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Popular Horror Movies - a Trivia Quiz

Updated on October 28, 2013
Jeepers Creepers! One of today's favorite Halloween cinema treats
Jeepers Creepers! One of today's favorite Halloween cinema treats

Halloween/Samhain is nearly here, the time of year when tv networks run lots and lots of good scary horror flicks.

The following quiz is all about some of the most popular horror films of all time. If you would like to play along the rules are simple: get out paper and pen or pencil. Number your paper 1-16 then proceed to the Questions segment of this page. Read each individual question, then choose an answer from among the possible four provided for each. Mark your selected answer on the paper and proceed to next question. Answers are found below the Questions segment.

Scoring: The first 15 correctly answered questions are worth 10 points each. The correctly answered BONUS QUESTION (#16) is worth 50 points - making for a possible 200 points final score.

Good luck and have fun!


1. In the 2001 cult classic, Jeepers Creepers, a teenage brother and sister are pursued by an inhuman creature called the creeper. By the end of the film viewers understand the creeper is following them for what purpose?

a. to eat one of them and take a trophy skin

b. to feed them to its young

c. to reunite with its human half-siblings

d. to sell them insurance

2. What was the name of the diminutive psychic character from the Poltergeist franchise?

a. Rosalee

b. Ginger Lee

c. Tangina

d. Frodo

3. In 30 Days of Night (2007), vampires besiege a small town located where?

a. The North Pole

b. Alaska

c. Alberta, Canada

d. Florida

4. In Drag Me To Hell (2009) a loan officer gets more than she bargained for after making an enemy of whom?

a. an old gypsy woman

b. a handsome young vampire

c. a sexy voodoo queen

d. the paper boy she forgot to tip

5. In the 2009 Sci-Fi Horror, Splice, genetic engineer Elsa Kast uses her own DNA in the attempt to do what?

a. to create a reversal serum for old age

b. to create a new species of life

c. to resurrect the dead

d. to create a mouth-watering culinary masterpiece that will insure her taking home the title of TOP CHEF

6. In Final Destination (2000), a group of teenagers are ruthlessly hunted by what?

a. An RPG video game character

b. death

c. doppelgangers

d. Girl Scouts selling cookies

7. In the mood-themed cabalistic film, Pi (1998), a genius mathematician builds a supercomputer in order to find out what?

a. what is actually underneath the North Pole

b. the secrets of the universe

c. who is buried in Grant’s tomb

d. how to unhook a woman’s bra with only one hand

8. Denzel Washington starred in the 1998 thriller/horror, Fallen, about a police detective on the pursuit of a murderous fallen angel. Which fallen angel was it?

a. Azazel

b. Lucifer

c. Sha’mazel

d. Drew Barrymore

9. In the 1990 mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s, It, who played the evil clown Pennywise?

a. Tim Curry

b. Richard Masur

c. Richard Thomas

d. Al Gore

10. Director and screenwriter, Frank LaLoggia admitted that the inspiration for his American-gothic film, Lady In White (1988) was what?

a. a murder that happened in 17th century Italy

b. a medieval French fairytale

c. a Rochester, New York urban legend

d. a reoccurring teenage dream about busty nurses

11. In the spine-tingling film, The Changeling (1980), George C. Scott plays a man haunted by what?

a. the ghost of a disabled child

b. the spirit of a comatose girl

c. the spectral memories of a murdered family

d. regret over washing a red shirt with his tidy whities

12. In Alien (1979), the crew of what space vessel set out to answer a distress call from an alien planet?

a. the Osirus

b. the Nostromo

c. the Algeria

d. the Love Boat

13. Adapted from the bestselling Thomas Tryon novel of the same name, The Other (1972) chronicled the paranormal mishaps surrounding a set of twins that underwent soul transference. What were the twins’ names?

a. Blair and Bonita

b. Derek and Danny

c. Niles and Holland

d. Niles and Frasier

14. In The Devil’s Advocate (1997), lawyer Kevin Lomax eludes the temptations of his father (Satan) by doing what?

a. resigning as his political campaign advisor

b. shooting himself in the head

c. joining the priesthood

d. turning off the Home Shopping Network

15. In Saw (2004), the sadistic antagonist, Jigsaw, forces his victims to attempt what?

a. escape deadly traps

b. contact evil spirits

c. compete for a year’s supply of food to feed their home village

d. sit through a One Direction concert

16 (Bonus Question)

Before its release in 1934, Dracula (starring Bela Lugosi) was staunchly edited to meet the new and very strict Hollywood censorship rules. What about the film did the censors have a problem with?

a. they feared it would encourage a belief in the supernatural

b. they feared it would encourage people to drink wine

c. they feared it would encourage an appreciation for classical music

d. they feared it would encourage pro-aristocracy feelings among American movie watchers

Answers found below the photo of Ripley and the cute alien.


1. a. to eat one of them and take a trophy skin

2. c. Tangina

3. b. Alaska

4. a. an old gypsy woman

5. b. to create a new species of life

6. b. death

7. b. the secrets of the universe

8. a. Azazel

9. a. Tim Curry

10. c. a Rochester, New York urban legend

11. a. the ghost of a disabled child

12. b. the Nostromo

13. c. Niles and Holland

14. b. shooting himself in the head

15. a. escape deadly traps

16 (Bonus Question)

a. they feared it would encourage a belief in the supernatural

This trivia quiz Hub ©October 28, 2013 by Beth Perry


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