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Pretty Little Liars -- I Confess

Updated on August 2, 2013

Hanna asks Mona to teach her how to lie

This episode was kind of ironic in that Hanna turned to the one person she basically blew-off when she joined Ali's mean girl squad to help her when she needed it most, when she's treated Mona pretty rotten when the RV disappeared. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

It started when the judge refused Ashley bail and was going to transfer her to prison. That's when Hanna decided she would go to the police and confess that she killed Wilden. And she decided to go to the Queen of Liars for help, Mona. Hanna usually acts like a bull in a china shop, so it was interesting watching her actually think before she acted. She seemed to realize if she went to the police impulsively they wouldn't believe her.

Most of the episode entailed Mona coaching Hanna on how to tell a successful lie. It was actually a good look into the way Mona lies. One has to wonder if Mona doesn't go through the same exercise when she prepares to lie and prepares for all the questions that might be thrown out at her to prove she's lying.

Meanwhile Caleb visits Ashley and she tells him she's worried about what Hanna's going to do. Caleb sees Ashley's worries aren't unwarranted when he drops by and sees Hanna and Mona with their heads together. When Hanna dresses to go give her grand performance to the police, Caleb stops her. It doesn't matter, as Mona decides she'll take Hanna's place and confess to killing Wilden. Of course, the big question is why.

Aria becomes concerned about Mike when she learns he's taking karate lessons with her instructor Jake. There's a hint that Mike is having problems because the team thinks he's trashed Connor's car. When Mike is incommunicado after the game, Aria becomes concerned, but he claims to be fine. However, there does seem to be something that Mike is hiding.

Pam seems to be about to reach her breaking point. First, she's accused of child abuse. Then she loses her job. And now a car came crashing through her home destroying it. She breaks down in the hotel room she and Emily have to stay in.

Meanwhile, Emily meets up with her old Habitat For Humanity supervisor, Zoey, to get a recommendation, since Ezra thinks she can get accepted into a good college on her own merits and without needing a swimming scholarship. When Zoey mentions a group going down to Nicaragua Emily decides to sign up to join them.

I thought when Zoey heard about Emily and Pam's home being destroyed she might get her group together to fix up their home. Meanwhile nasty A is drilling holes in the floor of some place. Was it Emily and Pam's hotel room or is she doing it in their wrecked home. What new nasty surprise does she have planned for them?

Meanwhile Spencer is still enjoying a trouble-free existence as she meets Veronica's new legal assistant on Ashley's case and purloins a file she thinks will help Toby. It says Wilden handled his mother's death case. She rushes over to confront Eddie Lamb to try and find out what happened to Toby's mother. She uses the excuse that if she finds something it could help Ashley and prove others wanted Wilden dead. Whatever, Spencer.

Both Veronica's assistant and Veronica, herself, figure out that Spencer took the file. Veronica tells Spencer what most of us viewers have been saying, what does it matter how the woman died. She's still going to be dead. I'm sorry, but there are more important things going on than finding out what happened to precious Toby's mother.

Spencer's family is so rich and has all these extra homes, why doesn't she think to offer one ot Pam and Emily. Her Toby obsession is why this character completely sucks now. It's sad that Mona was more help to Hanna than precious Spencer was. She just can't seem to pull her head out from between his butt cheeks for too long. I have to wonder if the reason Veronica hasn't been targeted is because A knows Spencer wouldn't give a crap. All she cares about is Toby.

I've always thought A was obsessed with Emily and Emily seems to be getting it worse than Hanna and Aria. Yeah, it's bad that Ashley was framed for Wilden, but aside from that A's pretty much left her alone. She's been going after Emily through her mother with both barrels. She called the police to suggest Pam was abusing Emily. When Emily stormed out, she called the police again. Then Emily had to steal the key to Wilden's apartment which got Pam in even more trouble. And the final thing was smashing a car through their house and aiming it right at Pam who was standing in front of the window talking to her husband. And now the holes A drilled in the floor may be as some new nefarious plot against Emily.

The interesting thing is that instead of succeeding in breaking Emily, A and her antics has actually made Emily stronger. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If Ali were alive, I doubt she'd fall under her thrall like she did years ago. Spencer probably would, because we saw how completely she fell under Ali substitute Cece's thrall, while none of the other girls did.

If A's goal in not going after Spencer is to drive a wedge between Spencer and the other liars figuring Spencer is the smart one or strong one of the group, I think A may be greatly miscalculating. When A completely broke Spencer down, it was Emily who stepped up as leader and started leading the group and she did a better job of it than Spencer.

The sad fact is Spencer never really came back from her breakdown. She's no longer the person she used to be. She's now some Toby Bot who puts him before everything and everyone in her life.


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