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Pretty Little Liars: Is Andrew A?

Updated on March 17, 2015

Is Andrew A?

First off, I think the writers at Pretty Little Liars know what they’re doing and know exactly what they’re doing to fans – getting us to talk endlessly about who could possibly be A. At this point, at the pre-season finale, Andrew certainly LOOKS like he’s A; however, wouldn’t that be too easy? Seriously, wouldn’t it be too easy to string us along for five seasons and throw a few tidbits our way this late in the game to signify the real Uber A?

Yes, obviously. But let’s discuss. In the last episode, Andrew was talking pretty harshly about Mona, to the point where he felt the need to correct his statement with Aria. Aria, as we’ll remember, was looking pretty A-ish herself at this point, so Andrew seemed more an accomplice. Even the scene where he is shown outside the Vanderwaal residence. We don’t know why he’s there looking all panicked; though it was at this point that Andrew as A began to ring loud.

In tonight's show (season 5, episode 24) Andrew has wormed his way in with Aria, being quite aggressive, actually, in how he wants to be there “24/7” for her. Except when he isn’t! The one night where she literally needs him, and realizes that she needs him, he doesn’t answer his phone. The obvious take here is that he was in the woods being all rangery with bow and arrow hunting down Mike, Caleb, and Ezra. Aria even notes his ranger skills, which he wrote up for his year book quote.

Again, this feels a bit too obvious. But maybe it’s time for a little obvious. Maybe that’s where the show is at. Let the viewers see A in all his glory and let the Liars panic in prison knowing they can’t do anything about saving themselves.

Although, we've been fooled before! Every time we 'see' A, we feel like we're in on it, feeling a bit more relaxed now that we know who's out to get the Liars. First it was crazy Mona, then Toby, then Jenna, Shauna, Melissa, Wren, Lucas, Ezra, and Red Coat! CeCe? I think we still aren't totally sure, there. Even Spencer donned the black garb of A's team and handled a few tasks. Tanner always seems suspicious, especially now - but that would just be another dig at corrupt law enforcement, right? Each time, we felt a little bit more in on the show...a little bit comforted by the fact that the evil had a face. And each time it was taken from us, unceremoniously, with the little chime of a Liar's phone. A is still here; and worse, A seems to not only be everywhere at once (even in the prison, for goodness sake!), but A seems to be the untouchable narrator, ever at the edge of the screen.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Andrew is A. It’s just too easy. I feel like A has yet to be shown, in context (i.e. having ranger skills after just hunting down some of the cast), and I feel like this is just another ‘clue’ to throw us off A's tail. With two seasons left, and a doosey of a finale planned (I’m sure), we’re just getting in on the goods and have just broken the surface on A’s real identity.


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