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Predator - a New Direction

Updated on November 6, 2014
Arnold (Dutch) from the first film
Arnold (Dutch) from the first film

I love the Predator series but think it needs to be taken to another level. I came up with an ending that you will either love or hate. I image Arnold Schwarzenegger as "S" after another jungle battle that doesn't leave him nearly so defenseless as the first film. He has gained experience, confidence, and a sense of getting even. This is all condensed to give you a general feel of my concept:

A Summary

S: Someone I once knew said that "pay-back is a bitch.

Agent 1: "Yeah, how we gonna do that?"

S: These monsters have been preying on us for who knows how long. They come here and take us out one at a time like we were deer on a hunt.

Agent 2: What do you suggest, sergeant?

S: I say we give them a big taste of their own medicine.

Agent 1: And how are we going to do that? These things come from another planet. Their technology is beyond anything we can even imagine.

S: That may be true, but we have to show them that we're not just their chattel to be hunted and killed. They keep coming back here for a reason. As a species we've existed for over 20,000 years, and we're not ready to just roll over and let them stick knives in us. We have to take the fight to them.

Agent 1: Are you kidding?

S: No. I say we take their ship and bring it back to their home world -- wherever that is.

Agent 2: And then?

S: Their ship must have offensive weapons. What if we were to tell them that the human race is not just made up of a bunch of rats -- that we can carry the fight to wherever they like. That would deliver a pretty strong message.

Agent 1: You mean...?

S: Yes.

Agent 2: I like it.

Agent 1: You guys are nuts. Assuming we could even commandeer their spacecraft, we'd have to navigate it across space and..."

S: We know their vulnerabilities.

Agent 1: We do?

S: They can't resist a fight whether it's to their advantage or not. We've already killed two of the fuckers because they think they're invincible, and they're not. Take over their damn ship the same way. Leave one of them alive to navigate it to the home world.

Agent 2: It's a big stretch, but it might just work. Anyway, it beats laying in this mud and seeing if anyone comes to pull out our spines.

Agent 1: Sir, even if you we're successful, don't you think these creatures would retaliate? I mean, they might come to earth with a force we couldn't imagine.

S; (smiling) That wouldn't be their style. Maybe, just maybe, they would give man more respect than we've been receiving. Their culture (if you can call it that) is based on a one-on-one sense of superiority. Attacking their home world might show them that humans can give as good as we get.

Agent 1: (Groans.)

Agent 2: Nodding. Oh, I'd love to drop something on them.

S: So, are you with me?

Agent 1: Nods (reluctantly).

Agent 2: Let's cut them up.

S: Okay, let's get going.

Arnold at the Mercy of a Predator
Arnold at the Mercy of a Predator


Overtaking the alien craft is successful and the ship is in flight to the home world.
Their plans of bombing the home world is thwarted because their captive Predator won't comply.
S: We aren't finished.
Agent 2: You mean...?
S: Yes.

They continue to direct the ship's path to a heavily populated area.
S: C'mon, you bastards. See how you like it when it's not your game.
Agent 2: Oh, fu....
The ship continues down into a highly populated center. There is a massive explosion.

Arnold Prepares for Pay-Back
Arnold Prepares for Pay-Back
One Ugly MF
One Ugly MF


Well, this would take out Schwarzenegger in a blaze of glory but open up the genre to a more epic scale. The great thing about this scenario is that it would eliminate the rut of a few humans trying to survive a seasonal hunt by the Predators.

If there were to be follow-on pictures, I imagine them to be the Predators linking up with the humans to take on some other species (the Alien home world?) or something else.


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