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Pretty Little Liars -- A Screws Up

Updated on February 22, 2012

A is getting a little too big for her britches. She's expanding her net a little too much. She's been successful up to this point by keeping it to a small group of people. But she makes a big mistake which may unravel her whole game finally.

I'm still convinced Mona is A, so I wasn't buying this whole A targeting Mona thing. A pretending to be a victim of A too is a very A thing to do. It makes the Pills trust her and gets her invited into their inner circle. Anyway, Mona gets a texts from A while she's with Hanna and she confides A keeps texting her about knowing how Mona likes to shoplift. That A wants her to go to the press about Ashley sleeping with Detective Wilden to get a shoplifting charge against Hannah dropped. A even provided a copy of Hanna's police record for Mona to take to the police and gives her a deadline to do it. Mona eventually claims she returned the necklace she shoplifted and took community service to protect her good friend Hanna. She later shows Hanna a sticky note for A she found on her apple saying she'd bite, next time. As a result, Hanna invites her to sit at lunch with the rest of the Pills.

Unfortunately for A, Ashley finds the police report and takes it to Wilden. She thinks he's behind to, trying to harass Hanna into giving him answers, as he'd dropped by the house earlier trying to harass Hanna. This rocks Wilden's world because if anyone finds out he dropped the shoplifting charges against Hanna and he could lose his job. Now both Ashley and Wilden are wondering just who sent this to Hanna. This is the loose piece of thread that may unravel A's entire game.

Aria's world is rocked when Ella tells her Bryon got a note from A stuck on his car. She also reveals that she got a message from A, too, awhile back, that tipped her off to Bryon's affair, but thought it was Meredith behind it. Aria finally spills to the other Pills that she lied about her and Ezra being broken up and that A has been reaching out and touching her parents. Spencer is pissed because she let Aria cry on her shoulder about Ezra when she wasn't really broken up, while Spencer was really broken up with Toby.

Hanna rushes in interrupting Spencer's righteous anger at Aria with the news that Caleb sent them the latest he decoded from the phone. It turns on Allison's bedroom was like Grand Central Station. Melissa also arrived in the bedroom demanding to know just where Allison was. The other Pills want to take this to the police, but Spencer gets them to hold back until she can confront her sister about what she saw.

That's easier said than done when Spencer goes to meet with Melissa, but sees her sending her a text that she can't make it, as she gets into the car with Garrett. She runs into Wren at the bar and he tells her Garrett even accompanied Melissa to her doctor's appointment.

After that, Spencer gets sloshed and comes on to Wren. They even share a kiss, before Wren lets Spencer sleep it off on his sofa. Later, Melissa arrives to see Spencer and says she wants to tell her something, but not in the Hastings House. Has Spencer made a big mistake going with her sister to wherever she wants her to go with her to?

Earlier, Aria and Spencer met Jonah and gave him the $2,000 for the information to who was texting Allison. He doesn't have a name, just an address. Hanna, Emily and Aria go to investigate. They find a closed down law office with a homeless man living inside. However, when Ashley spots a piece of mail from the place she tells Hanna it's the firm where she got her divorce and that Melissa was an intern there. So all roads lead to Miss Melissa.

Meanwhile, Aria has a major meltdown when Ezra tells her he's taking the job, since they're fooling themselves that her parents will ever approve. She takes her heartbreak out on Ella, vowing that her parents have lost her as she's lost Ezra. Ella follows Aria to Ezra's apartment and gives them a chance to plead their case to her.

You know, I think people have a point about Aria never really getting it from A. She's gotten pushed off a porch in this episode and a couple episodes past she got her leg grabbed, but that's pretty mild to the stuff that Spencer, Hanna and Emily have gotten.

Anyway, A really made a fatal error with that police report, because now Wilden is involved, because he's own butt is in the sling and if Ella or Ashley should mention A to each other, they're going to start putting stuff together. It seems the ultimate Mean Girl may have just gone made a fatal mistake that will finally get her exposed and put a stop to her bullying tactics. And perhaps it's not a moment too soon, as A is practicing shooting Peter's gun at a shooting range. It seems A has deadly plans in store for one of her victims. The question is who?

I still think Mona is A, because A targeting Mona makes no sense. She's gone after the Pills because their Allison's besties. Mona wasn't. And Mona isn't what you would call a mean girl. She was a victim of Allison. If you think about it, Mona has recently made inroads with three of the Pills. She got Spencer feeling sorry for her, and Emma and Hanna indebted to her: Emily for getting her back on the swim team and Hanna for not going to the press, which could cause Ashley to lose custody of Hanna.


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