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Pretty Little Liars Halloween -- The Ghost Train

Updated on October 25, 2012

It was time for the second annual Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special and this year it served up the revelation that one of the liar’s parents knew very well just what a destructive little beast Allison was. As well as revealing what really happened between Jenna, Garrett and Allison the last time they saw her. As it turns out Allison was a very busy girl the last day of her life.

The episode began with Mona in her room at Radley and it appeared she was talking to herself as she painted the lips on a macramé head blood red, while red drops of paint, resembling drops of blood, dripped on to her shoe. As it turned out there was a hoodie wearing A Teamer in her room. Since they didn’t show the face, we can assume it wasn’t Toby, since there’d be no reason to conceal his face, now. She gave the hoodie some pills and bullets. In the previous, an unknown hoodie booked two tickets on The Ghost Train. Maybe the hoodie was dropping off Mona’s ticket and costume for the night.

In Rosewood, the town was decked out for Halloween, as the liars prepared for a party aboard The Ghost Train. Caleb is out of the hospital and recovered from his gunshot wound, as he and Hanna are still sneaking around so A won’t figure they’re back together. When Spencer enters her house, she finds Garrett there with flowers for her mother. He tells her he’s going to keep his promise and tell her what he knows, but Toby comes in and chases him away. Spencer makes the mistake of telling Toby that Garrett was going to spill his guts, which may have just painted a giant target on his back.

As everyone gathers to board The Ghost Train, someone in a creepy doll mask is watching the party from the back. Noel plays a nasty joke where he pretends to be choking and falls to the ground. When everyone gathers around trying to revive him, he has a red devil jump out of his chest. And Toby shows what a dick he is, when he covers Jenna’s eye and says he preferred her blind.

Once the train boards, Adam Lambert performs. While watching him perform, The Phantom of the Opera starts coming on to Hanna. It’s Caleb, who came on board to surprise her. Emily and Paige are also on board, and an unseen person watches from outside their room. And Mona can be heard humming as the person in the creepy doll face grabs Spencer.

Turns out its Garrett and before he gets out of Dodge, he wants to tell her what he knows. He tells her about an encounter he and Jenna had with Ali the night she was killed. They ran into her after the scene in her room that was caught on video. Ali and Jenna got in a fight and Garrett pretended to hit Ali with a hockey stick. Ali motioned for Garrett to be quiet and make Jenna think he’d killed her. He went back later to where he’d last seen Ali. He heard her and Byron talking. She was threatening him and he knew exactly what she is.

Spencer won’t believe it and insists Garrett wait there for her to find Aria so he can repeat what he said about Bryon to her. Unfortunately, when she goes to find Aria, she sees an A written on the steam on the window. Earlier, someone wearing a joker mask drugged her drink.

Aria wakes up in a wooden crate and she’s not alone. Inside with her is a very dead Garrett. She hears a man and woman’s voice, as she feels the crate being pushed to the door to push her and Dead Garrett off the train. To me it sounded like Mona and Lucas. Speaking of Lucas, he was no longer Goth Boy. He was dressed up as a photographer taking pictures at the party. Considering Lucas was fired from his last job as a photography assistant for stealing supplies, who would hire him to be the photographer?

Meanwhile, while Spencer is searching for Aria, she gets attacked by the person in the joker’s mask who tries to throw her off the train. Luckily for her, Paige saves her. Afterwards, Spencer and Hanna examine a fake nail The Joker left behind and it seems too big for a woman, so it seems the person that attacked Spencer was a man.

Luckily, for Aria, the girls find her before she can be shoved off the train. Garrett wasn’t the only dead body found on the train. When Noel and Toby get into a fight, they knock over a coffin filled with ice and drinks. As the ice comes pouring out of the over-turned coffin so does the body bag that appears to contain the remains of Ali. Is it possible the A’s were behind The Ghost Train? How else could they store Alison’s body under a layer of ice where the drinks were being served? And was the whole fight between Toby and Noel staged to knock over the coffin and reveal the body bag it contained?

Finally, in what seems to be another flashback of the night Ali died, a hand is seen coming up out of the ground where Ali’s body was buried. So did Ali manage to dig herself out of her grave and is she still alive? And if she is, just who got buried alive in her grave?

Meanwhile, back in Rosewood, Ashley has a strange encounter with a little girl who may be a ghost. She tells her how her sister is always telling her parents lies about her before disappearing as mysteriously as she showed up. This seems to be a continuation of the story of two twin sisters; where one twin killed the other twin. The question is why would Ghost Girl appear to Ashley? I can’t recall, but was Ashley there when Ali told her little gruesome twin tale? And is that why the ghost appeared to her, hoping she might make the connection?

Of course, a similar question is why Aria was stuck in the wooden crate with Dead Garrett. It’s not like she saw Garrett being murdered. She was at the party minding her own business. So why was she a deliberate target? The only two people that had unpleasant encounters with her were Mona and Lucas. Aria swiped Lucas’ bag and wouldn’t give it back and Aria and Mona had an unpleasant encounter when she visited Mona at Radley.

The girls also speculated that the A’s were killing off members of the NAT Club, but I think it’s more that Spencer is causing the A’s to kill members. They had to kill Ian to stop him from killing Spencer, because they want or need her alive for some reason. Then she told Toby that Garrett was going to tell her everything. Both deaths of NAT members are directly related to Spencer and her actions that caused them. Is Jenna a member of The NAT Club? Because someone tried to kill her and it wasn’t Spencer-driven

Creepiest moment may be when Hanna got felt up by someone dressed as the Phantom and she saw Caleb across the room, so it wasn’t him. At the end of the episode, the mask the Fake Phantom was wearing beneath the Phantom mask was laying on the floor by a sleeping Mona’s bed. So was it her feeling up Hanna?

If Mona was The Fake Phantom, who was The Joker? It obviously wasn’t Mona, since she gave the hoodie the pills, so could it have been Noel? He played a sick practical joke on everyone and he pretended to be choking, while The Joker tried to choke Spencer. And the red and gold mask would go with the red costume he was wearing. Not to mention Noel despises Spencer.

Anyway, we now know a few things: Ali didn’t come into her room as Ian, Jenna, Garrett and Melissa were there. Jenna was conned into thinking Garrett had killed Ali for her. And Byron knew what Ali really was. But was he the only parent? Could Veronica have also known? She told Ashley and Ella she thinks their daughters changed when they met Ali. Ali had three envelopes of money. Could she have been blackmailing three people? Perhaps three of the parents?


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