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Power Rangers: Sixth Rangers Review

Updated on August 5, 2020
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Jeremy enjoys reviewing nostalgic topics when not working as a manager at his campus.

The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

What are Sixth Rangers?

Ever since the 90's, Power Rangers has entertained kids with its colorful warriors. Many different Power Rangers series exist, each with new batches of defenders. Typically, the Rangers are a group of young adolescents able to morph into armored suits and battle the forces of evil. Geez, at that age, I was just battling acne.

Most Ranger teams are initially composed of five warriors, but eventually have a sixth member join. This new addition, or "Sixth" Ranger, often demonstrates more strength than any other team member, and proves to be a valuable asset to the team. So take a walk through time as we examine the first six "Sixth" Rangers!

Green Ranger
Green Ranger

1. Green Ranger

Name: Tommy Oliver
Series: Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
Strongest of his team? Toss-up between him and the Red Ranger.

The original Power Ranger team faced a formidable foe when the evil sorceress Rita enlisted the aid of Tommy Oliver. Oliver had stolen the power of the Green Ranger, and was under a spell cast by Rita. In addition to Tommy's martial art skills, he was aided by the Dragon Dagger and Dragon Shield - two powerful weapons the other Rangers lacked. The dagger can fire green concussive blasts, and the shield provides extra stamina.

With his formidable arsenal, the Green Ranger single-handedly defeated four of the five Rangers. Eventually, the Red Ranger, Jason, barely overcame Tommy in a one-on-one battle. Upon his defeat, Tommy's mind was released by Rita, and he vowed to aid the Power Rangers in their battle against evil. The Green Ranger quickly proved to be a powerful asset to the team. And let's not forget his cheesy evil theme.

White Ranger Tommy Oliver
White Ranger Tommy Oliver

2. White Ranger

Name: Tommy Oliver
Series: Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
Strongest of his team? Again, between him and the Red Ranger.

Tommy's on the list again? Yep; his Green Ranger powers could only be used for a time before fading away. Even after losing his abilities, Tommy vowed to help the Rangers any way he could, proving himself worthy of the new White Ranger powers. This unique suit used a white tiger as the theme (instead of a dragon). Thus, Tommy once again aided the team as a powerful Ranger, and even became the leader of the team. When a Sixth Ranger takes control of the group, you know he's not be trifled with

And yes, the White Ranger comes with a new cheesy theme.

Gold Ranger
Gold Ranger

3. Gold Ranger

Name: Jason Lee Scott
Series: Zeo
Strongest of his team? Either him or Zeo's Red Ranger, Tommy.

Okay, this gets a bit confusing, so bear with me. Jason Scott was the original leader of the Mighty Morphin Rangers as the Red Ranger. Tommy Oliver joins as the Green, and later, White, Ranger. Skip ahead a bit in time to the Zeo series, and Tommy is now leading the team as the Red Ranger, where Jason rejoins as the the Gold Ranger. Basically, both Tommy and Jason have been the leader and the Sixth Ranger.

The Gold Ranger is an invaluable ally to the Zeo team. Jason has impressive martial arts abilities, wields the "Golden Power Staff", and (like all the best Sixth Rangers) obtains his own theme song.

Silver Ranger
Silver Ranger

4. Silver Ranger

Name: Zhane
Series: In Space
Strongest of his team? Yep.

Zhane may lack a last name, but he was a powerful and unique addition the Space Rangers. Unlike previous Sixth Rangers Tommy and Jason, Zhane was prank-loving ally who didn't take everything seriously. Despite his practical jokes, Zhane always demonstrated loyalty to his comrades and dedication to his missions. His accomplishments include defeating an enemy the other five Rangers couldn't best, successfully courting an evil princess, and taking a fatal hit meant for one of his teammates. Good job, Silver Ranger.

Titanium Ranger
Titanium Ranger

5. Titanium Ranger

Name: Ryan Mitchell
Series: Lightspeed Rescue
Strongest of his team? Easily.

This may not sound like the plot of a children's show, but Ryan Mitchell was taken from his family at a young age by a demon, who then raised the boy. Well, that's unfortunate. The demon trained Ryan to be vengeful and convinced him to steal the Titanium Morpher, allowing the troubled young man to become the mighty Titanium Ranger.

With his new suit and a battle-axe that can morph into a laser gun, Ryan nearly destroyed the Rangers, but ultimately came to his senses and joined them in the battle against evil. Ryan also happens to be the brother of the Pink Ranger, Dana.

Believe it or not, the Titanium Ranger doesn't have his own theme. But if you want to see him dominate all five rangers at once (and some bad acting), check out this short video. Yikes, that was a mean kick to your sister, Ryan.

Quantum Ranger
Quantum Ranger

6. Quantum Ranger

Name: Eric Myers
Series: Time Force
Strongest of his team? Probably.

Eric Myers always resented Wesley Collins, the man would become the Time Force Red Ranger. Wesley had been raised in a wealthy family, never having to worry about finances; Eric labored hard to pay every bill. The two met in school, and their differences greatly bothered the future Quantum Ranger.

Later in life, Eric was distraught to hear that Wesley had become not only a Ranger, but the leader of the team. Eric resolved to out-due his rival, and eventually found the Quantum Morpher, enabling him to change into the scarlet Quantum Ranger. With his powers, he acted as a sort of anti-hero, reluctantly aiding the Time Force Rangers throughout the series without officially joining their team. Near the end of the show, Eric and Wesley put aside their differences, and Eric finally let go of the past.

Curiously, the Quantum Ranger's costume is nearly identical to the Red Ranger's, but it has black sections instead of white. Check out a fan's remix of his theme here.

Your Favorite

Which Ranger do you prefer?

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More Sixth Rangers?

As we've seen, Sixth Rangers are powerful, often antagonistic at first, and typically come with an amusingly campy theme. Let me know which Ranger you favor, and don't worry - we have a plethora of extra Rangers to explore in the future!

© 2015 Jeremy Gill


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