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Pretty Little Liars -- FAtal Finale

Updated on August 30, 2014

The show has been flooding the airwaves with promos about someone dying and they delivered. Someone was brutally murdered. Although the victim wasn't a surprise to me, as I predicted who it would be. It really made the most sense, as this person's storyline had pretty much come to an end.

The episode begins as Hanna, Emily and Aria are standing outside someone's house that's surrounded by the police. Something very bad has just happened. But just who did it happen to? I think the show was trying to build suspense on who it was, but it was kind of a failed attempt. It wasn't going to be Caleb and Marlene King would probably off herself before she whacked her beloved Ezra. And no way does this show have the guts to actually kill one of the liars. So the opening scene didn't fill you with fear on who was the victim. I think it was pretty clear last episode who would be killed.

Then we get a flashback of what lead to this horrible moment that is taking place on of all holidays, Thanksgiving. We finally meet Mona's mother as the liars come to see Mona looking for help. You got to love the liars. Most times they spit on Mona and treat her like crap, but when they need something from her they expect her to give it to them. This time they wanted to know what Ali was telling the police and figured she could find out. Only this time she told them no. However, after they leave she calls a Code A and discovers Ali has taken over her entire army minus Lucas.

Meanwhile Ali is taking her lie detector test given by her new fan on the police force, Detective Holbrook. She's exuding the demeanor of an emotionless zombie as she's asked questions. Instead of being asked yes or no questions, she's allowed to answer questions in full sentences. While she can claim she's only telling the truth, she makes Spencer look guilty of murdering Bethany Young. She also makes sure to declare she didn't kill Bethany Young. No, I'm sure she got her stooge Cece to do it for her. Since she was walking around in her yellow top, it was obviously Cece's top that was put on Bethany. Later, Holbrook makes sure to personally tell Ali she's no longer a person of interest in Bethany Young's murder.

So to recap, she's established a two-year alibi for herself so she can't be nailed on any of the crimes she's committed in that time like killing Ian and digging up Bethany Young's body. And now she's served up Spencer to take the blame for Bethany Young's murder and is no longer considered a suspect. Per usual the little stinkweed is coming off smelling like a rose.

When Spencer hears what Ali said on her lie detector test, she knows Ali's trying to frame her for Bethany's murder. She and Mona decide to break into Radley to learn more about Bethany with the help of Hanna and Caleb. Once inside they discover that Jessica was apparently having an affair with Bethany's father. That's why she was taking her out of Radley to go horseback riding and asking her to call her Aunt Jessica. Spencer thinks Ali wanted Bethany dead out of jealousy. I guess because Jessica was spending all her time trying to win over Bethany to score points with Bethany's father and wasn't acting like that with Ali. So I suppose when Cece snuck into Radley pretending to be Ali she made contact with Bethany and poisoned her mind against Jessica. Although, since Bethany never mentioned a name and just said like mother, like daughter, it could be possible Spencer has it wrong, yet again.

But Spencer has bigger problems than that to worry about. The police come and arrest her for the murder of Bethany Young. Meanwhile Mona takes all of Bethany's tapes and files with her and keeps going over them. She thinks she finds something to prove that Ali is A and calls up Aria about it. Aria summons Hanna and Emily.

Mona barely hangs up the phone and is looking in the mirror congratulating herself for finally beating Ali when she turns around and there's a blonde in a hoodie standing behind her. Since they didn't show her face, it's obviously not Ali. I'm guessing it's going to be Cece. I think Ali is A, but Cece is her puppet and has done all the dirty work for Ali, so she'll go down for being A while Ali will get off scot-free yet again.

The girls arrive at Mona's house and find the door open. There's blood all over the place. Holbrook announces that with the amount of blood loss, he's declaring Mona dead and a victim of foul play. That's about all he can do as A took the body with her.

Outside a smirking Ali listens to the announcement that Mona is dead before turning around all pleased as punch. The liars, being comforted by their significant others don't notice the toxic blonde's presence.

Meanwhile A has Mona's dead body in a car. I'm assuming she stuffed Mona in the trunk of Jenna's car, that Mona bought. She snatches the baby Jesus from Emily's manger scene. Emily spent a lot of time decorating for Christmas early, because her dad always comes home for Christmas and she usually starts decorating on Thanksgiving. Then they replace it with a Mona doll. Earlier, Emily was tasked with keeping Ali busy while Spencer and Mona broke into Radley. Unfortunately, she figured it out and didn't take it well. So Emily had to be punished for betraying Ali by ruining her Christmas display and defiling it by putting a Mona doll in Jesus' place.

In other news, Toby is now a cop and he's got a broken leg. He got smashed into while talking to Spencer on the phone. But fear not, his leg will be out of the cast by the time the Pretty Little Liars Christmas special comes around. And Hanna reveals to Caleb she scored pretty high on her SAT's to the point she was accused of cheating, so she's not dumb like everyone treats her. She's actually smart. Maybe even smarter than Spencer. Don't tell Spencer that.

So Mona is dead and Spencer is on the hook for Bethany Young's murder, while Ali is free as a bird. All I can say is get rid of Holbrook and bring back Tanner. She knows what Ali is and isn't afraid to tell her about it right to her smug smirking face.


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