing with her Piplip.

Dawn's Piplip ♂

Piplip is a cute little pokemon. This is a perfect match for Dawn, seeing both are young, inexperienced, and needless to say cute. Piplip and Dawn tend to argue with each other a lot, just like Ash and his Pikachu in the original series.

Buneary owned by Dawn.
Buneary owned by Dawn.

Dawn's Buneary ♀

Buneary is all about girl power. This little cute pokemon ended up being captured by Dawn. Stronger then it appears it already knows powerful abilities such as ice beam. This Buneary is special though, as it appears to have a crush on Pikachu.

Pachirisu owned by Dawn.
Pachirisu owned by Dawn.
Dawn pokemon Quilava
Dawn pokemon Quilava

Dawn's Pachirisu

Pachirisu is a little electric squirrel that had problems with Dawn's other pokemon. Its loving and caring but had a few issues to overcome before it was able to get along.

Dawn's Quilava

Quilava is a cute fire type pokemon that brings Dawn the ability to win most of her fights. Quilava overall seems to be higher leveled then her other pokemon and a key player in her team.

Dawn Togakiss
Dawn Togakiss

Dawn's Togekiss ♀

Togekiss is a funny little girl who isnt seem much in the anime. Not much is known about Togekiss.


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    • profile image

      Pokefan~* 2 years ago

      I agree with you little ZAREEN ^^.... I'm also very fond of Misty..... B-But Dawn is one of my favorite too^^...... Hehehe..... Btw, thanks for the biography....

    • profile image

      Zareen. 3 years ago

      Dawn is a cute girl. But I like misty very much. I thing at first she really loved ash very much. But ash love misty very much. Dawn did not get her first love. But then luckly she got a pair. I thing she should thank the writter of pokemon.