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Popular children have lots or time on television

Updated on March 17, 2017
All children are magical.
All children are magical.

Time Is Magical

All the children can remember everyone's name. They say they don't remember ... but they remember.

They all have some sort of history with each other.

Most of all they roam around in groups. They have a lot of time to spend together.

They also have the money to spend time together. No matter what their parents do for a living, every time they go out with their friends ... they spend money.

Job Choices A plenty

There is always more jobs for teenagers that want it.

This happens for every character even the jocks that have to work out after school. Employment is very easy.

Most of the time, the group of kids need a car to go somewhere.
The child even though they go to school and work ... pay for their car. They even get good grades.

This students have enough time to pile other teenagers in their cars. Not only do they spend time doing stupid stuff for hours, they have time to wake up the next day and still be popular.

Magical Time to Play and Travel

Popular children are seen as lazy children that have to much time to play.

Not only do they have too much time to play, they have time to travel 50 miles to 100 hundred miles away to go to a mall or walk in the ocean. This children are not seen as magical. But, their actions are time bending.

A normal child has about 8 hours of school.

Popular children that have practice normally do it after school. This takes up about two hours.
So, at 5 they are going for some sort of food. They might be going to this job for a few hours. At about 9:00 to 9:30 pm they are done.

The day is not over because they have to eat and pick up all this teenagers to go play somewhere.

The other children are only able to stay out for a few hours. There is no time to go a long distance. And, unless their parents own a private plane the children are not going for 50 miles to 100 miles car rides each night.

This does not leave much time to get to know everyone.


When the child's grades go down the parent sees this as sign that the child is lazy. At this time, the parent threatens to take away the car.


In fiction, the child's friends like him or her even without a car. They understand that the grades will go up in give a little more time.

The child will still make the honor roll. But, the child will only get an A instead of an A+. They will get into their top school by promising to be better. This happens even when they have no time to make promises.

Magical time happens and the child can do all things. Eventually, their dreams or better dreams come true.

The child does not usually drop out of school. There friends cheer them on. Even some long lost friends show up to cheer them on. Their parents give them extra money to live.

Everyone is there at graduation to introduce lots of friends.


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