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Porsche 911 2.7 1973 Carrera Rs In Jamiroquai's White Knuckle Ride Music Video

Updated on July 13, 2011

Jamiroquai's New Music video " White Knuckle Ride " Which is from Jamiroquai's new album yet to be realeased " Rock Dust Light Star " The Video was filmed in Almeria Spain and features one of the most lusted of Porsche's. Considered to be the most sort after Porsche the 911 2.7 Carrera Rs is one the rarest of porsches. Even replica 2.7 Rs's based on base model 70's 911 fetch a premium. The video features Front Man Jay Kay jumping in to a helicopter to chase the Porsche driver through windy roads and desert. The Porsche is driven to an inch of its life with Jay Kay showing some impressive flying skills.

White Knuckle Ride comes from Jamiroquai's New album " Rock Dust Light Star " Which is to be released on the 1st Of November 2010. This is to be another hit form Jamiroquai the album and also features Newly released song " Bluw Skies " which the video follows on from White Knuckle Ride,this is just another masterpiece from Jamiroquai.

Jay Kay is known for his cars often being spotted in his black Ferrari Enzo. The Porsche 911 2.7 RS is a "real" Sports car still standing up to the test of time even though being made nearly 40 years ago.

Jamiroquai hit it big in the late 90's with the Travelling Without Moving Album, featuring tracks, Comsic Girl,Virtual Insanity, Space Cowboy Remix. Jamiroquai really do have a unique sound with every album just getting better and better.


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      Lenora 7 years ago

      Id love to have a tour of Jamiroquai's garage :)