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Poltergeist!! The Movie,the Myth, the Legacy

Updated on August 12, 2010

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 Now I am sure we all know the story line but just in case here is a quick summary "In her family's suburban home, ghosts begin communicating with five-year-old Carol Anne through the static on the television screen. At first the spirits seem to be friendly, but using the television as their portal to enter the house, they kidnap Carol Anne. As her desperate family tries to rescue the little girl, they are terrorized by the ghosts and their the demonic leader,"

When this movie was relased I was very young and finally when it came out on video my Dad went and picked it up the night it came out. He put on the movie and I watched with my eyes as far wide open as i could get them, of course with the occasional hiding my head in a pillow during particular scary moments.haha. This movie has stood the test of time and will forever be remembered as one of the great horror films. Without fancy effects (since this was made in the early 80's) this movie was able to send chills up my spine and can still do so!

The Monsters & Mayhem that brought this film to life!

Even though most of the movie is based around a static filled television set ,Poltergeist had some incredibly memorable scenes brought to life by clown dolls, possessed ghost hunters, and dragon like demons.

One of the memorable scenes in the movie is the Clown scene. Many people already tend to be very waryof large dolls in general (Thanks to Chucky for that one), but when you make it a over sized creepy clown doll that makes it even worse. If you have seen the movie you know that the doll ends up coming to life and tries to strangle Carol Annes brother. Now I saw this movie when i was very young and I actually had a large clown doll in my room at the time. Needless to say that thing was in the trash can waiting to be picked up by the next morning.

Another great scene is when we finally get to see the evil brought to life. During the whole movie we hear this evil spirit chasing Carol anne through the house, and finally at the end of the movie we get to see it! As it guards Carol Anne's door trying to keep her mother out, this evil dragon/skeleton like creature truly sent chills down my spine.

The next scene that haunts me when of the this movie is when on of the ghost hunters stays over night at the house and the spirits decide to have there fun with him. Making him hallucinate that a piece steak is alive and a chicken leg he was eating is full of maggots as well as making him imagine that he is tearing his skin of his face down to his skull! Even my dad said this scene made him have nightmares.

Poltergeist 2, The Other Side

A far cry from the original the second movie failed to impress me when it came down to special effects as well as story line. I would say the only really good thing about it is that it did feature the original cast which in many horror film sequels does not happen, although mainly cause in horror movies most of the cast dies, but in this one they all lived so it was nice to have everyone back on board for a second film even if it didn't quite live to the hype.

I will say one interesting element they did add to this film that was not in he first is Pastor Kain. Which is the human form of the demon that first stole Carol Anne. We end up learning that Kain was a preacher who began a cult and had everyone do a mass suicide. Which is why all the spirits were so angry and couldn't pass over because if you commit suicide you get stuck in purgatory. It was pretty cool o finally hear the back story to why all those spirits were in that one place and why they were so hostile.

Poltergeist III

In the third and final installment of the Poltergist franchise Carol Anne has been sent by her parents to live with her aunt and uncle in a brand-new Chicago high-rise. Unfortunately, the supernatural forces that have plagued her before follow Carol Anne to her new residence.

There were only two returning cast members for this sequel Tangina and Carol Anne, now if one of them hadn't been Carol Ann this movie would not even exist. I found this movie to be lacking in suspense and there were hardly any creepy creatures if any. However being such a huge fan of the first film continue to watch all 3 of the movies from time to time.

The saddest part about this film is that the actress who plays Carol Anne actually died before finishing the film, which is why towards the end of the movie she has no more parts and at the very end she is being carried by her uncle with her face away from the audience so you can't tell its not her.

More Photos from the Film


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      chezza xx 7 years ago

      Hi really enjoyed reading this hub. Im really interested in the supernatural. Its a great film, but sad about the little girl.