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Potential American Idol Favorite Alex Nester

Updated on January 10, 2010

Will the American Idol Spoiler Contestant Bring Old-School Soul to American Idol?

American Idol is about to embark on another journey to a season winner. The ninth season kicks off on January 12, 2010. As usual, fans have released American Idol spoilers, and probably the most intriguing for me so far is soul singer Alex Nester. She has only a few videos uploaded on the Alex Nester YouTube channel, but the videos she does have are an amazing mix of soul songs. Alex could emerge as an early American Idol favorite.

Die-hard fans of the show know that a guy captured the crown in the last two seasons of American Idol. As a result of this, the producers and judges may push for a girl to win American Idol 9. Indeed, Randy Jackson, one of the judges since the initial debut of Idol, has already come out and said that he prefers the girls this year. That usually means the judges will be pushing for a girl and may even sacrifice potential guy winners before the voting rounds. This bodes well for Alex if she can catch fire and impress the judges during the audition phase of the competition.

When it comes to talent, Alex Nester seems to have just about everything needed in a vocalist - great tone, power, and soul. She also has great soul phrasing and commands the stage with confidence even while playing the keyboard. There are some question marks. The extent of her vocal range does not seem clear in the few videos she has online. However, range does not seem to be that important in popular music.

There are a couple of other potential issues with Alex. How unique can she be, and how is her versatility for a multi-genre show like American Idol? She is an amazing soul singer, but part of the reason for that is that she sounds similar to soul singers of the past. This can be a point against her from a uniqueness standpoint. Her power and stage confidence are so much better than most singers, but can she bring anything new to the table? That answer is not clear at this point.

How about her versatility? Alex Nester seems to be a natural fit for soul music, but that narrow approach will not work on American Idol. Can she sing a rock song? She probably can. Can she sing a soft pop song? That is not clear from what she has shown so far.

The role of looks in voting is not so clear for American Idol, Certainly, there have been some attractive contestants like Ace Young and Megan Joy who went much farther in the competition than they should have gone based on performance. On the other hand, Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais made the Top 12. At any rate, Alex is a reasonably attractive girl but not a bombshell by any means. Her looks probably will not have an effect on her chances of making it to the Top 12.

All things considered, there are too many questions about how Alex Nester will perform to say how she will do in the competition. In the real world, Alex is a very talented soul singer. On American Idol, the judges or the voters will easily boot her in a second if they don't see star potential. She has some amazing potential, but it remains to be seen if fans will get a chance to see her full range of skills on American Idol 9.


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