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Pretty Little Liars -- Mona's Back And There's Going To Be Trouble

Updated on January 9, 2013

Toby's a freaking psycho

It's a few weeks after the Halloween Terror Train. Maybe I missed it, but the episode didn't seem to address the body in the body bag and if it was identified as Alison. Aria's still in denial about what Garrett said about Byron. And Mona's been released from Radley.

Mona sneaks into Hanna's bedroom in the middle of the night and Hanna's not freaked out or scared. Seems she and Mona are friends again and she's promised to support her return to school. It seems Hanna is buying Mona's claims the things she did was because she was sick and now she's on meds that have made her all better.

Recently outted psycho, Toby, is stalking the streets of Rosewood and terrorizing another A-Team wearing hoodie on a skate board as he tries to run them down with his truck. Lucky for the skate boarder, a car gets in his way and the skate boarder gets away from Toby. Later, when Hanna sees Lucas limping, he says he had a skate board accident. So was he the one Toby was trying to run down and is he a member of the A-Team?

Could there have been some fall out with the A-Team over Garrett's murder? Could he have been a member of the A-Team? Is the A-Team starting to crumble and members are starting to want out? Was Toby giving Lucas and the others a taste of what happens if they try to stop being a member of the A-Team?

You'd think Spencer would be a little more freaked about Mona being out, since she was the one Mona attacked and tried to murder before she got put away in Radley. She only seems concerned about Mona and Jason hanging out together and tries to warn Jason against her. There may be more going on between Jason and Mona than Spencer even suspects, when Mona treats a wound Jason has on his side. Was he the one that Aria stabbed or could he have gotten burned setting something on fire for Mona?

Could Lucas have been the one to contact Jason with info on Ali's death? Lucas suddenly had money to pay back Caleb the money he owed. And Jason was suddenly getting up close and personal with Mona when he's never had anything to do with her up until now. Could he be getting close to her to try and uncover who killed his sister?

Mona's first day back at school didn't go well. Someone put a cow body part in her locker with a nasty message. After she found it, she went and whispered to Lucas, before throwing it away. Then she made some viral video and sent it to everyone telling her side of the story that seems to have won everyone over to her side. Well, almost everyone. Before the video, Hanna's granny was urging Hanna to give her another chance, but after she saw that video she changed her tune and said Mona was twisted.

Hanna gets more food for thought about Mona when Lucas reveals that Mona had been sneaking out of Radley before she got released. She now suspects Mona may have been on the Halloween Train with them.

Aria and the liars also had problems at school when Meredith called them on the carpet for texting in her class. I was actually on Meredith's side. The liars get away with a lot and it was nice to see them called on something for a change. At a school function Mona was seen giving Meredith a dirty look before Meredith got lured into a shed and it was set on fire. Meredith is convinced the liars were behind it, and Byron believes it.

I can understand why he does. Aria threatened to destroy his career if he stood in the way of her and Ezra. She also admitted to trashing Bryon's office and framing Meredith for it. In Byron's mind she's quite capable of anything. It also turns out that Aria's buddy Ali was also blackmailing him over his affair with Meredith. It seems some of the money the liars found in Ali's secret treasure trove belonged to Bryon.

If you wondered what happened to the desk clerk from the Lost Woods Resort, he's now the janitor at the school. They find that he has some of Mona's keepsakes from the A room from the motel and the diary that Spencer found that night. After reading an entry Ali wrote about blackmailing Bryon, Aria can no longer deny the truth about what Garrett said.

Meanwhile, Bryon may also be on to Aria when she calls the liars to tell them A set them up to look like they tried to murder Meredith and Bryon is listening outside her door.

Finally, someone in a hoodie sabotages a student's bike. He's carrying a biology book. Could he be the one who put the cow organ in Mona's locker? Could Lucas be the hoodie who did it, since Mona whispered to him right after she found the cow organ in her locker. Was this a way to prove he was still loyal to the A's so Toby wouldn't try and kill him, again?

In closing, I think Jason is a red herring and he isn't on Team A. However, I think Lucas is. He knows too much to not be involved up to his ears in it. Just like Garrett. Could Garrett have been an A-Teamer? Was he wearing a hoodie when he was found dead? And why did he go along with conning Jenna into thinking he'd killed Ali? Why did he pretend to hit her? And why did he claim Spencer was the one he wanted to protect the most?

Per usual, the show leaves us with more questions than answers. I have to say I am enjoying Psycho Toby. Keegan Allan really exudes a creepiness now the truth is out about Toby.


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