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President Obama vs Christianity

Updated on February 28, 2012

I Think P. O. is Somehow Lying

Excuse me...I mean Hollywood. That must have been a Freudian slip
or is it that Hollywood is above the law, has no laws or religious beliefs.
If it weren't for such phrases as "God Damn", "Jesus Christ", or four
letter words, the most popular beginning with F and also the use of

the N word, especially with the Blacks on Blacks, you think they had no
dialog and if they could not exploit women and men by showing
their sexual organs they would have no content. Let a woman breast
feed her baby on a park bench and God forbid. That's outlandish.
How many Actors have they killed having them smoke to make them
look tough and still do, yet we don't want our kids smoking because
of all the evidence that lends cigarettes the credibility as a killer. I know
personally, I have lost more than one relative to lung cancer that smoked.
Yet, it's OK for Hollywood to do anything that makes a dollar including
two guys acting as Queers for the younger generation to see and emulate
as they often do. I know one actor that committed suicide and I am convinced
that had something to do with it. His initials were H. L.

But what gets me is I don't hear President Obama apologizing to the
general public here in America that belong to the Christian faith, yet
he claims to be one himself, but he looks for an opportunity to bends
over backwards to apologize to the Muslims for anything he may think
Of at any given opportunistic chance.
Is there a difference between Religions or believers, whether it be
Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Quaker or Jehovah Witness. If they are
defiled by any group it is no less degenerating to either yet it's just
Ok to defy Christians, they were taught to turn the other cheek.
Why is that do you think? Where are the big money Christian
Leaders. They keep taking offerings but do not offer to defy the
Government, no matter how much President Obama kisses Middle
East Ass. What is his pay off? Makes you wonder?

Hollywood does anything they want to disgrace the Christian
Religion, yet our President or our Government has the balls to do
or say anything but praise for Actors. I guess it's a matter of getting
or not getting votes and dollars. Obama, your no Christian my friend.
Oh, and your not my friend President Obama.

Doesn't most women and men have the same gear? I mean does
Hollywood actually think we need to see a pair of titties to enjoy a
movie? We do have an imaginations and seeing all men and women
are not created equal does not make a good movie. But it seems the
sluttier you are the more of a draw you are and I guess the dollar
will buy anything because there is a heck of a lot of sluts in Hollywood.
Even a couple "acting" out having sex or blaspheming Christianity
can most certainly be bought in the movies. It's OK, it's in the name
of Art. Where is the better than thou 1st Lady on this subject? Would
this not be a healthy matter for the young since she's such an expert
on what our kids needs and their so impressionable. Yet, she says nothing!

Does this mean she is not a Christian either or just does not bother to care?


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