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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Rewatch -- Episode 1

Updated on September 20, 2012

Could Spencer have drugged Emily?

I think after every season is over, you need to go back and rewatch to see if you can pick up anything you might have missed the first time around. Especially with the big Toby reveal. And in the first episode i picked up a few things I missed the first time around.

Paige suggested to Emily that one of the liars could have drugged her flask, which Emily completely scoffed at. But what if Paige is right?

One thing I didn't notice the first time around was that Spencer took Emily's flask away from her. Spencer also still has the two bottles of pills Wren gave her when she burned her hand. So she had the means and opportunity to have drugged Emily's flask. I have no idea why she'd do it, but it had to have happened when someone got their hands on Emily's flask.

Making Spencer look more guilty is while Hanna and Aria were sleeping, Spencer was roaming around upstairs claiming she woke-up and found Emily missing. She also revealed someone had used her phone to call Emily and lure her away and claimed someone had snuck into her house while they were all asleep. Spencer was also the one who pushed for keeping it all a secret and to head up to her lakehouse and to lie.

Again, I can't really fathom a reason why Spencer would do this, but it does make her look a little shifty.

The other big issue of the episode was is Garrett or isn't he a member of the a Team? On one hand it seems like Garrett isn't one of them, but is that just a con? How could Garrett make so many calls to Spencer from inside jail? Why was the A Team working so hard to clear Garrett of the charges? Was it because he knew something that could expose them all or is it because he's one of them? When you think about it it was like the A Team was pulling a long con on the liars.

Is it just a coincidence that while Garrett was trying to suck Spencer in, Wren was moving in on Hanna, encouraging her to continue visiting Mona? Let's not forget that right after Spencer had broken up with Toby to obey A's demands, there was Wren there waiting to move in on her and kiss her. And while Spencer and Hanna were being moved in on by Garrett and Wren, Emily and Aria were being tormented by Toby.

The shoes walking around outside the stall of the urinal Aria was cowering in looked like the type of shoes Toby would wear. And Emily had told Toby that she couldn't remember anything, which explains why the A in Jenna's car would know she didn't remember and text her that, "I bet you remember me."

If you think about it the A Team left a trail of bread crumbs for the liars to follow. Garrett got Spencer to visit him and that lead to Veronica finding out and representing him. Then when Garrett's mother is taken to the hospital and Garrett is released from jail to visit her, a fake clue is left for Spencer to lead her to evidence that will clear Garrett of Ali's murder. Meanwhile, Hanna is left a message for A making her think she's going to be framed for Ali's murder which leads Hanna and Aria to visit Mona who delivers her cryptic message which leads them to Maya's website. Hanna sees Noel's cabin in the background of one of the pictures of Maya which leads her and Emily to investigate Noel's cabin and to find Maya's bag, while Spencer is sent the surveillance video of Maya still alive when Garrett was being arrested. And when Spencer doesn't hand the evidence over to her mother to clear Garrett, Cece goes in and sends Spencer in Paige's direction as the A's use Spencer to try and set Paige up to take the fall for Maya's murder so Garrett can be set free.

Would the A's really go through all that trouble to clear Garrett if he wasn't one of the team?

Garrett convinced a blind Jenna that something on Page 5 of the autopsy report would connect her to Ali's murder, but when she got her sight back she saw there was nothing that connected her, only Garrett. When Jenna wanted nothing to do with Garrett, Noel dumped Mona and moved in on Jenna. What if the break-up was faked because they needed someone new to get close to Jenna? Meanwhile, Garrett moved in on Melissa. Both Jenna and Melissa were women that hated Ali.

I had this bizarre idea about the A Team when I thought about how A's lair was like a shrine built to Ali and not something built to someone you hate. What if the A's aren't enemies of Ali's, but people devoted to Ali and trying to find out who killed her. Jenna and Melissa are both women who hated Ali. And the liars were the last ones to see her alive. It would be the ultimate irony if the A's were doing all they were doing to find out who killed Ali.

When Mona imagined she'd seen Ali in her room she smiled at her like she adored her. And Cece claimed Ali wouldn't want Emily with Paige and the A's seemed to be trying to do what they could to break them apart because that's what Ali would want. Maybe that's even why Mona led the liars to Maya's website. It didn't really contain any info. Maybe the A's hoped Emily would start thinking of Maya and stay away from Paige?

I guess only time will tell what the real purpose of the A's are, but it would really be provocative if the A's were Ali lovers not Ali haters.



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