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Pretty Little Liars -- Last Night Never Happened

Updated on June 5, 2012

Five months have passed since that horrible night where Mona was revealed as A and Maya was found dead. The girls are at Spencer's house talking about what they did over the summer. Emily spent the summer building house in Haiti as well as developing a bit of a drinking problem as she continues to grieve for Maya. Spencer took a college course, Aria took a photography course and Hanna worked on her Bucket List. And Hanna and Spencer have started the lying up again.

Aria thinks she hears a car outside of Spencer's house, but Spencer says it's just the wind. They all go to sleep but when Aria wakes up Emily is missing. She's standing over the opened grave of Allison and the casket is gaping open. Someone has stolen Allison's body. The girls find Emily. While Spencer takes her back to the house, Aria and Hanna cover the hole back up.

Spencer gets Emily to strip down and she burns her clothes. Since Emily was so wasted she can't remember anything that happened. Spencer makes a disturbing discovery. When she checks to see if Emily received any calls on her cell, she sees a call from herself, only Spencer didn't make it. Checking her own phone, Spencer sees a record of the call and is disturbed that while they were sleeping someone came into the house and used her phone to call Emily.

Before connecting back with Spencer, Aria and Hanna see Lucas roaming around in the middle of the night. Apparently since hooking up with Jenna at the masked ball Lucas has gone dark and won't even speak to any of the Pills. As for Jenna, she's been gone all summer. I'd bet money she's out of town getting her other eye operated on. I was wondering how she'd pull off an operation on her other eye when she's pretending her operation was a failure and she can't see.

Arriving back at Spencer's house, Aria is the lone voice of reason, suggesting they break their old patterns that have gotten them in so much trouble in the past and go to the police and tell the truth. The other Pills nix that and head up to Spencer's lake house. They'll tell the police if questioned they were up there when someone decided to grave rob Allison's grave.

Per usual, Aria seems to be the Pills that's having the best time of it. She's having a relationship out in the open with Ezra without the cops showing up at his door to arrest him for statutory rape. Her parents aren't thrilled about it, but they're keeping their mouth shut and letting her have her own way. Ella is even separating from Byron, which must be a plus-plus for Aria since she had no use for her father. Aria is having bad dreams and she freaks out in the Girls' John when she sees someone roaming around outside the stall. She starts screaming and I'm like, "Don't worry, Aria, nothing bad is going to happen to you." The most she gets is her leg pulled. When the other Pills find her she says she had a panic attack and thinks A is back. They all assure her Mona is locked up.

Speaking of Mona, Hanna is lying to everyone pretending to be in therapy sessions with Dr. Sullivan while secretly visiting Mona under a fake name. Per usual, appearances with Mona aren't what they seem. While Hanna believes she's still catatonic when Wren catches Hanna leaving from visiting Mona, Mona is spying on them through the crack in the door. Wren calls Hanna later saying he thinks her visits to Mona are helping. When Hanna visits her again, Mona turns and smiles at her, but she's really smiling at the specter of Allison, who she sees sitting in an empty chair wearing red.

Spencer and Toby are back together, but she told him she wants to wait for them to have sex. Spencer keeps getting phone calls from an unknown caller that she refuses to take. Spencer has her own obsession. Making an excuse of having to study to her mother Veronica so she can skip heading to the city to have a girls' night with Melissa, Spencer drives out to the Lost Woods Resort. The place is deserted and up for sale. No word on what happened to the Norman Bates wannabe.

She heads to the room where A had her lair and the room is empty. Spencer gets on her laptop as she tries to recreate everything that was in the room. She finally takes the call from her unknown caller. It's Garrett whose been calling her. He wants her to get him a lawyer, and she refuses. He tells her this thing isn't over. That more is going on than she knows and that there are some things she isn't going to want to know about. As Spencer walks out he says he knows who stole Allison's body.

Emily is out jogging when she sees an old looking car that jogs her memory. She has a memory flash of being in that car. Before she can see who is in the car she receives a text message, "I bet you remember me." and then it takes off. Emily goes and tells the other Pills. And they tell Emily something they've been keeping from her. Taking her out to the Lost Woods Resort Spencer reveals when they went back to the motel to clear out A's lair, someone had already cleaned it out. Spencer also points out that when A was giving Emily a message it couldn't have been Mona.

Just then Spencer's car alarm goes out and she sees all her doors are wide open. Inside the car are dozens upon dozens of pictures of the Pills standing by Allison's desecrated grave. Apparently, someone was taking pictures of them when they found Emily. They all get text messaged a message from bigger badder A. "Mona liked to play with dolls. I like to play with body parts. Game on, bitches. A." And with that it begins all over again.

Veronica told Ashley the DA wanted to exhume Allison's body, so that seems to be the reason someone stole it. They didn't want someone finding out something about the body. I haven't read the books, but maybe if coroner examined the body again they would discover it wasn't really Allison that was dead.

What with the spoilers that show runner L. Marlene King gave, I thought maybe the Pills killed someone and buried to body to cover it up. They didn't really do anything that bad. Just covered the grave back up. What with the history they have with the cops, I don't blame them. If they'd told the truth they might not have been believed. They claimed to be up at the lake house when the Allison's body was stolen and still the police brought them in for questioning.

I wonder if they still have the cell phone files? Of course, they want Caleb to think like everyone else that it's over, so they probably won't go back to them. But since all the A stuff was taken from that room, that may be the only source they have to discover more information on what's going on.


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