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Preschool Tea Party Massacre

Updated on October 30, 2012

Preschool Tea Party Massacre (otherwise known by the acronym PTPM) is a hardcore metal band based in New Jersey. As their name suggests, they're a band that isn't afraid to shock listeners a bit with their attitude and edge. But that doesn't mean that they're all shock value and no talent; this is a band that's got hard-hitting tracks that get under your skin and cause it to crawl with the band's skill. The foundation of this skill is the variety of influences that the band explores. Although their heart is cold death metal, Preschool Tea Party Massacre plays with electronica and techno to move into unexplored territory with their sound. They've described this sound in a number of different ways with "cyber grindcore" being the term that seems most apt.

So what exactly can you expect if you try to get turned on to Preschool Tea Party Massacre? Well, if you know your hardcore and you love it, that's going to be a good starting point since that's the foundation of what this band plays. If metal music leaves you covering your ears, or if you easily take offense at titles that are designed to elicit attention, then Preschool Tea Party Massacre isn't for you. But, if you're a metal fan, then you'll hear true metal skill here. The lyrics drip with the heaviness of the genre, the vocals scream out in agonizing attention-getting and the instrumentals cause your whole body to tremble. At it's core, this is metalcore.

But go deeper into your exploration of Preschool Tea Party Massacre and you'll get into the exploration that the band is becoming known for. This is primarily exploration with electronica and techno house sounds, giving a dance beat to a genre that is known primarily as a head-banging genre. This makes Preschool Tea Party Massacre a band that you can listen to as easily in a club as you can in a big arena or in your own apartment. Its genre-defying variety makes it playable in a number of environments. And the exploration doesn't end with the genre. Preschool Tea Party Massacre is a band that you can imagine hitting things and kicking things everywhere they go just to hear what kind of sound different objects might make. They take these sounds that they discover out in the world and use them to add lifeblood to their existing music.

Preschool Tea Party Massacre has released a number of different albums, including full-length and EP works. The first album is Smokin' At The Gas Station. The most recent album is The Bone Concubine. The albums range in price from $3 - $10 and can be purchased through the MySpace page for the band (link below). Preschool Tea Party Massacre doesn't have a website of their own, but they're on all of the major musical social networking sites (such as MySpace where they have nearly 30,000 "friends") as well as some of the more obscure sites. See links below to check them out on any of them.


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  • profile image

    Courtney 9 years ago

    Preschool Tea Partyy Massacre is the greatestt band evaa.

    "almost as cool as stealing prosthetic legs" is wonderfull,

    check it outt peoplee.

    <33 kthanksbyee

  • jdeschene profile image

    jdeschene 9 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

    Sounds like an interesting band. I just might check them out.

  • profile image

    kati3 10 years ago

    preschool tea party massacre are wonderfully random.

    my favorite band out of many:)

    fer sure come to las vegas 89109!