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Pretty Little Liars -- Daddy Marin Is Back

Updated on June 26, 2013

Who's the baddest Daddy of them all? Tom is!

I know a lot of liars fans don't like Byron or Peter and declare they're horrible fathers, but at least they were there for their daughters on the father/daughter dance. Even Emily's father arranged to be in town and he's in the military. I'm guessing Tom still lives in Rosewood, since Kate was going to high school with Hanna. Did Tom even come to see Hanna when it came out that Kate had framed Hanna for bullying her? What about when her boyfriend was shot? He's a pretty disgusting example of a father when he lives in the same town and acts like his kid doesn't exist.

Anyway, Caleb was back for awhile until he leaves for the Pretty Little Liars' spin-off Ravenwood and he was trying to get Tom to Daddy-up. He told him Hanna was worried about Ashley being arrested for Wilden's murder and that if that happens he's going to need to start being there for Hanna. He really didn't seem all that anxious to do it. It's terrible that when a man gets a new family he acts like the old one died or something. Later he tells Caleb that Ashley came to see him the night Wilden was killed asking for money. His new wife called him away and when he returned Ashley was gone, and so was his gun.

Okay, is anyone getting a feeling do Deja Vu, yet? This reminds me of Mona stealing Peter Hastings' gun and never getting a chance to do whatever she had planned to do with it. It also sounds like Ashley was being blackmailed for running down Wilden with her car. Sounds like a classic set up. Blackmail Ashley and lure her to the spot where Wilden was killed with Tom's gun and it looks like she did it. It'll look like Wilden was blackmailing her and she killed him to keep him quiet when Tom couldn't give her the money to pay him off.

A also had her sights set on another mother. Someone called Child Services to report Pam for abusing Emily. Unfortunately for Pam, everyone at the school saw Pam grab Emily's sore arm when she was balking about getting into the car with her and generally lying to her mother. Pam wanted to know if Emily snuck some of her pain killers, because Emily's doctor thinks Pam gave them to her. Emily lies but Pam says she knows some are missing. This thing is getting so serious that Pam even asks Emily's dad to come home. At the end of the show A is seen with Emily's X-rays. Want to beat she switched them for the X-rays of someone who was actually abused over a prolonged period of time and the X-rays will show all these injuries that were never reported. Then with Emily taking Pam's pills, they'll think she gave Emily the pills to keep he quiet after abusing her. Yet another perfect set-up.

Seeing what's happening to Ashley and Pam, Aria encourages Ella to leave town. Her boyfriend Zack asked her to go to Austria with him, but she turned him down. The question is will Ella make it out of Rosewood before A comes after her next? Then that will leave just Veronica.

I'm going to say it out straight, I think this A is actually Mrs. DiLaurentis. If she does somehow blame the liars for taking Ali away from her, it would make perfect sense her taking their mother's from them. Saving Veronica for last would make sense, too. These two have some very bad history. Mrs. D had an affair with Peter and gave birth to his child. So I could see her saving the best for last.

I actually think we've been seeing the work of three unknown members of the A Team last season and this season. Aside from Mrs. D and her plot against the mothers, there seems to be a Hanna hater and one that's obsessed with Emily. Last season we had an A threatening to disfigure Hanna and they did something to Hanna's face in the lair. I'm wondering if that A might not be Lucas. Yeah, I know Lucas seems to love Hanna, but the opposite of love is hatred. As for the Emily-obsessed A, I haven't got a clue.

Emily gets a bunch of stuff from Mrs. D and amongst it is the Ali mask that Mona wore on the Halloween Train. It's a plaster cast of it and it had the name of the person who made it. Emily and Aria want to wait until Spencer can visit the guy with them, but Hanna insists they go without her.

I think she was right to do it. The other liars really can't depend on Spencer anymore. She's lying to them and keeping from them that Toby stole the RV and not Mona. She's proven that given a choice between them and Toby, she'll pick Toby in a nanosecond. She did it twice. She joined the A Team so she could see Toby and she's doing in now be protecting him from the liars wrath for what he did.

The three go visit the mask guy and he says he'll only answer questions if Emily will let her do a plaster cast of her face. He thinks she's made a perfect Medusa. That is so not a compliment. He tells them he was looking for a Joan of Arc and Ali volunteered. She insisted on keeping the plaster cast of her face and had masks made of it because she said she wanted her friends to look just like her. Creepy much?

While Emily is enduring having plaster smeared all over her face, Hanna is snooping around the shop, and finds a cast of Melissa's face there, as well. Hey, maybe the Queen of Hearts was wearing a Melissa mask and that's why Mona thought it was Melissa on the train with Wilden. I'm sorry, but if someone saved me from a fire and they were wearing a Halloween mask, I'd know it. These masks don't even look real and I really don't see the resemblance to who they're supposed to be.

We also once again had the suggestion that Melissa and Ali were secret BFF's despite the fact Melissa was acting insanely jealous and supposedly sending threatening texts to her. First we had Cece claiming that Melissa was in Cape May with Ali and took the picture of Ali, Cece and Wilden. Now it was suggested that Melissa and Ali had had masks made of their faces at the same time.

Speaking of Melissa, she was also back in town and as mysterious as ever. She told Spencer she thinks it might be a good idea for both of them to get out and stay out of Rosewood. Later she asked Spencer if she had to choose between her and someone she loved, who'd Spencer would choose. Was she digging Spencer about picking Toby over the liars or Toby picking dead family over Spencer? You never know with Melissa.

Speaking of Toby, he and Spencer snuck into Radley to investigate his mother's suicide. They concluded she couldn't have jumped from her room window as her medical records say. Okay, I'm just going to say it. I could care less about this story. Unless Dead Mommy is Red Coat, who cares? I might care if this all went into explaining why Toby was a card carrying A Team member from the beginning, but they unwrote that story to appease the Spoby shippers. It's too bad, as that story could have made Toby one of the most interesting characters on the show. As it stands this is just filler taking up valuable airtime that could be used in a much better way. It is funny, though, now that Toby's obsessed with Dead Mommy, someone is targeting all the liars' mothers.

Hanna dropped by Ashley's office and saw a card from some flowers on her desk and realized Ashley had lied about not being in Rosewood when Wilden was killed. I could only laugh at the irony of her having a fit about being lied to, when she thinks it's her God given right to lie to her mother. Wanna bet Ashley thinks it was Hanna who popped Wilden? Then Hanna got the double whammy when she saw a police board at the police station indicating she and the other liars are suspects in Wilden's death. She was about to take a picture of it when the new cop in town caught her and threw her out. Then she saw Melissa arriving to talk to him.

Finally, Aria had Jake over to her house and she had him watching the old movies she and Ezra used to watch. Jake made it clear old movies don't do it for him and said people don't have to like the same things to date.

I'm really enjoying the show concentrating on the parents this season. It's more than past time that they got clued into A. Let's hope that's where this is leading.


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