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Politics goes Hollywood: Pollywood

Updated on December 19, 2011


“Men heap together the mistakes of their lives,

and create a monster they call destiny.”

                    John Hobbes

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The Political parties have taken their positions. This is how it appears to be playing out. The Dems went with a team of two Senators. The the status quo Washington type, and the potential POTUS is a fresh, young, innovative, and somewhat analytical Presidential candidate.

Senator Obama possesses charisma and oratory skills. When combined with eloquent prose, his delivery provides inspirational speech, which exudes a positive message of hope and empathy. He presents a likable,watchable and listenable quality essential in today’s Political Hollywood Bowl election coverage. Casting Call worked its magic...

To suggest it was a circus environment would be hyperbolic. Correct me where I am wrong, but I see many clowns, and with politicians being the "Masters of illusion", they continue to make family finances vanish, Consumer economics a fading memory, and the middle class disappear.


Yea thats about right...

Wag The Dog

There’s elephants and jackasses espousing nonsensical jargon; spinning away reality faster than one can say, “ I’m gonna Vesuvius.” Ya know...Thank God I don't see a Ringmaster, I’d be convinced we're in under the Big Top; but if that wasn't enough, do we have a treat in store for you!

As always, to be discerningly objective, one must examine both sides. The Republicans choose to lead with an established maverick, which personally I consider oxymoronic, and in the hole a young, fresh, ambitious, yet unvetted and inexperienced relative unknown V.P. Topdog candidate.

Relatively a stranger to not only DC, but the Continental U.S., Sarah Palin hails as Governor from the great state of Alaska. Soundman cue the circus music please, its official, it's show time at the Pollywood Bowl.

On this day of September 4, 2008, CNBC discussed the value of the latest contestant throwing her hat in the Center Ring. Speaking of the model candidate, Donny D. took it a step further through concession, he had glazed over when the broad spoke of the Republican energy plan. Whatever drill your oil well Mr. D.

On behalf of every non-homosexual male on the planet, thanks for that Donny. I wouldn't argue the point, but it's a Vegas slam dunk that’s observation will come home to roost. The saving grace was Erin Burnett; CNBC anchor, took it a step further, spelling it out ..."starts with M, ends with F".

If you’ve listened to Howard Stern, the answer is MILF and wait for it, that is indeed a Ringmaster I see… If memory serves correctly, the dynamics of the Kennedy-Nixon debate was the precursor to the present Pollywood daze.

Therefore, the Republican's plan to stay in the White House consists of using Primal instinct as a tactic to abscound with the disenfranchised Hillary vote.

Prior to the unveiling of the Republican V.P.candidate, the nation held their collective breath prognosticating whether Bush was planning a Pay Per View event rivaled only in ancient Rome with live coverage of the public execution of Osama Bin Laden.

OK I realize I’ve adopted a hyperbolic disposition, but this is healthy American skepticism, one which Americans can relate to. Tell me honestly; if the proceeds of the PPV event were used to fund a discount window open to the public,the people would have a viable solution to Jamie Dimon's 32 % Loan shark Credit card scam. In a word ...Pathetic

This election is about prognosticating personalities that flirt with an ethical line concerned more with Party politics then National unity. It's disconcerting when I see an orange tuxedo instead of an orange jumpsuit enter the Ring. My concern accelerates when the primary talking points dicate an issue 10 years out. Meanwhile on a daily basis Americans are being foreclosed.

Finally I’m convinced when I ask the question; who is the V.P. candidate for the Democratic Party?

This is the point where skepticism turns into cynicism; The point the country is stuck in the mud.

Donny, due respect; but there is imperilment via taking the leap from Camelot to Caligula. Granted an entertaining circus act and the possibility of Le Coliseum in the great state of the Roman empire. The day Hyperbolic Political Hollywood rules the day, which is approaching not abating, is the day the “Tail Wags the Dog!”

Won't you join us?

Enjoy the Show.

Congressional Leaders primary objective is

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