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Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead Movie Review

Updated on October 30, 2011

Poultrygeist - The Plot

Poultrygeist follows the classic boy meets girl story. Given that this is a Troma movie, the plot is a little different. In this case, the boy Arbie falls for his girlfriend Wendy. Wendy goes to college, becomes a lesbian, and comes back with her new girlfriend and a random group of misfits to speak out against the fast food restaurant American Chicken Bunker. Arbie decides to win back her love by getting a job at the restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant was built on an ancient Native American burial ground and the dead possess the carcasses of the chickens inside.

The Good

If you have ever seen a Troma movie, then you know what to expect. The producers and directors used volunteers for acting jobs and producing jobs, giving the film a low-budget feel. At the same time, that is what you want when you watch a movie like this. Poultrygeist is not going to win any big-time awards, but it does keep you entertained. It is the perfect movie for sitting back with friends, having a few drinks, and laughing until your sides hurt.

The Bad

Did I forget to mention that Poultrygeist is a semi-musical? At random points throughout the movie, the characters burst into song, usually about a recent event. Arbie sings a song about winning back Wendy and she turns it into a duet, even as she curls up in bed with her new girlfriend. You should also prepare yourself for the long section at the beginning that focuses on the director and actors. They plan for a massive big-screen debut in New York City that ends when they “discover” everyone already saw the movie online or bought bootleg copies. That follows with the director sitting in his office and talking about bootlegging. All this happens well before the movie actually starts.

The Bottom Line

Poultrygeist is a highly entertaining movie, but not if you only watch big-budget Hollywood horror movies. Keep your expectations low and you will not feel disappointed. The movie is low on scares, but does have quite a few laughs. Even the deaths have a comical slant, such as the “Jarrod” character, made in the likeness of the Subway spokesperson. The best way to watch Poultrygeist is with a group of friends, so you can share the funny moments together.


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