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Pretty Little Liars -- Spencer Is The Weakest Link

Updated on March 7, 2013

Original Airing: March 5, 2013

Spencer is speaking, but she isn’t telling anyone at Radley who she is. Meanwhile Melissa is worried about Spencer and goes to the liars to ask if they know anything. Per usual, they keep what they know to themselves; which in this case is pretty appalling. What if something horrible had happened to Spencer and their silence cost Spencer her life? There has to be a time when they have to stop their lying and tell the truth.

Spencer is shocked that the orderlie that’s taking care of her is named E. Lamb, just like the badge Toby had with his picture on it. Eddie admits to Spencer that the facility changed the badges because there were problems with the badges and visitor passes. Spencer surmises that people were getting in and getting out that shouldn’t be. Eddie also says he knew a Toby once whose mother was in Radley. Eddie also reveals Spencer is staying in the same room that Mona stayed in.

Spencer starts snooping around the room and finds that Mona carved, “Will This Circle Be Unbroken.” This provokes a memory for Spencer. She and Ali were in church as Mona was singing that song. Afterwards, Ali claimed she was writing her diaries for Spencer so she could continue on after she was dead.

Dr. Sullivan turns out to be the doctor examining Spencer and she tells Melissa where Spencer is. Spencer tells Sullivan she found Toby’s body in the woods, but Sullivan tries to get her to think and asks if she saw Toby’s face, so how does she know it was Toby. Spencer is still convinced and that it’s her fault. Later, Sullivan tells her no body was found in the woods. During a therapy session Spencer imagines telling the liars that they don’t know who she is and they can’t depend on her, anymore.

Mona manages to get in to visit Spencer by claiming she wants to visit another patient. She brings up how Spencer refused to become a member of the A Team when she asks and reveals that Ali wasn’t really pregnant; it was a false alarm. She tells Spencer she has all the answers she needs. She seems to be suggesting that Spencer is being invited to join the A Team, again.

When the liars find out about Spencer, Hanna says she’s not surprised it happened. Spencer was too smart and this is the other side of the coin. Aria says Emily was never the weakest link, it was always Spencer. Aria also threatens Mona that she’ll make her pay if anything happens to Spencer.

While watching Mona with the liars I realized how unpleasant it is watching her. She’s not fun to watch toying with the liars. With Jenna, there’s always the possibility she’s the real victim, and you can feel sympathy for her. You can even root for her against the liars in their confrontations. With Mona, she’s a cold heartless snake. Watching her win isn’t fun in the least. The show needs to deep-six Mona and bring Jenna back. Mona’s very one-note while Jenna is complex.

Aria gets called to the principal’s office. Since Ezra has applied to be a substitute teacher the principal questions Aria about her relationship with Ezra. Aria lies that there’s nothing between her and Ezra. Earlier, Aria had gone to Byron in hopes he could help to get Ezra a teaching job. He tried, but there wasn’t anything available. Byron told Ella he’s hoping if Ezra can get a teaching job he and his family will get back and Aria will finally be free of him.

Ashley and Hanna are talking with Ted at the church when Wilden suddenly shows up alive. Hanna encourages Ashley to go to an out-of-town seminar in New York which could lead her to be offered a job in New York. Hanna’s not upset at the possibility of her and Ashley moving to New York. In a bizarre way that could actually get the liars free of A, because whenever one of the liars is out of town, the A’s leave the other liars alone.

Wilden comes to see Hanna and tells her if she gives him the keys to his patrol car and tells him where it is he’ll leave her alone. Big problem. Hanna dumped his car into the lake.

From what Spencer said to the liars in her imagination, is it possible she’s planning on taking Mona up on her offer to become a member of the A Team? And could it be Wren or Dr. Sullivan that was helping the A's attain visitor passes and badges?


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