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Pretty Little Liars -- Hanna's Got A Secret

Updated on January 19, 2014

And she doesn't want Aria to find out what it is

This week, Emily didn't seem too immune to the lure of Ali, Hanna was keeping a secret, and pretty much all the liars were lying to each other.

Spencer the self-righteous hypocrite was in fine form this week. She got on both Hanna and Emily's backs for keeping secrets. Of course, never mind all last season she was lying for her boyfriend who gave A back the lair. That's okay cause she was doing it and because it was for Toby. Gag me with a spoon.

Emily had one of those Ali dreams that comes off as was it real or was it a Memorex moment? She was taking her turn reading the diary and Ali came to her. When she woke up the diary was closed and her window was open. Really? Now that Ali's alive isn't it time we stopped this dream game? Later, Emily gets what she believes is a message from Ali asking Emily to come to their place, and she goes, keeping it a secret from the other.

So just where is Emily and Ali's place? Kissing Rock. No offense, Em, but even though you two spray painted your initials in red, that was Ali's place with everyone. That's where she was getting it on with Ian. And who knows how many others. No shocker when Ali doesn't show.

Hanna is very nervous about Aria reading Ali's diary and it turns out that's because Ali wrote in the diary how she found Hanna and Mike in a compromising position. Back when Hanna was Hefty Hanna she was so desperate for attention that when Mike gave her some she let him touch her boobs, but that's as far as it went. Of course, Ali couldn't help making Hanna feel worse about it then she already did in true frenemy mode.

When Aria finds out she's not the least bit upset about it, proving all the BS Ali shoveled Hanna's way was just that. She had Hanna believing no one would ever be able to forgive her and would be completely disgusted by her.

Ali was quite the flaming hypocrite herself. She was an uber skank but always slut shamed the liars if they did anything she was guilty of doing herself. Like slut shaming Spencer for letting Ian kiss her when Ali was doing everything she could think of to get in Ian's pants, including shoving a girl down the stairs cause Ian took her upstairs with him. I wouldn't be surprised if she hadn't done the same to some younger kid, herself.

The upshot is since Ali made sure Mike stayed quiet about his groping of Hanna's boobs, it now connects Mike to the wicked witch of Rosewood, as well. Just how did she keep Mike quiet? Did she get something on him or did she let him do more than squeeze her boobs to insure his silence?

Things reach critical mass between Peter and Spencer. First he tells her the plan to close down Radley is a no-go since Toby's mother wasn't murdered. Her death really was an accident. She was on the roof with a fellow patient, but Peter decided not to offer up the name of that other patient. Then Spencer found out that Peter was handling Jessica's divorce case for her after making her promise to stay away from Jessica. Spencer takes matters into her own hands and tells Jessica to stay away from her father. This leads to a major blow out between them when he tells Spencer as long as she's under his roof she's to stay away from Jessica. So she decides to pack her things and move in with her love muffin Toby.

Not Ezra [I still think it's going to turn out that this is Ezra's evil twin impersonating him] has got his evil eye on Hanna. He sees her sitting and reading the diary from the Ravenswood Lair and he wants it back. He wants it back so badly he connives his way into the Marin household and when Ashley is kept busy on the phone, he searches Hanna's room for it. Unfortunately for him, Hanna has taken the diary with her on a road trip with the other liars to the Busy Bee Inn where they think Ali could be hiding out.

On the way there they have to take refuge as Ezra's secret cabin in the woods, only Aria doesn't tell them it belongs to Ezra. I'm assuming she doesn't want them to discover that the apple didn't fall far from the Byron cheating tree and she's cheating on her current boyfriend, Jake.

Hanna and Emily go for a walk outside after Hanna reveals what she's been hiding and that Caleb dumped her. While inside, Aria and Spencer get locked into a room and see a man in black [most likely Not Ezra] steal the diary. They start screaming and by the time Emily and Hanna arrive inside both the man in black and the diary are gone.

You know what would have been a really smart thing to do? If Hanna had made copies of the diary and given each liar one and locked the real diary up somewhere. Yeah, but that is not this show.

We also had the return of Travis, who seemed kind of creepy to me. I still can't help but wonder if Mona set Travis up to clearing Ashley.

Overall, the writers need to catch up with what's going on on the show and also compare notes so their on the same page. For instance, Cece was supposed to be afraid of Wilden, now they came up with that Cece was paid to kill Wilden. Now that Ali's alive, time to stop with the dreams of Ali that may or may not be real. And since we saw Not Ezra was after the diary, don't pull the whole not seeing the face of the person stealing the diary. It's like they're so used to writing the same scene ad nauseam that when things progress they can't update the scenes to match with what's going on on the show.


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